Saturday 25 May 2013

Along the Roadside and in the Garden

Hello Lovelies, 
I'm very lucky to get time off work in the week. It gives me the opportunity to spend a bit of time with my Mum while the rest of the family are at school or work. We usually head off to a local market town via various quiet roads. They are not the quickest route, but we both love to potter along , noticing the changes in the seasons and finding new vistas.
At this time of year the roads themselves are  lovely......the trees in the hedgerows are just getting new leaves and the verges are so pretty, all lacy white and fresh green..........

We often stop the car and take a few pictures....great for my blog and Mums painting inspiration. Sometimes we don't even have to get out of the car :0).....

 This was my attempt to get the view behind us in the rear view didn't work out but I still like it.

But I do like to hop out and get pictures from a different angle too......

I loved to blue of the Alkanet with the frothy cow parsley under this hedge......

Back in my own garden things are looking wonderful too.....My Alliums are on the verge  of flowering.........I love watching the buds  slowly opening up.........

What a wonderful colour they are.........

I'll be sure to share some pictures of these beauties when they are fully wont be long.

 I'm lucky to have a week off work to spend with my boys who are on half term break next week. We don't have any fixed plans and are really looking forward to the lack of routine.
Hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend if you are in the U.K.
Jacquie x


  1. Un camino encantador!!!! Que disfruteis de vuestra semana de vacaciones. Un cordial saludo.

  2. What a lovely way to spend time together made even more special by your love of everything in the countryside. I really enjoyed pooling along too. Have a great half term full of happy moments and opening aliums

  3. Loving photo no. 1 in particular Jacquie......beautiful cloudy sky and hedgerows and verges......delightful.
    How wonderful for you and your mum to get out and about together finding inspiration in your surroundings.
    The blue Alkanet is gorgeous too.......
    Enjoy the break in the usual routine.

    Claire x

  4. This sounds just like the Fridays I spend with my mum - priceless x Jane

  5. I love this time of year and your photos are so beautiful

  6. The flowers are beautiful and it's so lovely that you and your Mum can share these inspirational moments together. I love the sight of those blooms just peeping out of the buds! Hope the sunshine continues and you have a great Bank Holiday weekend x

  7. My favorite kind of holiday is one at home with nothing at all to do. I love driving country roads & stopping when I feel like it. The pics are beautiful!

  8. Have a wonderful time off with your boys Jacquie, no plans are the best! Gorgeous purples xxx Penny

  9. Beautiful country side just right for mums artwork......xx

  10. Fabulous!!! Inspiration is everywhere!! x

  11. Beautiful pics Jacquie, thank you for sharing them; I adore the hedgerows and all their variety.
    How lovely for you and your Mum to be able to enjoy those simple pleasures together - I'm sure you treasure every moment.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the full allium blooms. Joy x

  12. I take my two dogs on a lovely walk that starts in a rather built up area of houses but the circuit is a circle do to the edge of the countryside and the wild flowers are so beautiful now. Yesturday we went into the fields which was so amazing with all the colourful wild flowers (till hay fever kicked in!).

    I look forward to seeing your flower unveil.
    Sara x

  13. you too Jacquie! beautiful pictures of the Allium! Heather x

  14. I LOVED the greenery in your pictures - you live in a beautiful place :) It is so good that you take a drive with your Mum! Great time together :)
    Looking forward for more beautiful flowery pics!

  15. Oooh, my alliums are almost ready too! I can't wait, especially as they didn't appear at all last year and I though I'd lost them

  16. The roadside verges full of cow parsley are so wonderful at this time of year, it makes my heart sing as I drive along. Hope you have a good half term with the boys.
    Sarah x


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