Monday 14 February 2011

Give a Granny a Whirl

Hello lovelies,
I think this post is going to be quite long , so bear with me :0)
Firstly lets talk about granny squares. You see them every where but they are timeless, gorgeous , and most of all ,so easy.......

I remember learning to crochet as a youngster , probably about 12 years old. The first thing I made that I was really proud of was a granny square bag . It was two big  granny squares sewn together on three sides with a drawstring at the open edge.

I frequently get comments from lovely ,clever, crafty types saying they wish they could get the hang of crochet . I  think the basics may feel awkward and tricky to start with but, really , don't give up .

Today I took loads of pictures to do a granny square tutorial  as they are a great way to start Crochet, but it's amazing how many images you need when you want to include the very basics.A photo tutorial would go on forever.

So on to plan B , I decided to find a good video to recommend to you lovelies.

 After watching several I think the clearest one I found was this HOW TO CROCHET A GRANNY SQUARE
It is aimed at total beginners so I think it's perfect for novice crocheters .The link is to part 1 .Then follow the link on the video to part 2.
I would recommend getting a 4.0 mm hook ......

And some yummy coloured  inexpensive yarn , if you are in the U.K. Wilkos has a decent range( £1.27 a 100g ball) .....

Or try your local yarn shop , the Range or Hobby Craft ( rather over priced in my opinion ) Stylecraft special  ,Bonus and Cygnet are the nicest of the budget brands.Patons FAB is quite nice too.

Then sit down with the video and give a granny a whirl , once you master it you will be hooked ( ha ha )

Next I have some pictures taken on Saturday ..... A lovely sunny day that showed up all the dust and dirty finger prints ! I spent most of the morning cleaning and tidying my bedroom. My circle blanket had it's first wash and I hung it on the line to dry.........

Ahhhhhhhh , still love this blanket .........

I'm rather depressed to say some of my circles are coming a bit loose and I think some repair work will soon be needed. I'm never just crocheting over the ends on a big project EVER again.You live and learn.

Never mind,  what do you think girls , pretty hey??????.........

O.K. not much feedback from the bunnies but they were certainly enjoying sunbathing in the garden at last.

Lastly  ( are you still with me ?) I've taken some pics of my latest quick make ..........

Some rather less colourful little crochet squares !?!    the idea is to sew them onto this knitted dress.......

More of how that goes next time . Hope you've had a good St. Valentines day .
Jacquie x


  1. I love grannies, and right now I am fascinated with the hexagon. Love your blanket and the bunnies look lovely in the sun. Happy Valentine's Day,

  2. Your blanket looks exquisite on the line! Keep an eye on it! Ha! Ha! Darling little bunnies too. I buy up yarn all over the place. Lots of charity shops have amazing stashes of it.

  3. Granny squares forever, I love 'em. Your blanket looks beautiful hanging on the line and I can only imagine how annoying it must be to find bits coming undone. Ggrrrrr.
    Your bunnies are sooooo cute.
    Have a great day,
    Anne xx

  4. Great link, Elizabeth taught me to crochet and we are now friends on Facebook, she is a fab lady who is always making fab video tutorials(I posted one recently for my rose).

  5. Beautiful blankie on the line!!!Me too have an obsession for grannies since I started crocheting.

  6. The second picture of your circle blanket is adorable. It is a very beautiful blanket, but now you are making me all nervous about the ends that I am crocheting over during the process of my Gipsy Blanket... It will come loose you think? Ooooh no. From now on I guess I have to fasten off the threads with a needle. Would be interesting to see how other people do that. Maybe a topic for another post. I usually wave them in back and forth a couple of times in the work kinda. Hate that part though and thought it was sooo smart to crochet over the ends... Well, we learn as we live. Have a lovely day.

  7. Hi Jacquie, what a post: that blanket on the line is soooo amazingly beautiful! I love the circles, I love the edging, and the combination of both of them... really a true beauty.
    Have a great day! Love, Maaike

  8. Doesn't your blanket look lovely hanging on the washing line in the sun ~ it shows all the colours off beautifully. I have to say that I have never gotten the hang of just crocheting over the ends and always resort to sewing them in ~ although it is one of the more horrid jobs :O)x

  9. I love your blanket its adorable, thank you so much for doing this post, i will be checking that link out later today, enjoy your week.dee x

  10. Your blanket looks wonderful,hours of work I'm sure but worth it for such an amazing heirloom.
    I always tie in my new colour and sew the ends in after my first granny cushion started to come apart quite quickly as I'd crocheted over the ends. Very frustrating!
    I like Stylecraft best and buy it online from Masons Needlecraft as they have over 50 colours too choose from and p&p is only £2, it's always exciting when a big parcel of it arrives in the post! Or perhaps I need to get out more!

  11. Your blanket is so very beautiful, am completely in love with it. Your border with the single white rows makes it even more cheerful and happy and 'round'. You did a wonderful job!

  12. Your blanket looks gorgeous, you have inspired me to try crochet again. I keep having a go but can't get the hang of it. The bunnies look like they are enjoying the sun, my guinea pigs can't wait for the warmer weather to get back outside.

  13. What adorable bunnies you have Jacquie, sooo sweet all huddled up in the sunshine together! As far as I am concerned granny squares ROCK always and I can never get enough of them to be honest ;0) I would dearly love to make a mega blanket like yours but do I have the patience? What yarn did you use...was it cotton? I've also started to find my ends coming out of cushions etc. Do you think it's best to sew them in instead of just crocheting over the ends? Happy week to you xox

  14. I second that, everyone should try a granny. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy and so relaxing.
    The blanket is stunning, I must make one of my own. I'd started but I've decided I don't like my squares so I'm starting again!
    Look at those little cuties! Netherland dwarves?

  15. Oohh I am intrigued to see the knitted dress with added crochet. Your blanket is a beauty, such a shame it's needing a little love.
    Your bunnies are just adorable.
    Kandi x

  16. That is going to really jazz up that dress! Isn't it lovely to hang anything out on the line at last, a sign of spring I think, of course your bunnies know Springs coming!

  17. I really want to learn to crochet, so I am going to take a look at the video. My bunnies love the sun too. Daisy in particular follows the sun around the patio!

  18. Really love that blanket! Had never thought of using white but it is very effective - might have to log that one in a 'future projects' slot!

  19. The blanket hanging on the line is absolutely gorgeous though I'm sorry to hear ends are working loose already. I'm still sewing in the ends of my african flower blanket, in a way I'm glad I am doing it (especially after hearing about yours) but would still rather the crocheting over the ends was sufficient - it's going to take me ages!

  20. A wonderful post! So glad I stumbled across your blog :) A little gasp happened when I got up to the picture of your blanket on the line - it's absolutely stunning! I hope the loosening isn't too bad :(

    Much love,

  21. Thank you so much for the link, I wasn't satisfied with my first granny I made yesterday.
    So now I'm going to try this one!!

  22. Oooh thanks for the tutorial link. I've bookmarked it and will have a go as I've been wanting to learn crochet for years!!!! I tried as a younster and could never get the hang of it. Your blanket looks so lovely on the line. Your bunnies are very cute and cuddly looking!

  23. I keep finding myself totally drawn to granny square projects that are done with white surrounding the colorful pattern detail. Yours took my breath away in the photo of it on the line. Wow...such a beauty. I'm obsessed with granny squares presently. Am working on a couple of cushions and flirting with the idea of having a go at a purse made of grannys. Glad I found you! Have a good day!

  24. Hello!
    Do you have a pattern for this? I am new to crochet and living in a remote community so keen to tackle something exactly like this! Would love to know how you did it, and the edges!
    And how much yarn should I buy? Any tips would be amazing.

  25. Hi Katherine. The post with more details about my blanket is here.
    Thank you for your knid comment.
    Jacquie x

  26. Hi, I'm wondering how many 100g balls of white yarn you used for the blanket. I'm making a very similar blanket and I've almost finished up my circles, only to find that my local yarn shop (I live in a very small town) only has one ball of white yarn. I don't know if it will be enough or if I should put it off until I can look in a bigger city for more. I am making 144 circles in all (12x12), though I'm also wondering what dimensions you used. I like the size! It's a beautiful blanket!!
    Thank you! CM

  27. Hi CM, thank you for your comment. You can find lots more info on my circle blanket here :-

    According to that post I needed 6 balls of white for my blanket.
    Hope that helps.
    Jacquie x


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