Friday 15 April 2011

Vintage Colour and Pattern

Hello lovelies ,
Today was the last day of  term here , the boys now have two weeks off school to look forward to .
This morning I did a mega shop , so that hopefully I won't have to go again for a good while  and on the way home I stopped off at a charity shop as I won't get much (in fact I  probably wont get any ) chance to look in them over the next two weeks.
On the counter were lots of reels of sewing thread for 30 pence each .....

I chose a selection as they were such a bargain. I haven't bought any thread for so long I don't know what the price is for a quality brand like Gutermann, and look at these gorgeous Jewel shades....

Even better , to me anyway , was finding some Dewhursts Sylko. This is not manufactured anymore and is very nostalgic, reminding me of sewing as a child. ..........

I never really thought about where this thread was made , but a quick google search when I got home showed me it was made in Yorkshire, the county of my birth . Two of the three spools are plastic , but one is wooden......

The thread on this one is a little grubby but I couldn't resist a wooden reel ...and look what this lovely blue is called.....

Light Gobelin ????? ...........Not goblin ....took me a while to work that out :0)  Did I say spelling isn't my strong point ?

I think  the sylco threads are from the seventies (earlier for the wooden reel) and I thought the Gutermann threads were modern but now I'm looking at the first picture in this post I can see they say " made in W.Germany " so I guess they have some age too.

The other Vintage find , and one I'm equally pleased with is this Jug ......

What do you think ?

I love the geometric flower pattern .....

Close up it's pretty too , but it's the arrangement of the design that's so pleasing.....

This is what it says underneath .....Midwinter Roselle....which is from the Sixties ( Mr google told me that too :0) )....

For £2 you couldn't buy a modern jug so to get something vintage and so pretty made me really happy.
Have a great weekend.
Jacquie x

I have e.mailed Coats and Clark and they have very kindly given me permission to do my photo tutorial using their pattern so that should be coming very soon :0)


  1. What lovely finds!

    We used my mum's empty cotton reels to make things from and to play with when I was small- seats for tiny dolls/ sylvanian animals, and playthings for the My Little Ponies to jump over. Come to think of it, the hamster had one in her cage to roll around. I never thought of them as 'valuable'!

    Enjoy your Easter break :) x

  2. Ohhhh, the jug is beautiful! I'm going on holiday tomorrow and hoping for some fresh charity shop ground to stomp.

  3. The jug is lovely, and nice to see the bunnies in the background!
    I had a knitting dolly thing made from a wooden cotton reel when I was a child. I remember making yards of French knitting and coiling it round to make a little mat.

  4. What great finds!! And that's quite a steal for Gutermann thread!

  5. Lovely finds. Midwinter did some amazing pretty designs there is so much choice out there. Great cottons to ;-)) Enjoy your half term were off to although we have nearly had our first week now. dee x

  6. Beautiful finds, both the cottons and the jar... And hurray for us you are going to do the photo-tutorial!
    Have a lovely weekend en great weeks with your boys ahead,
    Love Maaike

  7. You got a great bargain with the threads, Guterman thread is so expensive normally, and the vintage reels are lovely too! Enjoy the holidays:) xx

  8. Beautiful finds....enjoy the holidays ;o) ax

  9. Wow - I have a big dose of charity-shop-thread-finding-envy here! Well done, and what a brilliant price too :)

  10. such sweet finds Jacquie :)
    love that jug too x

  11. Hi Jacquie.

    That beautiful photo of your threads takes my breath away, what wonderful colours.

    Love, love the jug. The name sounds familiar, I feel sure I have something 'Midwinter' too so shall go and have a rummage.

    Thank you too, by the way, for the lovely message you left on my blog. I really appreciated it. x

    Have a super weekend.


  12. Beautiful finds. I love that jug. Woohoo!!! re the tutorial. Can't wait. x

  13. Lovely thrifty finds are the best!
    Rachel x

  14. LOVE the jug! and the cotton reels are a bargain, I esp love the the mustartd yellow and Purple colours, they look good together.
    Interesting to know that Dewhursts are/were made here in Yorkshire too!!! xx

  15. What lovely finds! I inherited a sewing box from my granny and it came full of Sylko threads. I love the colour names. They're so much more descriptive than numbers. My favourite one is Frivolous Pink!

  16. Hey Jacquie, great find with the thread.

    Gutermann is my thread of choice and it's quite expensive, so I only buy it when it's on sale. I tend to use quite a bit of so you have snared yourself a bargain and that jug is a beauty too. I think the bunnies fancy a turn sitting in it.......

    Hope you are having some lovely Spring weather this weekend,

    Claire :}

  17. What a great find! Thread is really expensive so you did REALLY well! Cx

  18. Great finds. And I love the way you display them. Your blog inspires me!

    Cindy Bee

  19. Ooooh, what lovely finds!! My last CS run was very disappointing as the prices are getting ridiculous!!

    The Gutermann thread is a proper bargain though, it's £1.40 a reel and I love, love, love the old-fashioned wooden reel!!

    S x

  20. Oooh i am a big midwinter fan and have a sugar bowl in that design xox love it! I love old cotton reels too, i have collected many along the way and was lucky enough to spot a whole big cigar box full of them with beautiful colours last year at a jumble sale for £2.00 ! Have a great time off with your family xox

  21. that jug is simply divine. What a find!

  22. Hello Jacquie! You found great things! I love jugs and yours is really beautiful - that flower could make a patchwork! Have a lovely time! xxx Teje

  23. Ooooo that lovely thread made by Dewhurst mills is from Skipton in North Yorkshire, the gate way to the Dales, which is my home town. Enjoy xx
    p.s i love your jug and also love op shopping x

  24. What wonderful finds - I never seem to do this well when Im doing the CS rounds - do you run tutorials?;)

    I remember the wooden reels with great fondness - my darling Mum is a trained tailoress and in the 60s she set up her own home-based dressmaking thing. She used to make wedding dresses amongst many other things. I remember the living room being swathed in plastic while she sewed a Victorian style dress, with 3o mini pearl buttons to fasten the bodice at the back. To this day I still call thread Sylko!!

    I also have some antique wooden spools from my Grandma.

    Have a lovely and Sunny Sunday!


  25. Wow, what a bargain! Gutterman costs £1.60 in Hobbycraft which is the only place I can get my hands on it. Even on the internet it's about £1.20.

  26. Hi Jacquie, love all those beautiful threads - what gorgeous colours! Also wanted to thank you for the tutorial on buttonholes for crochet cushions. I've just finished my cushion, and your tutorial was so helpful!
    Jane x

  27. Oh thread at that price I think I'd have had to buy the shop out! Love that jug. And hurrah for Squire Google for making you even happier to have a vintage find! I read the cotton reel as Lieutant Goblin, which conjoured up all sorts of images!
    Jacs x

  28. You do so well with your charity shop finds! Have you done anything yet with the doll's bed you picked up? The threads were a particular bargain, and the jug is lovely... I agree with Claire above - the crochet bunnies would look so cute in it!

    Enjoy your easter hols,
    Jones x

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  30. Ooops - I'll try again...
    I remember those threads! I think my mum still has some in fact (might have a rummage in her sewing basket when I visit her next week...)
    Great news about the tutorial - looking forward to seeing it!
    Emily x

  31. Oh fab finds there. I never see anything of any use in our local charity shops and they are expensive as well!!! I love wooden cotton reels. I had an old Harrods one given to me by my auntie with the most gorgeous silk thread on it, don't think I will ever use it as it's too nice!!!

  32. Love the jug! (and the crochet of course!).

    I found a coffee pot in the same pattern in Whitstable on holiday last October. Sadly I wasn't quick enough and by the time the charity shop opened, it had already sold. I'm still on the look out though!


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