Monday, 11 July 2011

This weekend......

.......was rather busy. But good busy. Lots of time out doors at school fairs,riding bikes and enjoying a couple of local parks.I'm loving the wild flowers at the country park like this field scabious.....

There was no   time for gardening but time to notice my new rose is flowering :0) ..........

And not much time for crochet but here's where I'm up to......

I'm still loving this bright ,cheerful, speedy blanket. It's 28 inches across now and each round is taking about 40 minutes to complete........

As it gets bigger I have to be careful to make sure I have enough yarn to complete each round. Thankfully there was enough of the orange.....

I have to admit I'm not sticking by my normal rule of sewing in the ends as I go......

At the end of each round I can't wait to choose the next colour and get going :0)

Have a great week. We have lots of school events crammed into these last two weeks of term . Why do they do that ?

Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jacquie

    I'm making the giant granny as well and don't have to sew in the ends! Saw a tutorial on you tube and modified it.

    What I do is join the yarn into a new corner each round by double knotting it then crocheting over the ends just in that corner. Its worked a gem and just snip off the tails.
    For the yarn that's left at the end of a round, I just crochet over it.

    Hope that makes sense?

  2. Your granny is looking great and that zig-zaggy stripy blanket is really lovely! Thanks for sharing x

  3. it's looking really good!

  4. Looking lovely. I almost ran out of yarn on my last round, I was getting very nervous, but luckily I had a few extra inches to spare!
    xo Susan

  5. I like that :) After my squares blanket, I plan to make a giant granny one.

  6. love the rose. Such a lovely colourGillx

  7. Lovely afghan. That is my problem. I have run out of yarn on one of the colours. I have carried on with other colours but it might get in a bit of a tangle till I can order more and sort that first unfinished row out. Pic soon. xx

  8. Looking lovely. I'm working on a Granny stripe blanket and am weighing yarns as I go along to make sure I can finish each stripe. Of course it must be a little more nervy for you seeing if you can make it to the end of each round.
    How big are you going to go?

  9. i also crochet over my ends as i go, it saves me having to sew them in at the end or as i go. your blanket looks great, it inspired me to get a wriggle on with my crochet blanket thats has been in 'progress' for 6 months now :s

  10. Giant grannies (lol) seem to be the thing at the moment!
    I love yours, and i love the one that you linked to as well :o)

    I'm useless with colours. i have no colour sense what so ever, so if I started one it would just look a mess! lol

    Have a great week.
    donna x

  11. I love the rose - gorgeous! It must be a David Austen rose? And your giant granny is looking great. I don't think I could stand the pressure of not knowing if I had enough wool for the rounds as they get bigger!
    Jane x

  12. Your blanket looks amazing! I love it and want to make one now too! Your yarn colours are gorgeous. Don't you hate tidying up the ends? I think Lucy at attic24 has a wee trick for crocheting over the top of them when you're doing granny squares. I'm going to give it a try because I'm so lazy!!! Have a fab week.

  13. The colours are great...I learnt to crochet in my early twenties and that was one of the first projects I did....nothing beats the basic crochet project.

  14. The blanket is looking fab! I'm on round 20 and really enjoying it, must update soon!

  15. Oh goodness, that rose is gorgeous!
    Jones x

  16. I love scabiosa. When I was a child we have a play with them but nowadays I could not find them as much as before :(


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