Sunday 10 April 2011

Weekend - Part 1

Hello Lovelies ,
It's been a glorious weekend , with fun times and a little craft . To avoid making a long post I'll split it up into two installments .More to follow tomorrow.
Firstly a few hexagons......

How lovely to sit amongst your completed projects, in a sunny chair ,and work on your latest creation.
I've been making these Kaleidoscope Hexagons production line fashion , four at a time .
Here's round one.......


Three ....

and Four....

And here they are without their tails....

Thank you all for the sweet Kaleidoscope comments, I'm so glad you love it too :0) I've been taking advice from some more helpful comments and I've decided I will post a tutorial for this pattern . As long as I give credit to the original source , which is a free online pattern , I'm hoping it will be O.K.

But of course on a glorious sunny day it isn't long before the outdoors starts calling and I pop into the garden.

Next doors magnolia is at it's beautiful best and looks extra special against the brightest blue sky......

And it's wonderful to dry washing on the line....

The boys have bare feet ....

We lay on the soft grass , in the warm ,still evening air and imagine what it would be like looking down from a hot air balloon....

Yes we really have been spoiled with fabulous weather this weekend.
Pop back tomorrow for some more weekend craft ( non-crochet ! )
Jacquie x


  1. Those hexi's look fab, what gorgeous colours.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Your hexagons look terrific! :-)

  3. Love the hexagons! I just bought a hexagon quilt top at a garage sale for 16.00! I put a pic of it on my blog. I was so excited.

    We had warm weather today too and all of my hyacinths popped!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Lovely colours in your hexagons, and gorgeous pics of spring :))

  5. Hey Jacquie,
    those hexagons look bright and cheery. Production line is a good way t0 go sometimes. You must have alot of fun selecting all the colour combos?

    You can't beat line dried washing and bare feet on nice soft grass, gorgeous Magnolia too.

    Hope you are feeling much better all that sunshine is bound to cheer everyone up.

    Claire :}

  6. Hi, I was amazed by this tree, on Saturday I took a picture of one in Beamish museum.

    Lovely crochet indeed! Beautiful pictures as always!

  7. I really love those hexagons love the photo's through their stages. The weather has been fabulous i haven't done anything creative for days i must get down to some. Have a lovely week, dee x

  8. Hexagons look great as does the magnolia.

  9. Love those hexagons, what a cheery post x

  10. Hi there! I'm your newest follower. Really lovely blog you have that came recommended by a friend of mine. I'm learning to knit, but also want to start learning to crochet as well.

  11. I love magnolias, the flowers are so spectacular. The hexagons are coming on a treat.

  12. Wow I love your hexagons when you finish it will be amazing.

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  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hexagons Jacquie! Such a bright colour burst....ahhhhhhh....really, really uplifting! Can you tell I like them!!!! ha ha

    The magnolia is truly beautiful. Mr H bought me one a couple of years ago as I had harped on about how I adored them...we planted it and the slugs and snails ruined it in a couple of weeks! Learnt my lesson and will try again!!!!!

    Hope the sun is shining for you today!

    Vanessa xxx

  15. Perfect weekend, the magnolia is amazing!

  16. I really do love your hexies. I think I will do them once you put the pattern up. Brilliant you have decided to do that. MMmmmmmmwwwaaaagggghh!xx

  17. Your blog is so beautiful - why doesn't everyone appreciate the bliss of freshly washed items hanging up on the clothes line? ;) Love your hexagons, they're so very SPRING! x

  18. Lovely post Jacquie! And I am still amazed by your gorgeous hexagons. I tried them too, but the pattern confuses me. The idea that you are going to make the tutorial makes me want to go shop yarn for it right away!
    Love, Maaike

  19. It was a stunning weekend, wasn't it! I think your orange surrounded hexi is my fave... and the yellow one. But the orange had me at hello. :)


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