Wednesday 15 May 2013

A Floral Walk

Hello Lovelies,
I'm continuing to get outside as much as possible and enjoy the beauty of my favourite month. I hope you are happy to come on another walk with me :0)

Monday is usually a work day  but not this week. So when I woke to sunshine I knew what I wanted to do....spend an hour in the fresh air with my little camera, before getting on with the housework.

The beautiful deep pink blossom on this young tree caught my eye.....

 This bench must be a lovely place to rest in the shade on a hot day.

But on Monday it was quite cool with scudding clouds and a fresh breeze........

I wandered along the roadside , enjoying noticing the return of many familiar wild flowers......

 Dead Nettle

I love to see a cultivated and cared for garden, but I love to see natural wild flowers just as much.......


I wander along enjoying the pretty views........

 and the more I look the more gorgeous wild flowers I find........

 Pink bells and blue bells


I wasn't sure of the name of this plant , but I've since looked it up....

 Garlic Mustard ( with Honesty in the background )

And here's another tiny flower I hadn't noticed before........

Ground Ivy

After a while I turn down a path to visit a favourite place of mine and on the way I'm delighted by more wonderful blossom..........

Here we are , tucked away in a quite spot is this simple little church..........

It's such a peaceful and contemplative place  which looks especially beautiful at this time of year.......

I get lost in my own thoughts for a while............

Round the back of the church there is a quiet footpath with some interesting glimpses of buildings........

 And once again I'm delighted by the pretty wild flowers. None are particularly rare. Some are very common place and may even be regarded as weeds by lots of people, but they are such a welcome sight to me....

 Herb Robert

A mass of happy Daisies 

Just today I found a lovely 1950's  Ladybird Book on wild flowers in the charity shop and I couldn't resist it.
I love this illustration and excellent information, with plants I saw on my latest walk.......

You can click on the picture to see it more clearly.

thank you for coming with me on this little may be a bit familiar if you have been reading my blog for a long time , but I hope I never tire of sweet, familiar places and natures beauty.
Jacquie x


  1. My favourite month as well - just not been getting out to enjoy it enough yet! Still looking forward to the May blossom and cow parsley - they're usually flowering around Easter in these parts but not this year (I wonder why?!)- we might have to start calling it June blossom if it doesn't get a move on! Jane x

  2. Un paseo precioso lleno de bellas flores , la primavera es mi estación favorita y tambien se alimenta mi espiritu con la explosión de belleza que la Madre Naturaleza nos obsequia cada año.Un cariñoso saludo desde España.

  3. I'm very happy to take this wonderful walk with you. Gorgeous photos! x

  4. Thank you for the walk and the pics of all those beautiful wild flowers. There's so much around to see - we don't need to go to far away places.
    Love from Mum

  5. Those are beautiful pictures. The first pink one is my favorite. You were fortunate to find the book. It's a treasure.

  6. Beautiful photography. I must use the word 'scudding' more - I like it. Jo x

  7. Thank you for taking us on your very colourful and floral walk. Your photos are so beautifully clear. The church looks great in the sun. xx

  8. I used to have that book - I loved it:) x

  9. Ah lovely Jacquie, I feel like I've had a wonderful dose of fresh air filled with the scent of Spring! I love all those gorgeous wild flowers and would happily have them in my garden!!!

  10. Lovely walk, looks beautiful...and how brilliant are lady bird books for nature and bird spotting, full of info and illustrations!

  11. I loved my walk with you, you live in a beautiful area. Great photos too.
    I agree, wildflowers have a beauty all of their own.
    Carol xx

  12. Such a lovely, colourful walk in the sunshine! I'm quite envious! I'm getting quite grumpy about the weather now as I usually love being outside in late Spring when there is so much lush colour around, and it is just too cold and wet! you can't beat a Ladybird book either - such happy memories. :)

  13. Such pretty pictures! You cheered me up- it was cold, wet and grey here this morning:(

  14. Jacquie, I wouldn't have missed that walk for anything and I thank you so much for it. What beautiful photography and what an inspiration you are. A huge thank you for sharing your wonderful part of the world again; I would love to visit it! Joy x

  15. Yay I spy forget me nots!
    What a lovely walk you had. It's been pretty rainy here in Wales the last two days. Lovely to see your sunny photos.

  16. What beautiful flowers :) You live in a lovely place, I wish we were having nice weather to enjoy! x

  17. I absolutely love your walks, you live in such a beautiful area, and such beautiful photos,the old church is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing

  18. Lovely walk and lovely flowers - I love the natural simplicity of wildflowers. I've been rubbish at getting out and just 'appreciating' lately - thanks for the reminder of what's just around us if we look a bit x

  19. Familiar or not I'm always happy to go on a walk with you Jacquie, and this one was particularly pretty.
    So good you had the time to take and enjoy the beauty of the season.
    I would love to find a little Ladybird book in a charity shop. It would be like finding a rare treasure, as they just don't seem to be about quite as much over here.
    Enjoy the rest of May.......

    Claire x

  20. So many lovely flowers - thank you for all of them! Honesty looks quite a bit like Dame's Rocket which blooms here in June - I see in Wikipedia that they are related. And Ground Ivy is called Creeping Charlie over here - it's taking over the lawn where we live but is so springy and green and has such delightful little blossoms I don't mind at all. I've heard it's edible but haven't had a chance to read up on that. We have lots of Garlic Mustard too - it's considered an invasive species in Wisconsin. (Mr. M ate some last year and said it was pretty tasty.) Those Pink Bells are so dainty.

    What a perfect little church.

  21. May is my favourite month too! Perhaps because I was born in this month. I love your forget-me-nots and the pink and bluebells. The dappled lighting around the church is just lovely. I have that very same Ladybird book on Wild Flowers! It must have been mine all those years ago and then my children used it and now it's come back to me again!

  22. Just delightful, thank you Jacquie! I love photographs of places in the UK. The colours are just so different to here in Australia. You would have to come here to understand the difference.

  23. What a super little walk, I love those pink bells, I don't think I've seen that colour before! :) x

  24. Delightful, Jacquie. Always happy to take a walk with you :) I enjoy that you give us the names of plants too, you know I'm not very good at plant names!
    Jones x

  25. I always love your pictures Jacquie x

    ps looking forward to seeing you at Yarndale! Are you coming for the weekend or just for a day? x

  26. I love your pictures. The church. And the road along the fence...

  27. A beautiful stroll through beautiful countryside. Thank you for sharing your love of what is right before you - it is inspiring and encouraging to open our own eyes and see afresh.

  28. Hello Jacquie. I love your walk. So pretty and scenic. I spent 3 weeks in England in 2009 and got to explore many lovely little villages. It was in May too-so it was Spring. It will always be one the highlights of my life. Seeing your lovely pictures took me back there!

  29. I loved your floral walk - so beautiful! I used to have a ladybird book like yours as a child I think it must have been my sisters originally. I loved looking at the blue miniature illustrations and identifying the plants.
    Sarah x

  30. In which part of England do you live? I love the pictures you always show, and I would like to visit all those places, specially the countryside . You are a great photographer. What lovely wild flowers you have, everything is so green and full of colour...! I live in a beautiful island (Mallorca), with stunning beaches, green landscape too during the winter but at this time of the year everything is getting dry by the hot weather which I'm sure you would like but I don't like so much, too hot in summer. Maybe we can swap homes during the summer, jajajaja.

    Thanks so much for your photos, I really have a lovely time looking at them

  31. beautiful pictures and nature...this time of the year in europe everything is blossoming... here in brasil, we have all the year round flower and generous nature... be well muriel


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