Monday 23 March 2015

Along the Footpaths

Hello Lovelies,
thank you so much for all your kind comments on my previous, nostalgic are such a thoughtful lot. I feel blessed to have this sharing space to record these times in my life.

And now, surprise, surprise I'm back to walking....I am sorry about the lack of craft around here at the moment.....I'm sure my crafty mojo will return soon. You can't force these things can you.

Yesterday was glorious, so sunny and warn, it was a joy to be outdoors. In the afternoon the family were all busy with various commitments, so I headed out for a walk alone. 
Just along much walked and much loved local footpaths..........

where the sun felt really warn in the still afternoon air............

Over the first stile of the day, with it's bridge that crosses the tiny stream..........

and through the sunlit woodland....that now has a carpet of the freshest green...........

And, Oh look at the weeping willow.........isn't it the most beautiful colour..........

The stream, that flows under the metal bridge here, was sparkling in the sunshine.............

and I was happy to stand quietly for a moment and watch the birds hopping around in the bare branches............

Then it's across the road and over another stile..........

into the field where a new crop is growing well. I love the view back towards the road here, with the cottages nestled in the dip............

then the path heads down these steps, where the Hawthorn hedge is turning green............

The most perfect FRESH green..............


Along the roadside there are delicate little Celandines under the trees..........

and lambs in the fields.............

Their ears glowing pink as they take an afternoon rest in the warm sunshine..............

Here the cheery Daffodils are at their best..............

And there's a spring in my step ( no pun intended) as I head off along the next footpath....climbing another stile, I glance back towards the village...........

It was such a happy sight, with the warm terracotta coloured  roofs looking extra pretty against the blue sky.............

Then it's through the tunnel in the railway embankment, and out into open fields once more.........

 I'm walking uphill now, back towards home. The hedgerow and the trees are brown here....but the grass is gloriously green............

Did I mention it was warm?   :0)

I cross another footbridge and follow the path along the shady side of the coppice.............

Then its a brisk, climb up the hill. I can feel my heart pounding and I'm listening to the sound of my deep breaths.
 Climbing hills makes me happy. The effort makes the reward of the far reaching views extra sweet..............

Looking to the left I can see the village I've just walked from....the red roofs still clearly visible, though it's maybe not so clear on my photo...............

Let me zoom in......There's the Church and the houses and the railway tunnel I walked through....can you see it?

 I do love this landscape and I adore having easy access to the countryside.

Nearly back on the pavements now. The final part of the footpath is along this jitty, between garden fences and the security fencing.

There's a nest in the tree and I can hear birdsong............

I stop and spot a Robin on the fence...............

But it's the sweet song of the Dunnock I can hear....I'm hearing it a lot at the moment...........

Maybe there are more of these birds that usual....but I'm fairly certain they are around every's just I'm finally listening.

They are such drab birds, in one way your typical "Little Brown Job"  , but I find them charming..............

Back home I consult my Observer book again.....where they are called hedge sparrows......that's a nicer name than Dunnock I think..................

I love this beautiful illustration in the book..........

and the observation that their song is sweet, high and clear..........

I wonder if the Dunnock I saw is sitting on " 4 or 5 bright turquoise-blue" eggs yet?

The last half a mile of my walk was filled with smiling people. Lots of folk were out gardening, and walking. Some I knew and some I didn't, but almost all had a cheery hello.

I'm really looking forward looking forward to more warm days now the daylight is longer than the night, but with cold weather forecast to return soon, I'm just happy that I got chance to get out and enjoy this  brief warm treat.

Jacquie x


  1. Another glorious walk that I enjoyed and I do love weeping willow trees.....beautiful countryside, lambs, daffodils......I enjoy my walks here and the smiles along the way going into to town, lifts your spirits for the day ☺

  2. Have you thought of geocaching while out for a walk?

  3. Thank you so much for the virtual walk. I have lots of hedge sparrows in my garden despite of removing the blackberries from the bottom fence, an we have a regular robin in the garden too.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Very nice! Those lambs are so cute! :)

  5. Thank you for sharing another lovely sunny walk with us. I love it that you use the little Observers Book of Birds. My Dad used to use this book and always said it was the best bird book there was. When I was sorting through his things when he died I found the book - it is in a very tattered state but there is no way I can throw it away, it has so many childhood memories for me as Dad and I used to look up birds that came to the bird feeders in our garden.

  6. It's glorious out there at the moment isn't it. That fresh green hawthorn is perfect, so nice to see everything coming to life. Have you seen the little blank postcards that have been printed for the BBC painting competition? You can pick them up at a library. I thought of you as soon as I saw them, it might be something you'd enjoy. My oldest son is doing a picture of an owl looking out of an old church wall which he'll probably send in. Anyway, I hope your crafty mojo returns soon, you're right, it can't be forced. I hope you have a lovely week Jacquie. CJ xx

  7. I so enjoy your walks! Seeing the little brown jobs - LBJ's we call them! - is nice too, we had a group having a conference in a large shrub outside our house yesterday. They are fun to watch aren't they. xx

  8. Yesterday wasn't so nice here so I'm pleased you were able to enjoy a nice sunny walk and even better that you shared it with us. It's a much better day here today and I've been out for a walk through the Forrest which was lovely although not much green around yet. The buds are swelling on the trees though so hopefully it won't be long
    Have a good week
    Jackie x

  9. Such a lovely spring walk, thanks for sharing. Sharon x

  10. My heart was pounding in my ears, with my climb up the hills this weekend too.....except it was the same hill in the process of mucking out the chicken So much rather been on a lovely hike like yours. ; ) We have a bird here that sounds just like someone calling a kitty, kitty, so funny I smile every time I here it. A foggy wet start to the week here but 70's forecasted for tomorrow, so more heart pounding chores. ; ) Enjoy your week Jacquie!

  11. What a lovely walk. I love the area and that you take us with you for your walks. We are just starting to hear birds and peepers. I love hearing the peepers in the Spring. It always makes me smile. Have a wonderful week.

  12. What a lovely walk - and the sunshine was so warm this weekend wasn't it. I feel so lucky to be able to feel it when I'm outside at the moment. I tend to forget what it feels like as they year wears on, but at the moment, whenever I feel the warmth of the sun, I feel thankful. x

  13. I love joining you on your country walks. I trudge mine infrequently but we have lambs aplenty down here, my robin is adsent perhaps mating and the blossoms are coming out
    Jo xx

  14. The walking paths in your area are fabulous. Thank you for sharing photos of your walks.

  15. What a lovely walk! I think at this time of year if the weather is lovely you've got to grab the moment, put everything on hold (if poss) & get out in the fresh air. Hope you have a good week.x

  16. I agree with everything Dotty says.Baz and I got soaked this morning in the most horrible hailstorm,we were at the top of the Beacon LOL.
    LOVE your beautiful photos' of your walk,I had to chuckle this morning at the lilttle lambs they were soooo noisy.We are so lucky to live in such a Beautiful country with most STUNNING scenery.Hugs x

  17. I so enjoyed following along on your hike.. and the lambs and birds and spying the stone tower over the house roofs.. love love love it! I posted photos of the tulip festival I went to last friday.. thousands and thousands of them in rows in the countryside. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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  19. Ah a breath of fresh air! We started our first serious work on the alotment this weekend. It wasn't too bad though and it is great to be in the sun. Jo x

  20. Extensive views those, from the top of the hill. I see you have hawthorn leaves appearing - not here, we've had sunshine, but it's been surprisingly cold.
    'Jitty' - now there's a word I haven't heard for a while. It's one I've had to abandon - nobody understands it up here - I have to say ginnel instead.

  21. Lovely post and lovely pictures, I particularly like the weeping is the most beautiful colour.

    All the best Jan


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