Sunday 12 May 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 19/52

Hello Lovelies,
my poor old camera wonders what's happening to it at the moment. It's working overtime as I seem to take endless pictures at this time of year. And thanks to the kind advice of you lovelies I now have an external hard drive backing up all my precious photos. It's mainly the pictures of my rapidly growing and changing boys that I was worried about loosing.
 I'm a bit of a techno dummy but in the end it was really easy to set up and I do feel much easier now I know there is a safety thank you for the advice.... that is a happy thing from this week.

Here are my other happy moments.........

1. Flowers in my front garden. Last Autumn I planted some extra tulips and they have been gorgeous, along with the Pansies which looked really sick all winter but are now flowering their heads off........

2. Chimneys....well O.K. not just chimneys.
 I love interesting old houses with pretty roof lines and I do love interesting chimneys . This cottage had a huge chimney stack and check out the cottage in the background.....

 Diagonal chimneys with zig zag it :0)

3. My's just such a great time of year in the little greenhouse is full of new seedlings and I've planted out my peas....they are a dwarf variety so I hope they will be ok in a container........

I know it's only a very small amount but I'm very happy to be producing some of our own veg this feels good.......

"little gem" lettuce

 4. Mums newest painting that she brought round to show me in the week......

It's such gorgeous Spring scene.....a very happy picture don't you think?
I hope you find many happy moments in your week.
Jacquie x


  1. beautiful post as always..i love your blog..always a variety and fresh ideas..blessings from holland

  2. Your mum's latest painting is just beautiful. I love your tulips and happy pansies in your garden! My pansies are doing really well now too and rather like their balcony life!

  3. It's great watching the garden spring back into life at last isn't it:)x

  4. I also just planted out my veggies on the balcony: chard, spinach and zucchinis... hope they'll grow. It's like taking care of babies, right??

  5. I love checking up on all the little plants that are now coming up and thinking of how we are going to eat them later in the year. It seems that spring and summer have now merged and the blossom and bulbs have put everything into their show this year. Take care. Chel x

  6. Lovely blog, that i follow. And i do love your crochet :)

  7. I love that nature and new life and growth can bring such joy and delight Jacquie. Thank you for sharing your garden delights. I am a bit of a chimney fan too and love old rambling cottages with the smell of wood emerging from their chimneys.
    Your mum is very talented and her painting has so cleverly captured all the detail of that beautiful scene, she has captured all the joy of nature too. How I wish i had inherited my Dad's genes to be ableto paint! Have a fabulous week too Jacquie xxx Penny

  8. Lovely photos and it is a very good idea to back them up! I had an unfortunate experience because I only ever downloaded my piccies straight to the external hard drive and it got dropped and broke so I lost them! At least if they are on your computer AND the hard drive they should be safe.

  9. May is such a fantastic time in the garden - so full of hope! Chimneys are fascinating - especially when you see peculiar ones like those on the cottage. To think someone made the decision to design them in such a way rather than a straightforward stack - I wonder if they realised that people would be appreciating them years later? Love your mum's painting x Jane

  10. Love the chimney pics and those still my beating heart!! Packing my bags now......
    Your garden is blooming beautiful and your mum has captured Spring in her's just beautiful.
    Enjoy eating your homegrown produce......have a wonderful week,

    Claire x

  11. Lovely pictures, and happy indeed! I just love those old houses!
    Kate :}

  12. I'm fascinated by the old houses. I stared at those pictures for a long time, just trying to imagine what they're like inside, and how old they might be. Your flowers are so pretty, it was a good idea to plant extra bulbs. I'm planning to do that this fall too.

  13. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. In Canada it is today May 12th.

  14. Your garden is looking gorgeous, Jacquie. The colour in your front garden is glorious. I take extra care with my front garden planting as it's so nice to walk up to the front door and see colourful blooms everywhere. x

  15. Hi There, Your mom's painting is lovely!!! It reminds me of fresh milk and warm bread from the oven with farm butter and homemade jam!!!
    Hope you have a good week!!!

  16. It feels great when it all starts growing. Our new hens have gone into overdrive too! I have been making 'summer' dresses, I hope we get the weather to wear them. Jo x

  17. I like chimneys too! the best one was on Chancery Lane in London, but I didn't have my camera with me :(
    Heather xx

  18. LOVE the first photo of your garden - so much colour! Looks like you've been busy on the planting, I've not got round to it yet. Hopefully as spring has been late, I've still got time!
    Jones x

  19. Thank you for sharing your happy moments Jacquie - such lovely bright pics - your blooms in the front garden are so cheery and I always appreciate seeing the buildings from years-gone-by.
    Your Mum's painting is lovely, and she's done a great job with the sheep - they can be tricky to get right!
    Joy x

  20. Love the look of your graden. You have definitely invested more time in yours than I have in ours, ahem. The chimneys are lovely too...and I love your mum's painting. Such a sweet scene!

  21. Love your garden. And your mum's painting is beautiful. Love the roofs, sheep and the flowering tree.

  22. Really enjoying reading your blog!

  23. How charmingly lovely! :D Your flowers are gorgeous and way ahead of us here in New England. I also love your greenhouse... did you buy that or did you create it yourself? Your peas look like they are off to a good start too!
    I can't believe that frost and freezing rain is forecast for us here in New England (New Hampshire) tonight. I don't know what I can do but pray all of my new plants can make it... *sigh* It is beautiful living here but it is hard for gardening because realistically one is not supposed to plant until the end of the month of May. Well, fingers crossed...
    Beth P

  24. iyi geceler.
    çok güzel bir blog. sevgiler............neşe

  25. Your pictures are beautiful and it is always lovely to see what is going on in your garden. Have a good week x

  26. Some wonderful photos of what looks to be a gorgeous house and my kinda garden. I am admiring your dwarf peas, I took a shortcut with mine and stuck the seeds straight in the ground this year, we will see what happens. It seems that you're plants in your garden is in full swing, my hostas are just creating through, we need more sun up north. Some lovely pics xo

  27. Do you recommend that type of greenhouse? I need to get something. My drawing room is full of seedlings right now and they aren't getting quite enough light.



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