Sunday 6 February 2011

Vintage seed labels

Hello Lovelies,
How's your Sunday going ?
Mine has been super busy so far. .....Up before eight , washer on . Breakfast then helping boys with their homework. Next more washing and getting boys ready for Rugby. Thankfully Mr BM takes them so I went out for a run ( Up to 5 miles now ...yay ) Once I got back there was a tiny bit of bright weather so I took some more pics for this post, (see above) then peeled the veg for dinner.
Upon the males return I took youngest  to his swimming lesson and called in the shop for a few bits. Next oven on , more washing , cook dinner , eat dinner , load dishwasher ( wonderful invention  :0))
Phew,I think I deserve a little blog time now .

I've got some pretties to share today . I was lucky enough to win silverpebbles vintage seed label giveaway recently and this is what I received ....

It's a kit to make some pretty bunting with these gorgeous flower pictures, Ooooh so stunning ....

I've strung some up from the bottom of my mirror on the chimney breast, using the jute and tiny pegs Emma supplied, they make me very happy...

Emma makes gorgeous jewellery too, do that a look at her blog, it's very pretty.  And look what she included in my parcel ........

They are made using crystals from the 1930's and seed pearls . I really love these Emma ...they are so me ....Thank you !!.
No wonder we love spending time in blog land ,bloggers are so generous . Not just with giveaways but also encouragement and support which is invaluable :0)

Right, I'm off to read a few of my favourite blogs and spread the love with some encouraging comments , then it'll be back to the family stuff .... only uniforms, packed lunches, sorting and putting away 5 peoples washing !!
Wouldn't change a thing ,I really love my family ( good job :0))
Jacquie x
P.S. Hope you liked my crochet "Cornishwear" at the top of this post
P.P.S. hope this doesn't sound too smug, it's chaos here most of the time ! .


  1. Hi Jacquie, whoever said Sunday was a day of rest?? A man probably ;) Those seed labels are absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure they will bring your lots of pleasure for a long time to come x

  2. We mums are always so busy busy busy but that's what it's all about and I wouldn't change a thing.
    Have a good week.
    Jo x

  3. I feel exhausted just reading what you have fitted in today! Love your bunting, I have put some on my mantlepiece as well. If not too cheeky I have some for sale in my Folksy shop too!

  4. Blimey - what a hectic day :)

    I love the crochet cornishware - gorgeous :)

  5. Those seed packets are to die for, they just make me smile, lucky you :)

  6. Your days sound just like mine...with the exception that Bart does the cooking at the weekend (you won't see me in my apron for dust at the weekend). The Cornishware jar cover is such a neat idea. Enjoy the rest of your's to uniforms, packed lunches and polishing shoes!! ax

  7. I don't suppose you could crochet me some fence panels - LOL! High winds, low finances :)
    Smashing post!

  8. What a wonderfully flowery post! Those seed packet labels are beautiful...and your tulips, to die for!

    Beautiful earings. How lovely that they have such a history!


  9. Such pretty bunting, looks like spring has arrived !
    Crochet cornishware is fab. xx

  10. Fabulous idea about the bunting. It looks gorgeous. The crocheted cornishware is totally inspired.

  11. Hey Jacquie, lovely, colourful post and nice win from Silverpebble......

    Love the 'cornishware' crochet cover and love the Tulips too.

    Sounds like you need a day off to recover from the weekend,

    Claire :}

  12. My very favourite -Cornishware, next to Chintz. Great idea with the jar cover! I need to make some!

  13. Love the 'Cornishware'! Your day sounds pretty hectic but lovely. :o)

  14. Lovely bunting, and your Cornishware is gorgeous, I have a couple of china versions and wish I could have more, just think you have given me the way to have some more select pieces!! thank you for sharing

  15. Dear Jacquie, lovely lovely lovely! Those vintage seed labels are just so great! I was working some years in a small very old seed shop. There was a huge wooden furniture with lots of small drawers for all the seeds and so many lovely seed-envelopes! Your bunting is unique and so beautiful!
    I love also your new jewelleries!
    Have a lovely week! Teje

  16. Love the colours of those seed labels, they are beautiful, lucky you winning Emma's giveaway! Hope you've managed to have a relaxing end to your weekend (you never know! haha) x

  17. A cornish ware wooly jumper lovely
    I love labels you can do so much with them, I've noticed on the seed displays they are going back to the old fashioned style much nicer.
    Have a good week
    Cate x

  18. I love the Cornishware jar cover, very clever.

  19. Crochet Cornishware.....GORGEOUS Jacquie and those seed labels are so pretty.
    Have a great week.
    Anne xx

  20. Love those seed labels such a gorgeous injection of colour, and your crochet cornishware to ;-) enjoy your week, dee x

  21. tulips are my favorite, i really like your labels too

  22. Wow, sounds like a busy Sunday! I hope today is a little calmer! Loved the cornishware jar cover! You can never have enough stripes!

    Have a super monday!


  23. Those seed packets are wondrous, the colours are stunning.
    I love the cornishwear, it makes me chuckle.

  24. I am so thrilled to see your bunting hanging up! It's made my day, and so has the image of your little earrings. I'm SO glad you like them - jewellery can be so personal and tricky to get right.

    Have a great week x

  25. Oh and your Cornishware - what a fabulous idea! It's perfect!

  26. How lovely! The seed packets remind me so much of the the ones my dad used to use back in the day! I always had a little patch of the garden where I used to sow pansies, forget me nots and night scented stock. Happy days!


  27. There is a ton of stuff I like in your post...the crochet cornish ware..the earrings..the seed packet bunting and your own crochet bunting on the side of your blog! You have found the perfect place for the seed bunting...makes me glad you won it 'cos it is right at home.

  28. Love the seed packet bunting, your cornishware cover is brilliant ~ your very talented x

  29. Love the jar cover. Seed packets are so nice to look at and to collect. You can really use them to do so many things too like what you've shown us plus use them to decoupage. Sweet, sweet earrings!

  30. Really a busy day for you.Hope in the eve you take some rest after a busy day.I like the Jar Cover and pics of the flowers are really awesome.

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