Tuesday 28 May 2013

A Sunny Morning Run

 Morning Lovelies,
Today I thought I would share a run I enjoyed on Saturday morning . Would you like to join me ?

  First I  jogged along pavements in the early morning sunshine, before climbing over the style and going off road . The footpath goes through a field of sheep , this mum has three big lambs, very cute...........

Looking back you can just about make out the path in the grass......

 Then it's over another style and into the darkness of the railway tunnel, if you look back you can still see the sheep and the style on the left.....

Then it out into ......a field of Oil seed rape........wow it's bright after the blackness of the tunnel.....

Love the blue and yellow and the pylons marching across the landscape......

These yellow flowers are pretty in close up too.......

Even though the morning dew  made  my  feet wet and their pollen stuck to  legs

Phew , that's a bit easier , but there's a steep hill soon....

I said  hello as I passed a friendly dog walker.......

 And climbed that hill....it's O.K. to walk this bit :0)

And it's important to pause at the top and admire the view..........

Then it's off again , along a narrow cut through , which I call a snicket....it's funny and fascinating how local words develop don't you think...

Past a tiny  old caravan that hasn't moved in many years.......

 Not far now, just a few more pavements , overflowing with cow parsley.......

Past the bench on the corner....

 There's always time to peer over the gate and check how the allotments are doing......looking good.....

Then I headed home , remembered to stretch, and  enjoyed breakfast in the garden ....with the first al-fresco crochet of 2013 :0)

I hope you enjoyed that. It always makes me happy to get out in the fresh air, walking is just as nice but I do feel lucky that I can run ( slowly ) too if I want to.....if you would like to know how I got started have a read of this post.
Thanks for coming along , it's always nicer to share a happy time , and you guys are great company :0)
Jacquie x
P.S. if you would like to see what the same route looked like in winter scroll down this post , Brrrrrrr.


  1. Oh I did enjoy that run Jacquie - I feel quite invigorated now!
    Lovely fresh air, fields of British green, happy sheep, happy Jacquie - thank you so much for sharing it - total enjoyment!
    Joy x

  2. Thanks for sharing. The weather here has turned wet and cold again today so it's nice to see a sunny post. At least it makes returning to work easier. x

  3. Running is so much more pleasurable when you have the joy of nature distracting you! I love the pylons marching across the rapeseed x Always makes me think of sci-fi type images x happy hooky Jacquie I am off to work in the rain now x Penny

  4. Great pictures, I love fields of oil seed rape so bright and summery.....

  5. Phew, I'm tired just reading about your run, the bench looked inviting! I love the cow parsley that has just sprouted up from nothing, almost overnight. Have a great week. Chel x

  6. Exercise without doing anything - I like this.

  7. Just gorgeous! May is so beautiful when the weather is fine. We've been away for the weekend and I managed my first al-fresco crochet of 2013 too!

  8. Those yellow flowers are just breathtaking! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  9. Good heavens - all this before breakfast! A large medal to you!! That rapeseed really is quite blinding at the moment but does look so pretty against the blue. Thank you for taking me on your run - I feel very virtuous now and am off for some cake as a reward! Jane x

  10. It seems like a very long run, well done to you Jacquie! Love the up close picture of the oil seed rape - I know some don't like it but I do love the occasional bright yellow field of it, breaking up the green.
    Rather lovely hooky - what are you making? Can't wait to see!
    Jones x

  11. Gorgeous pics Jacquie.. love the one with the pylons and the blue sky and yellow rape, stunning! I'd take up running if I had somewhere so pretty to run to. Sarah x

  12. You live in such a picturesque place. I just love how green it is and the shade of green. If ever you get to travel down here to Australia, you will understand what I mean. Green is not green!
    Thanks for sharing your exercise this morning.

  13. Hi There, It certainly is stunningly beautiful and my gosh, how different it is in winter!!! Lovely tour, thank you!!!

  14. I enjoyed sharing your run, thank you! I liked how much is off-road and on tracks. We stick to pavements round here, but I guess that's city living for you!

    What you call a snicket people here call a "ginnel". Southerner that I am I just call it a "shortcut" or "alley". :-)

    Gillian x

  15. It looks a great place to go for a run through some fantastic countryside. Thank you stopping to take these photos so that we could share it with you.
    Sarah x

  16. Beautiful! I would never want to come inside with views like these.

  17. A lovely run! Thanks for taking us with you.

  18. That fifth picture is amazing! I wish I had such beautiful views in my area. I feel relaxed and at peace and I didn't even go running.

  19. Thank you for your story with photos! I love outdoor recreation, where the silence and no fuss. We too often leave the city to nature, to the woods to relax and get some fresh air. On the nature of my husband goes fishing in a river or lake, and I love to knit or crochet needles. Usually I carry small projects which do not have long to wonder. Beauty!
    I enjoy reading your blog! Catherine, Russia

  20. The fun of running/walking off-road is the variety along the way. Much easier on all the joints too, I think. A great, pretty trail. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I want live there!!! Where is that? Is beautiful!!!!!


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