Tuesday 21 January 2014

Also Last Week.........

Hello Lovelies,
once again I seem to have lots of pictures left over from last week that I meant to share with you all, so here's a mish-mash of things that made me happy.

On Wednesday I was looking out at the gloom and wondering when I would get good light to photograph my latest drawing....even holding it up to the window didn't do the trick, but I still like this photo.........

Thank you to Chel who suggested this banner would be nice as a button you all could use and join on with this series of posts.........I'll certainly try and figure this out and anybody is welcome to join me in writing some "Celebrating Home" posts this year ( with or without the button )

Also on Wednesday morning, I went for a walk in the rain, it wasn't heavy and I notice different things on days like this. 
I've walked down this road many times , but this was the first time I had seen this lovely roof with it's huge chimneys and  cute  little window. It made me wonder what it would be like to sleep in that bedroom under the eaves .........

The grey weather continued into the afternoon and I decided to pop into the gallery in town to take a look at some artwork ..........I love these colourful mixed media works.......

And the Tulips on the tables were a sweet touch.

They are made by using collage, paint and machine stitching and they really are gorgeous........

This one was called "the north wind doth blow" and it seemed like a beautiful celebration of winter.

The artist is the talented Helen Hallows . She has a blog and THIS post shows some of her other works that I loved.

January seems to flying by and I'm actually surprising myself by quite enjoying winter ( so far) this year. The weather has not been too severe yet and we have seen a reasonable amount of sun between the downpours.
Even on a dull January day this village still looked  pretty..........

On Thursday I did my usual weekly shop and was happy to find the lovely Lucy in print on Morrisons magazine shelves.....so exciting :0)

we love Lucy's crochet blankets too.....don't we lovelies.

Mum came over in the afternoon and brought her calendar to show me ( she knows I love them ).
 It's of old railway posters and  I particularly love January as we have just booked a summer holiday on the  North Wales coast ........

I've never been to  the Lleyn peninsula before and I'm really looking forward to exploring somewhere new.

On Friday I was at work and when I got home I noticed how much my Amaryllis had grown. This one also has a second flower stem emerging.......I've never had one with this happy bonus before......

out of my kitchen window I also noticed  a lovely full moon so I took my tripod into the garden to try and see if I could capture it's beauty. There were clouds swirling around it and this time I managed to capture them in the photo, I like this picture a lot despite the very blurry moon.......

And I zoomed right in with my little compact camera , once again I was thrilled to get a clear image of the moon........wow.........

using a tripod makes a big difference.

THIS is the camera I'm currently using. It has it's flaws ( it struggles with contrast like my old IXUS) but I love the big zoom .

On Saturday I was zooming in again , this time to capture Mr Blackbird enjoying my latest Coconut feeder.........

And also cheeky Mr Squirrel...........

He looks so pleased with himself, don't you think.

Later that morning I walked with Eldest to the shops. In my LYS I bought some chunky yarn in a gorgeous teal colour...........

Ideal for my latest, super speedy, project .

In the afternoon we headed into the City for a short visit. There were lots of these Elephants dotted about, all decorated differently. They made me smile.........

In years gone by I would have been too interested in what I could buy in the shops to notice the beautiful architecture. These days shopping does not have the same appeal and I look at the city with new eyes..........

As we left, the setting sun emerged momentarily from behind the clouds.  The view from the fourth floor of the multi-story car park made me gasp at the beauty of it.

 The fabulous golden light made the buildings glow and the cloudy sky turned brilliant blue.
 I think it looks like I have edited this photo to enhance the colours, but I really haven't....mother nature did it.........I was totally gorgeous...........

I hope you lovelies are finding time to notice the changing light and the small things that make you happy.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos again! The Moon photos are especially stunning :-)
    I live in South Wales-the scenery is gorgeous and I think you'd love taking a trip around Wales.

  2. Beautiful post, each one of your photos it's just gorgeous, but the one with the full Moon, Oh man!! that one is stunning, really well done.
    I'd like to join "Celebrating Home" I think it's a lovely idea so, I will keep an eye to know about it.

    Have a nice week Jacquie!!

    Lluisa x

  3. Lovely photos, especially the one of the blackbird
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. That beautiful Full Moon... Amazing! x

  5. You do post some lovely photos, the idea for 'Celebrating Home' posts is a good one & it is a lovely drawing. I should love to take part later on this year, we are doing so, so much to the house over the next few months.

  6. That village looks like a place in the Cotswolds where my family live... EEK! :-)

  7. Great photos, I love the idea of celebrating home.

  8. Beuatiful photos and I Love the idea of celebrating home

  9. What a wonderful idea of celebrating home, I would love to get involved if my computer skills are up to it.


  11. I love, love, love that last picture - what beautiful golden sunshine.

  12. How extremely kind of you to mention me in your last post.....believe me your posts are such a treat...and again your drawings are just beautiful....I just brought out my paper and pens to play a little...
    Love your " celebrating home " what a great idea!!!! I am going to follow your lead!!
    Now .....your photos!! Wow..the one of the moon .....so beautiful...you are a very talented woman!!!!!!!!

  13. Absolutely stunning pictures, I love the moon it's brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lots of lovely things to see here, the village is just lovely, a delight, hope you are having a lovely day :) x

  15. You'll love the Lleyn peninsula, I used to go when I was little, and it's beautiful. I like those old railway posters as well. Brilliant moon shots again, what a wonderful camera you have. The winter picture is wonderful. I'm really enjoying winter this year as well. A chance to rest a little and re-charge.

  16. You always share so many lovely things!
    Just wanted to say I have started a sketchbook at last.
    Love that gallery x

  17. ps. you have THE best blogroll!!!!

  18. I love sharing your pictures with you. My favourites this week are the Moon with all the swirling clouds and the zoomed in one where you can see lots of detail. And the prettily decorated Elephant.
    Sally xxx

  19. Jacquie, you have some beautiful photos this week. Isn't it nice to have the time to be able to notice the changes in light, and how it makes things look - and to share with like minded people. I'm not sure that teenage boys always notice these things! But on the other hand I think it will all be stored in their memory, to appreciate later on.
    I missed a fantastic photo yesterday morning. As I stepped out to feed the birds, the moon was still in the sky, a weird sunlight was breaking through, mist settled on the field I can see, and 2 foxes were sitting there, as bold as anything. But no camera.
    Hope you are having a good week. x

    1. Your words can cast a picture for sure. WOW!

  20. Olá Jacquie! Muito prazer sou do Brasil , e visitando alguns blogs encontrei o seu, pra minha felicidade!
    Amei suas fotos, o lugar que vc mora é lindo! Como a felicidade pode ser encontrada em coisas tão simples não é?
    Ótima semana estarei esperando mais fotos...

  21. Oh thank you Jacquie for the mention. I think it would be a lovely idea to have 'Celebrating Home' posts, just to enjoy the 'chores' rather thank dread them (as I ashamedly do each weekend). Your photos are stunning. I love the landscape shot with that fantastic light on the buildings. The moon shot is amazing! Have a wonderful week x

  22. You have such an artist's eye, Jacquie! I loved looking at all your beautiful photos, thank you for sharing with us. That moon photo.....wow! xxx

  23. We also had a similar experience with the moon that night. A halo and very interesting clouds moving across it. My guys took video of it. :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  24. Lovely to see some sunshine...great colours in that last picture!

  25. Very pretty pictures :-) Looks like you had a lovely week. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I love the cool evening moon photos in the beginnings of this post, followed by the gorgeous liquid gold of the sunshine at the end! And everything in between, of course! Chrissie x

  27. A couple of weeks ago we bought an Amaryllis from Ikea with two stems. They shot up like nobody's business! Now they are flowering, and there are... wait for it... FOUR flowers from each stem! We can't believe it, it's amazing!! (Not that I'm trying to de-value your two flower heads of course, I hope it doesn't sound like that!)
    Maria x

  28. Hi Jacquie, your amaryllis is looking great, I bought myself one after reading a previous post of yours, also from Morrison's! It is so tall it's has almost toppled itself, and also has a second flower stem shooting up too! Debbie x

  29. So lovely to see your catch up pictures, the works by that artist - I've forgotten her name! - are beautiful too. xx

  30. a few years ago our local town had lions everywhere, all decorated by local artists and groups. After the display had finished, my daughter and I laughed our socks off after finding a usually empty shop in a large (and largely disused) shopping arcade, which was stuffed full of lions, including a brilliant one by the Stitch n Bitch group, made of little knitted squares x

  31. I love the lovely pictures of your rambling day! I am still experimenting with my camara to get good night shots, I shall persevere having now been inspired by the amazing Moon pic, I love the flicks of light on the tree! x Pat

  32. Nice pictures. Love the last one, great light conditions. Jo x

  33. Your photos are amazing especially the sun on the city centre. Thanks for a lovely uplifting post. xxx

  34. Lovely pictures, i especially like the way the light caught the tree and cast colours on it, i think if we looked up more we'd see everything differently. Happy New Year :)

  35. love the moon photo and the stunning colours in the last photo :)

  36. Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

  37. Love your photos! I went to my local Morrisons but they didn't have Simply Crochet, glad to say I got it in WHSmith yesterday!



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