Thursday 7 April 2011

Hexagon Love.... Plan B

Hello Lovelies,
Hope you are enjoying the fab spring weather we are having if you are in the U.K.
Today I'm so excited to have some more colourful crochet , photographed in the spring sunshine , to share with you ...happy day !!
Do you remember this post ...when I found a hexagon pattern that I loved ???
The pattern was so pretty , but sadly my colour choices were not so great. Many of you said kind things about that project and I may still have a go at turning it into something. But you know how it is ...I just wasn't feeling the love :0)
Soooooo , I tried again with the colours I'm using for my granny square blanket. Want to see how it's looking so far?



then !!.......

Oohh....I'm so much happier with this version, can you tell :0)

I know it's a total colourfest , a bit colour crazy , but it makes me hap,hap, happy !!

I just love working with all these cheerful  colours ...

You know what it reminds me of ?

Can you guess?

A Kaleidoscope .
Did you have one of those when you were young ?Here's a flickr image , and another here, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about . But in my mind eye the one I had was MUCH prettier. I loved it, turning the end and making pretty  patterns .Listening to the rattle of the little bits of colourful plastic as they fell into another design.

The shape of these hexagons and the diamond shapes within them just say Kaleidoscope to me ...

Here's a link to the original free Coats and Clark pattern. I've changed the final round and I'm using the wonderful join as you go method.
I'm planning on making a tutorial for my version of  that round , I'd love to do one for the whole pattern but I don't think that's allowed .

So lovelies , do you like the begining of my Kaleidoscope blanket ? It's super colourful, even for a gal who loves her colour.I do love the restrained colour schemes too but this is making me SMILE So I'm going with that and it feels good :0)

Right , where's my hook ?
Jacquie x



    Such a wonderful colour burst!!!!!

    Simply beautiful is all I can say!

    Cannot wait to see it finished in all its glory!

    Have a super duper day!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. I am just finishing my very first crochet project. Can I ask are the hexagons difficult? They look amazing so pretty

  3. Wow, this makes me happy too! It looks so fresh and lovely... great work!
    Love, Maaike

  4. Oh, it's getting so pretty! I am almost giving up a project 'cos I can't match the colours!

  5. I was just going to write LOVE LOVE LOVE IT than I read the comment of Vanessa :)
    and I can not wait to see it done will be wonderful :)

  6. I liked the original project but have to agree that these are stunning. Love them!


  7. So lovely and great colors. Its a wonderful project!
    Many greetings from germany

  8. O wow i love it i am a huge fan of hexagons and i just love your design and color choice ;-)) I want to be able to do this to. I just managed to make a square in my Bitch and stitch group last night and boy was that hard i didnt move for 2 hours i was determined to do it. Im just hoping i can remember tonight when i can pick it up again. You are inspiring me loads i have to tell you. Can't wait to see it finished. Happy crochet ;-)) dee x

  9. It´s gorgeous!! I love your colourful, bright, happy hexagons!!

  10. Wow wee lady! That has come up suuuuper! B E A U T I F U L! So sunny ☀

    I think that because you are stating where the pattern came from, and it's free, and all you'd be doing is showing someone how to do the stitches AND still sending people to the original site for the pattern then maybe that's ok. It's not like you'll be saying "here is my pattern and here's how to do it" you'll be saying "Go to this site for the pattern and here's how you I it" May be you could ask them for permission. I wouldn't want you getting into trouble or doing a tute and then having to pull it, but I think if you send people to their site for the pattern then they will get traffic they wouldn't have had otherwise. We need a lawyer to comment!

  11. Thank you that is so lovely and spring coloury

  12. It's certainly got the WOW factor Jacquie.

    So different from the other one.

    I love the bright, cheery colours and if it's making you happy that's great.

    Can't wait to see it finished, should be fabulous.

    Claire :}

  13. Thats looking really lovely. xx

  14. Oh it's gorgeous Jacquie. Very bright and cheerful, it's gorgeous. I hope you do manage to pop up a tutorial x

  15. LOVE IT! The colors are wonderful. I loved Kaleidoscopes too. Such a simple toy compared to todays. Looking forward to seeing your finished project in all it's glory.

  16. This is so pretty! Maybe the only thing that could get me away from the African Flowers these days :)
    And lovely mix of color too!

  17. Hello, I loved the colors, and this effect resulted. Beautiful!

  18. Hi Jacquie
    Those hexagons are drop dead gorgeous, love love 'em xox

  19. Now this I like! Very very pretty :)

  20. What a perfect Spring project! I think the Kaleidoscope theme is very fitting.. it's beautiful!

  21. Lovely, lovely colourful hexagons - reminds me of a big, beautiful flowerbed. Looking forward to seeing it all finished!
    Emily x

  22. These are looking really super!


  23. That's a good looking blanket! I haven't tried hexagons yet, but this is certainly inspirational! Really nice!

    Peggy x

  24. I love the colours! Very chirpy and uplifting! Cx

  25. Salam kunjungan.. singgahla ke blog saya ;)

  26. It is lovely and definitely a favourite of mine is a kaleidoscope.... which you could probably gather by my name hee hee

  27. What cheerful colours - love the design

  28. Jacquie, I love them! The colors are beautiful. I always loved kaleidoscopes when I was young too, and lots of pretty colors. I can't wait to see this grow. How big are you planning to make this one?

  29. I love this hexagon pattern! very colorful! beatiful!

  30. I'm writing to you from the states! I've just found your blog, it's just wonderful with all the bright colors! I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures, it's like I get to visit England! May I ask how you join your hexagons together? Whip stitch or crochet?
    Thanks! Holly

  31. LOVING your kaleidescope blanket! It's gorgeous & I love all the happy colors!

  32. Nice yarn, nice colors, nice shapes and a very suitable name! That's going to be a beautiful blanket, definitely! I like it.

  33. LOVE the hexagons!!! Beautiful!

  34. That is such a happy blanket Jacquie, love the pattern you're right just like a beautiful kaleidescope. Can't wait to see the finished result.

  35. lovely bright hexagons! And the colours look great in the sunshine!

  36. I love your hexagons! It seems they are becoming more and more popular and they remind me of honeycomb! I just got a hexagon quilt top at a garage sale for 16.00! I was so excited I could hardly contain my excitement.

    Cindy Bee

  37. Gorgeous! I love all of the bright colours, so cheerful looking. The daffodil is alo lovely at the beginning of your post!!!


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