Sunday, 13 July 2014

Around Here.........

the long grass has a pinky-purple hue, and the sky is the brightest blue...........

I walk familiar paths, climb the same old stiles, but never tire of them...........

as the seasons change there is always something different to delight my eyes. It's harvest time right now.........

and through this door..........

there's a shady path that smells of Honeysuckle..........

it leads to rolling fields............

and places where the undergrowth wants to scratch and sting my bare legs.........

How I love these views at any time of year...........




Time for a rest...........

just me and the birds............

and butterflies.........

Cabbage White in flight 

I sit on the ground and gaze at a passing plane...........

and wonder why anyone would want to leave Britain on such a perfect summers day..............

There are friendly locals.........

and their pets............

Fields of clover............

and Hares looking for some shade.............

meadows full of wild flowers, buzzing with bees.............

flashes of yellow...........

from birds who think this is the best place in summer.............

and who could argue with them.............

Flowers bring the promise of fruit to come............

and add colour to the wayside............

The countryside is busy but at the same time wonderfully calm and peaceful at this special time of year........

I love summer....... and I love it around here.
Jacquie x


  1. Wow. I Always love those posts because of the beautiful place you live. Have a really nice weekend.

    Lovely greetings Emily

  2. What a beautiful set of pictures you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Can you send some sunshine my way though as we have had a week of rainy days. Hopefully they will stop soon and the sun will shine again
    Enjoy your day today
    Jackie x

  3. What a such beautiful countryside ! Thanks for the pictures ! Have a sunny sunday !

  4. You took us on a beautiful walk, balmy summer days it doesn't get any better.

  5. What a wonderful post I really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing I've never seen a yellow wagtail before stunning
    Clare xx

  6. Stunning photos as always. Love your yellow wagtail. Thanks for sharing, and I agree, why go abroad when we've been having such beautiful weather, x

  7. Hi,

    just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading about your walks and the lovely photos complement it so well! It takes me right back to England in a flash! (I moved from Staffordshire to Belgium 2 years ago).

    Next week I will return for a visit there because my 2 oldest daughters are both graduating, so I want to be there with them! I'm hoping the weather stays as good as you mention, so there will be time for me to go on some lovely country walks whilst there and otherwise there will be plenty of opportunity to continue my crochet! ;)

    Greetings from Belgium!

    Ingrid xx (

  8. The places around you are really wonderful, no surprise you love them! I was lucky enough to spot a hare in a field last week, but I wasn't quick enough to take a pic... they're so cute!

  9. What a lovely post and I loved the yellow wagtail - I've never been lucky enough to see one; it looks so exotic. x

  10. So lovely! The picture of the wagtail is amazing!! xx

  11. I have always dreamed of visiting England! It looks so very pretty! I sure hope I do get to go one day. I did go to Italy, and wish I had gone to England then. But some day I will.
    For now, I shall continue to read my favorite English authors, and live vicariously through their beautiful words.
    Rosamunde Pilcher, and Shell Seekers...a favorite of mine.
    XO Kris

  12. There's no place like home.. A beautiful place in the world, thanks for sharing.

  13. I never tire of your lovely photos either! I have never seen a yellow wagtail before; she/he is so pretty. My new home is surrounded by lovely countryside too. More wild and rugged than your soft lush pastures but very beautiful also. xxx

  14. What a beautiful summer walk. I know exactly what you mean about never tiring of the same routes, the same stiles and gates. They are always good to see. I'm envious of your lovely yellow wagtail, he's stunning. I saw my first ever hares a couple weeks ago, and I thought of you. There were two of them together in a field, I was thrilled. Hope you have a good week Jacquie. CJ xx

  15. Lovely! England at its very best!

  16. I've been reading your blog for some time but don't think I've ever left a comment. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your walks, and the photos that you take on the way. I live in Australia but my heart is in the UK :-).

  17. It really is beautiful! I think we could take it as a lesson that we all could find beauty in out own trails and locales. Yours is particularly lovely though. Nice to see the wildlife all around you.

  18. I agree with the others - the yellow wagtail is indeed stunning. I'd love to see one of those (great photo too!)
    And hares are one of my favourite animals. Walking is so good for the soul, isn't it?
    S x

  19. I've noticed how the harvest is happening around my way too. Is it early this year? I felt a bit excited for autumn when I saw the familiar huge shredded wheat bales in the local fields. I'm looking forward to a walk this weekend to take in the summer surroundings, deer and hopefully hare too. Take care xx

  20. Oh, where you live is glorious, so rural. I agree, England in the summer is pretty idyllic, when the sun shines. I don't know about you but I feel like we've actually had a pretty good summer so far this year! I bet I've jinxed it now... Lovely photos, as always. xx

  21. Jacquie, if I lived near you and had the possibility of taking walks through the countryside that you treat us to in your photos...oh, yes, my imaginary roots would dig so very deeply into that landscape, that there would be no way I would go elsewhere.

    And now I type this comment on my laptop in my tiny NYC apartment. I imagine that there are lots of folks who would want to be right here, right now. case it tips the scales, we are about to experience hours and hours of strong rain and thunder and lightning...right into Wednesday.

    Of course, that weather front will be exciting. xo

  22. I sooooo enjoy these walks with you Jacquie and your beautiful photography takes me right there !!! Have a happy week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  23. What fabulous pictures and a glorious summer it is too.


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