Monday 21 February 2011

Colour My Monday Happy

Hello Lovelies ,

Today , half term here , has been a wet ,dark ,cold day. I've had four boys (my three plus a friend )to look after and I really wanted to take them out for some fresh air but the weather had other ideas .
Mums of boys will understand their addiction to gadgets , and they would of happily spent every moment staring at some kind of screen .
To try and minimise this we baked , Flapjacks ( recipe at the end of this post ) .......

Very yummy and oh so easy . Also some brownies that were delish ........

These were actually a bit of a cheat ( packet mix ) but hey ho , they tasted great anyway.

 Whilst in the kitchen I also played around taking pictures of my windowsill. My little kitchen is on the side of the house and has a gorgeous view of the bins :0) ...... so it's nice to make pretty arrangements on the windowsill to distract your eyes ( from the bins and the rain today).......

This squash is lasting FOREVER ( first posted here on the 4th of October !) I'm amazed  and so pleased because it is a lovely sunny colour and satisfying shape. Also looking pretty is my pink primula ...........

Ummmmmm ,  mother nature is the best .

After a bit more screen time I managed to distract the boys again with a little pom pom crafting.....

I'm not sure I will be able to get them to do this sort of thing for much longer ,guess I need to get more inventive as they were soon back to the electronics.

Whilst they played I did a little house work and admired my new yarn , Stylecraft Special DK, purchased via here. A very good speedy service too .Thankyou French Knots for the recomendation :0)

I also took a picture of my granny stripe , where it has been all winter, on Master BM's bed .........

It's so satisfying to see a blanket being so useful and loved . And I'm pleased to say granny stripe is still in tip top condition ............

Mid afternoon the rain eased a little so we popped out to the country park , not a lot of colour here today but the  ducks were  glad to see us ...... I guess it had been a slow day :0).......

Here's hoping the weather improves soon .
Jacquie x

P.S. The title of this post is inspired by this post ...amazing colours


  1. Just think you've still got how many days of being inventive!!. Love the flap jack, will certainly try that. I only have my grandson 2 days a week and trying to keep him occupied is a task. I wish you luck.

  2. Wow what a busy day you had!!
    Entertaining 4 children at once is a task in itself!!
    Em xxxxxxx

  3. Everyone seems to be baking and your brownies looks very yummy indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with your new yarn :)

  4. Granny stripe looks so warm and cozy! And beautiful! Makes me want to hurry and finish my own blanket!

  5. Granny stripe still looks like new! I know where you are coming from re boys and gadgets - its so hard to entertain them indoors as they get older.

  6. Apart from only having two boys not four, your day sounds very like my day - trying to entertain busy little minds without the 'help' of technology! We're off walking this morning and then baking this afternoon - got my folks coming for afternoon tea. We just might add the flapjacks to our list of shortcake and choc biscuits - oh the mess, the mess, my poor kitchen!!

  7. 4 boys - I can just imagine how many gadgets they'd be using!! I know yesterday my 2 spent far too long playing with theirs however as they are teenagers its less easy to persuade them to do other things.

    Today shall be different - one is out with his mates so the little one is going to help me do things.

  8. Oooh yummy post. You are good doing all that making with 4 boys. That would drive me crazy. I use Masons too. Very cheap delivery and good price. x

  9. What is it with boys and there gadgets my day was a bit like your day to, i had 3 boys instead of my ususal 2. Love your post so colourful and so pretty on the eye, love your new yarn. what will you make? enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  10. mmm... yummy that looks great. The kids have loved that..
    I love your boys granny stipes.
    Does all your boys have that on there bed??
    It has made me think to also wanne make one for my son in blue and green!!!

  11. Hi Jacquie
    What are you planning to make with your new Stylecraft DK? Love all those colours, it really is one of my favourit, acrylic yarns.... not like the squeeky ones which give me a chill down my spine :0) Can I ask if you made your son's granny stripe bed cover witht his yarn? Looks lovely and will be a very special memory for him when he is older! We are so busy with rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland... it's been grey and dismal here so I am almost grateful for indoor activity! Enjoy the rest of your week xox

  12. Jacquie ~ I love that blue granny stripe blanket , it is one of my very favourite ones in blogland! A granny stripe is one of the things on my very long list of things to do!:O)x

  13. Lovely colourful post Jacquie - even despite the grey weather! Your primula looks so pretty - and that yarn looks good enough to eat! Am off to check out your flapjack recipe - they lok tempting. Enjoy the rest of half term x

  14. The stripey bed cover is gorgeous - I love it. xxx

  15. Lovely post Jacquie - Yummy looking brownies and your granny stripe is wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the half term x

  16. Despite the weather, seems like everyone had a great day. Love the granny.

  17. Your crochet is totally beautiful and if I ever get round to learning the mean time, I will just admire yours - love froogs xxxx sorry for not posting very often, but I always read, xx

  18. Firstly, I love that blanket it would look gorgeous in my lounge.
    Secondly, in my experience any mum who provides copious amounts of cake(of any description) will become a super mum! That's you Jacquie sounds like those boys had a brilliant day. ♥

  19. It sounds like you and your little fellas had a great day ... even with the liquid sunshine :-)


  20. Namm namm - so delicious baking and yarn! So beautiful blanket! Thank you for the recipe! I went to see also yarn...vow, they have wonderful ready packet with 17 yarns!
    Sunny wishes!

  21. Your blog is so lovely lovely lovely:) May I ask what yarn you used for your lovely granny stripe and what colours if you may pleaseeeee.

  22. Beautiful gorgeous crochet! Perfect blue!

  23. The flapjacks and brownies look delicious! As does the new wool - do you have a project in mind?

    I loved seeing the photos of your lovely GSB as well - it has reminded me that I really must start mine! xx

  24. Your granny stripe blanket is lovely. It got a gorgeous mix of colours!


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