Tuesday 1 July 2014

Snippet Time

Hello Lovelies,
a little catch up with what's happening here.

1. Some simple sewing on my old Toyota sewing machine.........

A Thursday morning  impulse project . I don't like using plastic carrier bags, but have to admit they are well designed for their purpose........so I decided to use one as a pattern for a cotton version............

Here's the finished bag.........with deep side gussets like it's throwaway counterpart.........

I made two at the same time, from the same duvet cover I used to make THIS dress.
They are not my most attractive make........but they are comfy to hold and work well..............

And they fold up nice and small to pop in my handbag...........

2. Walking around our village, which is looking so pretty at the moment.

I love this old church hall...........

And the shape of this gateway into the church yard...........

And this peek into a beautiful private garden.............

3. In town the council have been planting out the annuals........these huge planters looked lovely with their flowers in shades of purple and lilac...............

I'm sure they will look even better in a few weeks when the plants fill out some more.

4. An outdoor music evening.
On Saturday we went to a free local event. It was a bit chilly, but that meant my crochet blankets were appreciated............. 

And some ball games warmed up the boys.

It was just a lovely relaxed evening. The music was played by a brass band and I love the hear them outdoors............

I also loved the vintage buses being used as mobile bars and cafes .............

5. Flowers in the Garden.
These plants were bought for my birthday by Hubby..........

I do like them, they are not flowers I would have thought of buying myself.........

I'm loving this little Hebe that I planted last year....it's looking happy and flowering for the first time...........

And my Nasturtiums look happy too.......it's a shame they hide under their pretty leaves..........

This Rose I've had for many years is stunning at the moment...........

6. Right Now
the weather is gorgeous and the countryside looks stunning............

I'm appreciating it while it lasts........

8.30 pm

Can it really be July already?
Jacquie x


  1. The bags are great especially as we are going to have to pay for them next year!
    Great photos
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I love your new cotton bags Jacquie, what a great idea; those beautiful plants your lovely Hubby bought you; and the rose - it's magnificent; the church hall - well, I could live in a place like that. In fact everything you have shared with us is so lovely and happy, thank you! Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope the weather holds for you, xoJoy

  3. LOVE the bag. What a brilliant idea, you are so clever.

    Liz x

  4. What a lovely sharing ! thanks a lot ! Hope you'll still have shiny days in july ! Géraldine

  5. The bags are a wonderful idea, and they look great, just as your flowers! : )

  6. I scour the charity shops for pretty duvets and curtains, the material works out at pennies per yard and you can make so much out of them. Every member of my extended family gets a quilt in a shopping bag once every 2 years and cushions for the other years. Christmas shopping holds no fears for me.

  7. Time has really gone by at a lightning pace this year!!! Your garden look lovely and a brass band in the park?? What a treat!!!! Have a great week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  8. I've been playing with a cotton carrier bag idea for ages! just not gotten around to it yet! I hope mine look as lovely as yours!

  9. Making your own version of a supermarket bag was a brilliant idea! I said the same at the end of my last post - July again already?!

  10. What a clever idea with the shopping bag.
    I can't believe it's July either. Just a few more days and we are off to Spain. Enjoy your week. x

  11. That is ingenious ~ using a plastic bag as a template for a fabric bag. I love it! It really does look beautiful in your neighborhood!

  12. Lovely snippets, especially your bags! I think they look great, perhaps not the most exciting to make, but very useful and so much better than those plastic bags! xx

  13. The colour of that Rose is fabulous! Cx

  14. Fabulous photos and I love the bag. What a great idea using a carrier as a template, x

  15. What great cotton bags, I am just getting used to my sewing machine making a Japanese apron. Great fun isn't it? That rose really is a stunner. Elaine

  16. I don't comment enough, I always stop by to enjoy your photos

  17. Well done with that super bag! And the photos are marvellous, from the blanket to the bus, you've been having fun! Chrissie x

  18. Great to have some reusable bags and yours look great. I have made a few with crochet as
    well as sewing ☺ Lovely pictures too

  19. I love the idea of using the pattern of a ordinary plastic bag and turning it into a much cosier textile version!! How did you finish the edges around the handles? I can see a few of my christmas pressies being inspired by that idea!

    1. Hi Annie, thanks for your comment.
      I turned over a very small hem ans used a zig zag stitch to finish as I wanted my bag to be a un-bulky as possible. It was also quick and easy :0)
      Jacquie x

  20. What a great idea using a plastic bag as a pattern for a cotton version! And I love nasturtiums. Mine hide, too. So sad!

  21. I very much like the bag idea! I've just took apart an old and loved skull cap of the hubby's to use as a pattern for more, so while I'm at that I'll just do some bags too. Thanks for the idea! I'm thinking vintage sheets maybe...I love that tower of purple blooms maybe you can show it again when it's in all it's glory. My hubby buys flowers for me I'd not think to buy either but love just the same. What a beautiful color to your rose, one of my faves.

  22. Hi Jacquie! How lovely to see you over at mine. I love your carrier bags! Genius. I'm still beavering away at my Granny Stripe but Teddy does love to help and it's slowing things down a bit xxxx

  23. bravo to the shopping bag pattern! I have a cloth bag , not homemade yet, which I carry around in my bag. I always feel rather clever when I whisk that one out! love the double deckers, Heather X

  24. Making a bag from a bag out of an old duvet cover - now you're talking my kind of crafting!!! great post Jacquie. Love from Jo x


  25. Great idea Jacquie :-)
    Tracey xxx

  26. Your shopping bags are excellent, and love the photos. Your midsummer looks lovely.

  27. What an excellent idea with the bag, so simple but very practical.

  28. I have came over from the Simply Crochet blog for a visit. I have been working on granny blocks that they have been posting on an app for free and when I went to check out why I did not get one this week I ran across a post about you and your blog. I have scanned and read most of your July posts and am enjoying your photos and your sharing of the area around you.


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