Tuesday 15 July 2014

This Weeks Snippets

Hello Lovelies.
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my recent posts.

Once again I've been snapping away at this and that, things that make me happy and things I want to remember.
So here are my snippets from the past seven days.

1. I'm a fair weather cyclist and we have had lots of warm, fair days lately so my bike has been getting lots of use. Most days I've  popped to the local shops.......I like being able to cover the mile distance in just a few minutes without getting out the car. There are hills on the way back, so it feels like a bit of a workout too.

2. A beautiful warm evening on the school playing field. Our last summer get together as youngest will say goodbye to this lovely primary school in just a few days........the end of an era..........

3. Seeing GILLIAN'S home in print. I love this lady's blog and it was so nice to see somewhere I felt I knew a little in a magazine.

Your home looked so welcoming and stylish Gillian, you always inspire me..............

I need to do something like this....I love it............

Gillian wrote about this feature HERE

3. Picking flowers from the garden. Sweet Peas (at last), Zinnias and Nasturtiums............

A happy July posy.

4. Visiting our local show on a super hot afternoon. I was lovely to go indoors and see the entries in the horticultural and craft show. It's my favourite bit anyway.

Lots a of beautiful flowers and home baking.............

This class was to knit a child's jumper which would be donated to sick children in eastern Europe........ lots of kind folk had entered this class..............

the hooded top far left won........It was gorgeous.

I thought this embroidery was wonderful too.......but it didn't get a prize.............

all the fruits, arranged on paper plates with their pretty leaves, were a feast for the eyes...........

5. And finally..... I've been doing a little al-fresco crochet at the park.........just a few circles to add to my latest blanket project. I love looking at them all tumbled together like this :0)

We are on the final full week of school now, phew.
 The holidays are nearly upon us.......can't wait :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos, love the flowers and the crochet
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely, busy and colourful :)

    Have to confess now I live so close to town I walk everywhere - hardly seems worth getting the bike out unless I am heading across town to visit family or off to the next village to friends.

  3. Local shows are so inspiring aren't they Jacquie! Your crochet rounds are coming along beautifully, your blooms from the garden are so sweet, and I'm sure you're very happy to be having weather that allows you plenty bike rides.
    I also love Gillian's blog and her lovely inspiring projects and ways - it was lovely to see her in print!

  4. Dear Jacquie,

    Love your snippets.
    How great your al-fresco-circles are.

    At this moment, I am also working at a quilt, made out of a whole lot of granny's ( when it will be ready, it should have 800 of them). At this moment only between 400 and 500, you can have a sneak preview here:


    Brigitte from Belgium

  5. What a lovely pictures, again. I Always love to read your posts!! The crochet work is amazing too!!

    Lovely greetings,

  6. I love your crocheted seat cover on your bike! I've been inspired by the Tour de France & got out my bike for the first time in 4 years- Eek! The end of primary school feels like such a huge event- the end of an era. I still feel quite emotional when I think of it & my youngest has nearly finished his 2nd year of high school. Hope your little one has a good week. xx

  7. Such a lovely post. It's been a lovely summer this year. Baby Bear leaves his infant school in a week and I am feeling such a weight on my heart. An end of an era as you say. I'm just not ready to let go yet.

    That show looked great.......and I love those jumpers!

    Have a super rest of a week!

    Vanessa xxx

  8. Another bunch of beautiful photos and flowers too - I love nasturtiums but mine are taking over my garden and fence; worried they might be inspired by triffids! Country shows are lovely and I am sure the maker of that pretty embroidery scene appreciates the recognition you have given them on your blog. Finally, I am most impressed with your collection of coloured circle motifs. My, oh my! That's a lot of work but a glorious colour mix. I can't wait to see your finished product one day. :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing these moments. Can't wait to see your project, so many crochet circles ! Have a nice day !

  10. What a lovely set of snippets and memories.

  11. Very nice pictures, I particularly like your circles all together, they look really promising! : )

  12. Love your crochet bicycle seat cover!!! What a brilliant idea!!!! Hope you have a bit of a break!!! Enjoy!!!
    AMarie xxx

  13. I s-o wish I could bike to run errands, way too far plus too much traffic. Your seat cover is holding up beautifully. I may try my hand at one for my garden yarn bombed bike. Bitter sweet, any end of era school change. School has been out here since the end of May. I love that framed embroidery piece! Thanks for sharing your weekly snippets, have a great day!

  14. Thanks for sharing yet another lovely collection of photos. Phew! That's some collection of circles, x

  15. I really like the circles and can't wait to see how you join the circles together

  16. I love your bike Jacquie. I notice that in a recent Mollie Makes that there was a crocheted skirt guard pattern. It would look lovely with your bike seat cover. :)
    I can remember sitting in the car on the last day of primary school and having a little weep because my baby was no longer a little boy, and was just six weeks from high school. My, how those days have passed so quickly. His daughter is now in her fourth year of primary school.
    Enjoy the holidays with the boys. :)

  17. What a lovely posy you picked from the garden. And your crocheted saddle cover is wonderful Very colourful and very you. I like the look of the crocheted circles - al fresco crochet is so enjoyable, isn't it. And thank you for your kind words about the magazine - the house is a complete bombsite today so it's nice to see it looking tidy there!

    Gillian x

  18. Hi there
    What a lovely way to look back to the week. I love the embroidery and the fruits ... looks lovely.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  19. Great pictures so good to see the crochet saddle :0) I'm still waiting for my sweet peas to flower, can't wait.
    Clare x


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