Tuesday 22 July 2014

Sunny Skegness

Hello Lovelies,
on Sunday we made another journey to the coast. This time it was to visit relatives who were enjoying a long weekend away. 

In many ways Skegness is the polar opposite to my favourite seaside places..... like THIS one.

I think it's held in fond regard by many East Midlands folk  as it holds happy childhood holiday memories, but not having that link to it I can only speak for how it comes across these days. 

I can see it's got traditional seaside appeal.....who can resist the gentle donkeys, giving rides to many happy little children...............

There are stripy deckchairs to hire , so that, as it says on the sign.....you can
 "just sit back and relax !!! ".........

and plenty of buckets and spades of every shape and colour...............

There are wide walkways lined with colourful flags..............

 and flourishing, sweetly scented annuals................

Green spaces edged with beautiful roses................

 aren't the roses wonderful this year

and an iconic mascot who features in fun statues............. 

and tea towels.................

  THE JOLLY FISHERMAN has been synonymous with the resort for over one hundred years.

On a warm July afternoon I did have trouble taking photos that were not FILLED with faces, it's certainly popular with all types of people......well, there is lots to do......

Much of it is based around noisy amusements, there's a pleasure beach with loads of rides and games. The landward end of the pier looks like this............

Pier amusements, Skegness

I would have loved to have seen it when it looked like THIS. Today it's much shorter...............

But happily some parts still remain largely unchanged..............

I love this original sign...................

with it's date of construction.................

you can read a little of it's history HERE

 and happily the seaward end looks beautifully traditional.........a quiet place to wander along the wooden boards

 or sit and enjoy the cool sea air....such a pleasure after all the hot and humid days we have "enjoyed" lately.....................

 The beautiful detail on the ironwork is looking a bit rusty.............

hopefully it will be restored soon.

Standing on the end of the pier you get wonderful views, both back towards the hustle and bustle, and in the other direction there are acres of quiet space...............


But my favourite thing is wandering barefoot through the shallow water with Mr BM.........

 and standing in the waves watching my boys enjoying their third dip of the day.......those boys, and their cousins, LOVE the sea................

They LOVE a '99 too...............

                                     And in Skegness they are humongous!

The whole family left tired but happy, a little bit more fond of dear old "Skeggy".

Jacquie x


  1. I live 8 miles up the road in a small coastal village, you could have popped in for a cuppa and a piece of cake of course!

  2. Hello Lovely Jacquie sorry I have been away for so long. Just catching up with your fabulous posts Jacquie, always love your photographs and art work - you are so talented. It has been years since I visited Skegness and looking at your photos I would love to go again. As always Jacquie you seem to pick out really interesting things for your posts and make me want to visit all the fabulous places you visit. Have a good time Jacquie, big hugs and loves

  3. Looks like a lovely day.......gotta love a pier ! The guy with braces on looks great....only wish he was wearing a knotted hankie !! XX

  4. Lots of colour and excitement here Jacquie, as well as a bit of history, donkey rides and gorgeous flowers - and its many years since I enjoyed a 99 - looks and sounds like a lovely time was had by all! xoJoy

  5. Many, many years since I went to good ol' Skeggy - I do however go quite often to that other East Midlands touristy favourite - Matlock Bath!


  6. A lovely time at the beach. I too love to wander, for miles really, just in the edge of the water, or set and sketch the waves. Those blue pots of annuals are gorgeous! It's been awhile since our last trip to the sea, I surely miss it. Thanks for 'taking' us along.

  7. It's like I did a quick trip to Skeggy. Thank you!

  8. Your pictures of Skeggy remind me of my childhood and my home town of Scarborough which is now very commercialised too although the donkeys are still there and the lovely sandy beach. When our girls were young we had a holiday at Skeggy and your pictures brought back happy memories too
    Thank you for sharing
    Jackie x

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  10. What a lovely review of the delights of Skeggy. I know Skeggy and Brancaster so I know they are both great in their own way. I am moving just up the road from Skeggy next autumn so I am looking forward to getting sand between my toes every day. :). I'm a lucky lady.

  11. It looks like a wonderful day out!! xx

  12. Very lovely, nothing quite like a day at the seaside.

  13. Nice to see you're keeping on with the "S"s! It looks like a wonderful day out, we have somewhere similar near here that we visit from time to time. All that fresh air and space is always a tonic. CJ xx

  14. What a lovely day out - especially to be able to see family.

  15. It seems like a wonderful day out at the seaside.

  16. I can so see myself with an ice-cream on one of those deck chairs on the getty!!!! Beautiful gardens!!!!
    Have a happy week!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  17. We all have our favourite seaside places of childhood and as we get older and compare with the others that we see, they are never quite the same. I grew up having day trips to Southend with its train ride to the end of the pier, so I had a shock at the contrast with Skeggy and have since adopted Hunstanton as my second favourite now. Hunstanton now do the 'Wash Monster' that takes you across to Skeggy. The ice cream looks good though!! Take care xx

  18. I grew up in the East Midlands so, yes, Skeggy was a regular summer haunt. It looks to have survived pretty well - or maybe you're just good at bringing out the beauty. I must have had several hundred donkey rides in my time!

  19. forget the rest, you had me at the photo of the bucket and spade stand! Such colour!


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