Saturday 14 March 2015

This Weeks Group Walk :: Number 13

Hello Lovelies,
after a long run of dull and sometimes wet Thursdays it was so nice to be able to walk in the sunshine this week.
As usual, this was a circular walk, starting in a pretty village.........

then walking along footpaths which wind their way through gentle, rolling countryside........

Though the sun was rather watery it was noticeably warmer than previous walks this year.
 The trees are still bare, but the fields are full of Lambs.........

My favourite spring sight...........

We walked past free range chickens........

and ruined buildings...........

then into the next village where the old cottages were so pretty. I loved the spring flowers and the doorstep milk delivery here.........

Then it was off to the churchyard, and our lunch stop. Time to eat my tuna sandwiches and sip my Thermos of coffee..........

Most of the walking group have little mats to sit on when we stop. I've now got one like THIS in my back pack....and it's brilliant. It weighs nothing, and you always have a warm, dry, padded place to sit :0)

After lunch I took the opportunity to look around the church. The pews were so primitive and they looked really old..........

I've since looked up this church and apparently they are thought to be 15th century.........


It was such a calm and beautifully simple church..........

We quietly had a look around and as we left the old stone floor looked lovely bathed in sunlight.........

Then it was back out into the countryside to continue our circuit...........

Can you see the footpath, zig-zaging from one stile to the next.......

Here the fields still looked very bleached and wintry..........

But down by the river some fresh greens were peeping through.........

After eight and a half miles we were back at the village we started in. I loved this glimpse into a cobbed courtyard......

And I loved this sunny walk. I can hardly believe this was my 13th walk with the group. I'm really looking forward to the spring walks, and discovering somewhere new each week.

 I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to join this kind and friendly bunch.
Jacquie x


  1. A lovely walk Jacquie. I always like visiting old churches and wonder about the life a bbc people who've passed through. Hope you have a great weekend. X

  2. What a wonderful place for a hike! I can only image the clean air and the quiet, feeling a bit jealous really :-)

  3. What a gorgeous old church. We are so lucky to have such a rich heritage of these beautiful ancient buildings. The ancient stone is wonderful, like Sara I like to imagine those who have walked over it before. The sit mat is an excellent idea, I've been thinking I need something like this a lot lately, when I can't find anywhere dry to sit. I shall investigate further. CJ xx

  4. I'm impressed by how many walks you've done this year! We have only done one walk back in January - pitiful! It's quite depressing as we are generally keen walkers, but life and work just keep getting in the way and the weekends are over so fast. This was a beautiful walk and I love that old church. I prefer a simple church like that to look at that one that is grand and colourful!

  5. WOW,another set of STUNNING pics,I love them all,soooo beautiful,lambs are soooo cute.We have St.Agnes Stompers,they go on walks across Cornwall every month,I don't go as I'm dog walking on that day ( Friday ) and get more than my share of exercise lol.Happy Weekend.xx

  6. The church you visited is so similar to our church that I had to look twice even though I knew it wasn't - right down to the slope of the ceiling! I love to see the lambs too so I'm glad you took plenty of pictures! xx

  7. A lovely walk and what a beautiful church. What a lot of lambs, I have yet to see my first lamb this spring! Sharon x

  8. Looks like a beautiful place. Loved the sheep and lambs. And loved the floor of the church just beautiful.

  9. I loved seeing this walk with you.. the lambs.. lots of TWINS it seems.. and most especially that ancient church with the well worn stone floor and ancient pews. It would be fun to see it full of people on Sunday. I'm up early to go to a volunteer training session at an old school house. I expect to take some fun photos there, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Another lovely walk and how I love seeing the picture of the lambs
    Jackie x

  11. I'm glad you joined too (for you and us) . ; ) Really enjoyed seeing inside the church, to think of all that history..I look forward to more walks with you.

  12. Its wonderful to see lambs in the fields again, a lovely walk.

  13. This is one gorgeous walk and beautiful country side......nothing like that here lol
    Cute little lambs and their mums too ☺

  14. Another lovely walk, I like the bridge over the river, brickwork of the old buildings and the cobbles.
    Amanda xx

  15. Lovely as ever, but I think the lambs are my favorites!

  16. Really lovely walk in the beautiful english countryside!!Lovely lambs!!!Have happy week

  17. What a lovely walk ...... enjoy the next one too.

    All the best Jan

  18. Hi Jacquie, what a lovely relaxed walk it appeared to be.
    I am puzzled as to why the farmer has painted numbers on his sheep and lambs. Most curious.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely ramble with us.

    1. Hi Robin,
      it's to link the lambs with their mother....they both get the same number.
      Thanks for all your lovely comments.
      Jacquie x

  19. I love reading about your walks. How lovely to be able to get out in the countryside and see signs of Spring emerging - the sight of lambs gambolling around never fails to lift my heart. xx

  20. Lovely walk, there's sone great communities out there isn't there! ;) xxx

  21. I'm glad that you are so enjoying your walks - as the spring continues, I expect the fields will look greener and greener. The lambs are gorgeous, and I love that little courtyard too. There's something intriguing about just catching a glimpse of a view, isn't there?
    Cathy x

  22. lovely to walk in the fresh air. The pictures are so English, I love them. Amanda x

  23. So fascinating and scenic too. I'm glad you are enjoying your walking group. :-)


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