Saturday 30 April 2011

April Nature Notes

Hello Lovelies ,
This is my monthly post where I share some of the beautiful illustrations from this book.....

Here is Edith's April Illustration....

I think Edith must have loved this time of year as there is just so much Nature coming to life . There were loads of paintings to choose from for this month . Here are my favourites, painted over 100 years ago, I'll let you enjoy them without comment from me .....

I have certainly seen quite a few of these plants this month .
The photos I'm sharing with you today were taken last Friday...Good Friday . It was exceptionally warn and dry over Easter and on this evening we decided to take a walk long the canal with relatives .
The canal basin ,where the narrow boats used to turn around looked stunning reflecting the blue sky  and trees in their new spring coats.....

Along the tow path we saw dead nettle looking pretty....

Delicate Cow Parsley Flowers......

Sadly the canal is disused  but this does make it a great wildlife habitat with loads of Reeds and Bulrushes along the banks..........

Across on the far bank you can see the Hawthorn hedge beginning to  bloom. Here is a close up of the sweet white flowers....

The Dandelions had already made their first "Clocks".....

The green of the young Oak leaves was stunning caught in the last rays of sun.......

A folk law saying my Mum shared with me this month goes " Oak before the Ash , sure to have a splash. Ash before the Oak, sure to have a soak" . Well this is the Ash .....

Looking good for a dry Summer if you can trust this prediction :0)

 It was so warm and still as we meandered along...more like July than April Really. Cousins running ahead , adults chatting . All too soon the light began to fade and it was time to head off to the pub for a thirst quencher ...the perfect end to the  day .

Jacquie x

P.S. Wasn't the wedding FANTASTIC!!!!  I loved it all but my favourite parts had to be...... Kate's dress , It couldn't have been more perfect ..... The trees in Westminster Abbey , a brilliant idea ,the green foliage looked stunning with the red carpet....... The Lilly of the valley bouquet and button holes.......The Sun shining as the couple returned to the palace ....... Kate's "Oh Wow " as the balcony doors opened . I could go on but I better not :0)

thank you for all the sweet comments about my bunting ....I will post the pattern soon.


  1. You and I love the same bits and pieces of the wedding--the dress, the small bouquet,the green trees, and the "oh wow." Could read that so easily on her lips. It was absolutely beautiful! Victoria

  2. Beautiful photos. There is a softness to the landscape that is quite different to our Australian landscape. I loved the wedding too, and was also thinking how proud Diana would have been.

  3. I love this book I have it too, I was lucky enough to get it from a second hand shop, but sadly doesn't coincide with our Australian seasons.
    Coming from England to Australia when I was 3 I have no recollection of my birth country, but definitely have a subconscious pull to all things English

  4. Thank you for sharing more images from your lovely book as well as you own photos. Gorgeous.
    Yes the wedding was gorgeous. The church, the dress, the ceremony, all of it fresh, simple with lashings of tradition. I really enjoyed seeing everyone celebrating on t.v. So nice to have something to celebrate about.
    Anne xx

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful book.Also your own stunning photographs. They were just so beautiful. We have a hawthorn tree and I love watching it blossom.The wedding was lovely, like you I thought the dress was stunning. I am waiting with curiosity to see what the cake was like.Also loved seeing all the pomp and ceremony, the coaches/carriages were beautiful.

  6. Beautiful pictures and a lovely post. thankyou.

  7. I have that book also. Such lovely pictures, she was very talented. Its so lovely having an evening walk in the sunshine with family. Melanie x

  8. Oh Jacquie, what beautiful photos from your walk, just gorgeous. You obviously have a great camera. That Dandelion "Clock" is just perfect.
    You have such picturesque countryside to ramble about it...............

    The wedding..... the 'oooh factor' was very high. Kate looked beautiful, a radiant bride letting her natural beauty shine through.

    Claire :}

  9. Edith's illustrations are lovely. It was so hot last week wasn't it? It looks like a lovely walk you had.
    I really enjoyed the wedding and cried at the music, then played 'Jerusalem' on you tube as the crowd was walking slowly to the Palace gates and cried some more in between singing loudly!

  10. Thank you for the lovely monthly nature post. I am learning so much from you lol. xx

  11. Beautiful photo's what a lovely walk you had. And such a sweet book. The wedding was wonderful and Kate is so beautiful and natural and her Wow on the balcony i just thought bless her. It was a magical day and i am very proud to be British, dee x

  12. LOVED the pics from the book - they are timeless.
    And yes, loved the wedding, my fav bit was when her dad - he was just so proud!

  13. Thanks for sharing, I might have to get myself a copy of that book.

    Your photos are fab too.

    I love, love, loved the wedding!! Wasn't it just amazing??!!

    S x

  14. That book has such beautiful illustrations, I love my copy which I bought in a charity shop.

  15. Hi Jacquie. I so love the Edwardian Lady's illustrations, they always make me feel quite nostalgic. Particularly love April's bunny!

    I was absolutely glued to the wedding yesterday, it was so beautiful. The dress was absolutely perfect. Didn't her sister look stunning too?

    Been catching up on your last couple of posts - wonderful bunting, what a lovely idea and I'm soooo impressed by that huge trophy, very well done to your talented son! Ooh, maybe he'll end up as a professional and marry into the Royal family?!!!! I should start looking at hats if I were you! :-)


  16. What super photos and a great botanical-English lesson for me. we have all those flowers in Sweden but I'd never know what too call them in English!

    And the book is just stunning, I loved the way you compared it to a blog in another post.

  17. Hello Jacquie! I love that bookg and the drawings - today especially the birds!
    Your photos are amazing! That water is so calm like a mirror!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  18. Your photos are beautiful and YES YES YES..the wedding was AMAZING!! Cx

  19. Such a lovely book, super pics of your walk along the canal, the british countryside is fabulous

  20. What a gorgeous pretty part of Britain , you live in.. And that pretty book..So lovely.. l really truly love yr blog..Always full of pretty pics to drool over & to look at my grandparents country makes me a bit sad l suppose..Maybe one day l`ll get over yr way..Oh to dream. !!! Best Wishes, Pam C.. New England, NSW, OZ..


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