Saturday, 19 July 2014

Seeking Shade

Hello Lovelies,
my but it's hot around here at the moment. On Thursday morning I headed out for a walk and found myself looking for the shady side of the street..............

I decided not to go too far and simply wandered along noticing as many of the small details as I could..........

The sky was full of thin wispy clouds as I headed past the horse field............streaks of white across the beautiful blue............

I was looking for somewhere pretty to sit and had the church yard in mind, but as I got nearer I could here the noisy buzz of a petrol strimmer. I decided to sit on the little bench that looks at the parish war memorial instead...............

It's next to the clump of Lavender, which was attracting many butterflies.............

The reason I wanted to sit down was because I had decided to try painting outdoors. Well, the weather is so nice and I've been feeling inspired by THIS sort of post.

I had an old pencil case of the boys containing a little watercolour paintbox and those blank postcards I used for THIS drawing..............

along with a pencil, two brushes and a pot of water.

My paintbox looks well used because it's not mine, but one of mums.
 I know I'm lucky to have someone who generously gives me art materials if I show an interest in their passion.

It's a great, handy design is easy to transport about and use............

It's   THIS one

I quickly drew my view, not worrying about much detail, and got painting. It's tricky working outdoors. The sun was on my paper which meant much squinting, and I was a little worried someone would come along and ask to see my work. I also forgot to take any kitchen roll or tissues ( which are great to blot any mistakes and clean your brush )

But 20 minutes later I had done enough to feel I had got the essence of the view.

I liked the jolly colours  left on my palette...............

And  this is what I had painted....still wet..........

It made me smile, but I also felt that I had really noticed and appreciated this simple, lovingly tended memorial to three young men from a small village ( two of them with the same surname ), who died almost one hundred years ago.

The sunshine made my picture dry quickly and I was soon able to resume my shade seeking walk.
One last look back to where I sat from the shade of the church yard...........

Through the kissing gate.........

And under the mature trees ..........

I love the dappled sunlight.

The Maple trees here have fully formed "helicopters". It does seem early............

Further along the sheep have the same idea as me..............

and so do the calves..............

That field of tall grass I photographed on last weeks walk is now turning into hay...........

I'm close to home, but decide to walk a little further........along this path.............

To see what the wheat looks like now, I love the biscuit coloured fields..........It  looks like a wonderful harvest...............

On the way home I spot the first Dahlias in a neighbours garden......another stunning summer sight..............

It was only a short walk, two and a half miles, but lovely all the same. 

Yesterday I decided to add a little pen detail and writing to my watercolour sketch...........

I'm really pleased with this simple little reminder  of a walk, and some outdoor painting, on a hot summers day.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments on my previous painting. You lovelies are a wonderfully supportive bunch.
It means a lot.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos and painting. I noticed loads of fallen maple 'helicopters' around here last, and some browning leaves. So many trees have berries too! I noticed loads of signs of autumn a few weeks ago and wrote a post about it - the same day I saw a news article about autumn being earlier this year, just like spring and summer were.

  2. A lovely walk Jacquie and I love your picture and the one you did in your last post, it looks so peacful and quiet where you live. :)

  3. Amazing landscapes, as usual, and your painting looks great! : ) Have a nice weekend!

  4. I've been a terrible grump in this heat Jacquie and would certainly have been walking alongside you on the shady side. Well done on your first outdoor painting - you'll be setting up an easel before you know it! Jane x

  5. I felt so peaceful refacing your post. It transported me there! I suddenly remembered that my sisters and I would take the maple helicopters, open them up, and stick them to our noses! Thanks for a wonderful post!

  6. Isn't it wonderful to be outside with your paints and paper to catch a bit of the beauty in a watercolor painting! So glad to see a fellow yarn enthusiast who also loves to paint!

  7. Beautiful photos and your paintings really are lovely, looking forward to seeing more!

  8. How lovely to sit outside and paint, your pictures are lively and I like your painting too
    Jackie x

  9. it's lovely, I like the idea of using postcard size paper. My Mum used to carry a minature set of paints with a little bottle of water and small little telescopic brushes. Then she was always ready! X

  10. You might be interested in this, (click on the art academy icon) A friend has completed the course and really enjoyed it.

  11. Lovely post and great artwork too xx

  12. what a lovely local walk, I sadly live in the City & walks need to be carefully planned, miss living on the edge of my home town & in the country as I did as a child - one day I'll make it back to my green roots

  13. I admire your stamina Jacquie, I was only out for an hour today and that was more than enough in this humidity. A wonderful piece of artwork and so poignant with the centenary this year. Have a lovely weekend x

  14. It's a lovely first outdoor watercolor! I really like the outlining you added. I love to sketch outdoors but have never tried it with watercolors, I may have to give it a go now. :D Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  15. A wonderful painting Jacquie, and what a lovely idea to sit outside and paint. I always stop and look at war memorials when I see them. And it's always so heartbreaking to see the same surname on there more than once. The fields are looking beautiful at the moment aren't they. All that hay and wheat, such a pleasure to see. I hope you have a good Sunday. CJ xx

  16. I love your painting! I really like the details you added with ink as well - beautiful.

    I took my first water colour class last spring & enjoyed it so much. I haven't tried painting outside yet.

  17. You certainly seem to have 'the eye', Jacquie! It's a lovely painting. Is there nothing you can't do when you put your mind to it? Awesome. :)

  18. I wandered along with you, entranced x

  19. That is such a lovely painting, you have inspired me to get my mums paint box out to do the same. My mums paint box is was given to her in 1939, and she still used it up until she passed away.
    Julie xxxxxx

  20. I have similar paintbox but recently discovered water brushes. They come with a little reservoir of water so you've no need to carry a water container. I love them.

  21. You live in a lovely part of the world. The scenery is quite similar to where I live. Your painting is really excellent - keep it up.

  22. Love your painting and what a difference a few pen lines make. It sort of brings it to life, x

  23. thank you....lovely, yearning for this sky and this place.....but it is not to be this summer....perhaps shall the mean time.....thank you so much for sharing......<3 Mary for the other side of the pond....

  24. Hello, happy to have found your blog via 'tales from happy house'! I'm a newbie to crochet and looking forward to having a go at some of your tutorials :)

  25. Jacquie, I´m impressed with your "new" skill! I just LOVE your paintings and your style! I've tried to watercolor, but failed... I´d love if, some day, you could give us some tips as you do with crochet! :)

  26. What a lovely idea to take your watercolors with you!!! It is ideal when you have such beautiful surrounding to paint!!!! As always I enjoyed the little walk with you!!!! Love all the manicured gardens and the deep green of summer!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx


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