Monday 2 March 2015

A Windy Walk

Hello Lovelies, 
after I had finished writing my February walk review yesterday morning I realised there was time in the day for a little family outing.
We decided to head to Bradgate park, as it's not a long journey from home.

The sun, which was shining when we arrived, quickly disappeared behind thick clouds....never mind, the landscape is interesting.........

and there are many ancient old Oak trees that boys love to climb...........

Oh and look there's a patch of blue sky, and sun  shining on the hillside.............

Shining on Old John tower.....if I zoom in you can just see it.........

We decide to walk towards it. Climbing  steadily, across boggy ground, then along well walked paths............

Everywhere look brown, due to all the dead Bracken. This is only our third ever visit here and we always seem to choose a time of year when the landscape is rusty. See it looking green  HERE.

Climbing higher now. I'm admiring the view............

Not far now.....It's very windy up here and youngest says he can't stand it.

Breath the fresh air, fill your lungs. Drink in the view and let the wind blow away the makes you feel ALIVE I tell him.

Look at the view....I'm sure I can see the curvature of the earth.... probably  not ....but that's what it looks like...........

Here we are at Old John..

There are plenty of people around despite the wind....I loved watching this little girl running into the rushing air, arms outstretched.........

a very friendly dog was enjoying the fresh air too.........

The sun is in and out as the clouds scud quickly in the high winds. I like the shadow of the tower that appears and disappears with the sun...........

And the patterns of light sweeping over the landscape...........

How I LOVE to be up high, surveying the view.

It's getting busy at the tower and we decide it's time to head back downhill..........

Youngest  runs off at top speed  :0)...........

Near the bottom of the hill we hear running water and find this little pond......

There is plenty of water in the reservoir looks really full to my eyes...........

Here, in the shelter of the wall and trees, it's still and suddenly we feel hot..........

It's so nice to get out of the wind for a while, and sit on a bench basking in the warm rays..........

We can clearly see the wind making ripples in the water ...........

 But there's still a hint of spring in the air. The cold days may not be quiet done with us yet, but I'm loving the anticipation of warmer weather to come..........

As we arrive home I notice my purple crocuses are blooming..........

A beautiful splash of colour to contrast with all that brown.

Hope your Monday isn't too hectic lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Oh another beautiful walk and do love the oak tree, well actually love all of this walk as usual xo

  2. I love exploring your part of the country as seen through your eyes. Thank you for inviting us to share your walks. xx

  3. What a wonderful walk!! I hope that you have a great week. xx

  4. Beautiful scenery and photographs, I could feel the wind!

  5. All that wonderful space and spectacular open views, fantastic. Like you, I would have found that walk completely exhilarating. And the boys would no doubt have loved the tree climbing. Wishing you a good week Jacquie. CJ xx

  6. Wonderful landscape.....I love being on top of a hill and looking out for miles and miles, humbling and empowering in equal measure. Yes I can se a curve too ;) xxx

  7. Lovely pictures of what looks like a great day out. It was very windy here too. Today we're having snow! I hope it doesn't last too long.

  8. Wow love the pictures showing the different light you experienced as the clouds rushed across the sky yesterday. All that wonderful open space too it looks a great place for a family outing
    Jackie x

  9. It looks like a wonderful walk - we had sunshine here yesterday. Which was good as Matt was playing rugby. I found a spot out of the wind and you could really feel some warmth in the sunshine. Wishing you a good week. x

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  11. Jacquie, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award if you want to play along but please don't feel under any obligation. I have just chosen blogs that I have enjoyed reading since entering the world of blogging recently. Jan xx

  12. Wow, these are some of the most beautiful landscapes you've ever posted, IMO... amazing, thanks for sharing!! xx

  13. Now that's making the most of the moment! Beautiful, thanks for sharing! Such a nice home coming with the appearance of the crocuses. A rainy start to the week here, I even heard frogs croaking last night, temps in the 60's F for the first part of the week then snow for later in the week. A roller-coaster weather week here!

  14. Oh,what a Stunning walk and such Beautiful scenery,thanks again for sharing and letting us drink in our Stunning countryside,we do live in a wonderful Country.Love crocus they are so pretty and strong.I am too busy trying to keep my balance at the moment when I take Baz out lol,sooooo muddy and windy,but will soon take my camera out to take more pics of St Agnes.Happy Week.xx

  15. I can feel how bracing it was just by looking at those photos! It looks like a truly lovely place. I'm now inspired to get out there - despite the crazy weather we're experiencing in this part of the world!
    S x

  16. Oh how I love that tower! I wonder about it's history. You sure do have some lovely places to hike near you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. That brings back some memories. When I was a nipper, the question 'What do you want to do this weekend?" was fairly relentlessly met with "Can we go to Bradgate Park?". I liked Beacon Hill and Swithland Woods too, but Bradgate Park was my absolute favourite - all that space, a few rocks to clamber on, the deer, the views, the bracken to hide in, the hollow oaks - which all branch at a convenient height because they were, allegedly, all loped off when Lady Jane Grey was beheaded after her nine day rule. Fantastic. I've been back a couple of times as an adult and it still impressed me, although it did all seem a bit smaller.

  18. That looks a fantastic walk in the sunshine! Sarah x

  19. Wow, your blog is awesome! beautiful pictures, great shots! and well.. what a wonderful world :)
    I should do this kind of post in my blog as well, need to share my beautiful city.


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