Sunday 3 April 2011

April Showers

Hello Lovelies,
Now, what was I saying earlier ? Oh yes , walking....sunshine ......maybe not :0)
Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. After lunch it rained heavily. Cue myself dashing into the garden and grabbing the washing. Bother .I didn't fancy walking in that but I still wanted a little fresh air so I put on my coat and wandered around the garden taking pictures of the plants in the rain ...and they did look lovely........

This saxifrage is tiny in real life

Climbing Hydrangea

Couldn't miss this one out :0)

It was raining quite heavily at this point and I was concerned about getting water in my camera, but I wanted to capture the glistening foliage and sparkly raindrops.......

You can see water inside these flowers if you look closely


                                              Aubrieta , new to my garden and thankfully thriving

My Dicentra or bleeding heart is already getting quite big .I love this plant and it's much earlier than last year...

Soon the rain eased , it was just an April shower :0).....

The Euphorbia is such an amazing zingy green in the sunshine

This month I'm planning on joining in with the photo scavenger hunt run by Kathy at Postcards from the P.P

You will find a full list of the things to find and photograph this month here,(April showers is on the list so I guess I could use one of these pictures :0))
 There's  also a  flickr group to add them to here ,should be fun for a girl who loves taking photos, any one else fancy joining in :0)
Have a good week
Jacquie x


  1. Your photos are beautiful with the drop of rain on them. I enjoy seeing your pretty plantings. We had a beautiful day today, a nice break from the cold spring my part of the country has been experiencing. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

  2. How pretty,gorgeous photos,thank you for sharing with us!!

  3. Gorgeous photos Jacquie.

    Love the Dicentra, all those little hearts.......nature's bunting perhaps.........

    I love rugging up and walking in the rain.

    Claire :)

  4. You garden is just beautiful! Love your bleeding hearts! (One of my Moms favorites!)

  5. Such lovely photos. You've made me a fan of rain!

  6. Wow you have an amazing camera to capture the rain like that what stunning photo's. I love the saxifrage photo. Have a lovely week, dee x

  7. Such beautiful flowers. So glad you are joining in the Photo scavenger hunt this month. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    Anne xx

  8. Hello there. I just discovered your beautiful blog! Your photography is amazing, our garden up here in Scotland is way behind yours! :) Off to read more of your lovely posts! xx

  9. Your dicentra is way ahead of mine, hopefully the April showers will bring me some flowers too!
    Brilliant photography.

  10. Gorgeous photos... I love "bleeding heart" plant. We have to start from scratch in our garden as the previous owner wasn't a gardener, so it's looking a little sorry for itself at the moment. We have put two new lawns down in the last week though, so seeing green makes me happy! x

  11. Wow your photos are beautiful. They are so clear and capture the beauty perfectly. I love how you have caught the dew on the petals, fantastic x

  12. Hi Me again, thanks for your lovely comment on my post. And yes that is what was happening it was when i was using my work laptop its more modern and up to date than my home one i think it must have been the windows i was using its the only thing i can think of. Take care, dee x

  13. I'm a "girl who loves taking photos"! Thanks for posting info on this!

  14. Beautiful photos - I love your bleeding hearts! They are one of my favourites!

  15. Flowers look so gorgeous in the rain. It's a pity we don't!


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