Saturday 28 March 2015

Walking to the Party

Hello Lovelies,
a few weeks ago I got home to find a little square envelope had dropped through my letterbox. I opened in with happy anticipation.....a lovely.

One of the Mums I met when my twins were born had kindly invited me to a lunchtime get together at her sounded lovely, and a great chance to chat with the group of friends I only see a few times a year.......

Reading the invite I expected it to be on a work day, happily it was on a Thursday. I hesitated. Oh, my lovely group walking day. Then I felt guilty....of course I could miss a week.

In fact, I could actually combine the party and a walk as she lives in a village about two hours walk from me....and surely somebody would give me a lift home afterwards.

On the gloriously sunny and springlike day that was Wednesday I bought  a flowery card and seasonal flowers, and on Thursday morning I carefully placed them in my rucksack............

And headed out along familiar footpaths........

It wasn't sunny and at this time of year the landscape of bare trees soon looks wintry on a cloudy day..........

But happily I still had plenty of reason to smile. A friend who I met at the walking group had decided that they only wanted a short local walk we arranged to walk together for the first half of the route.

We are both a bit crazy about taking photos. Even on a dull day we were happily snapping away at promising views........

This cottage always catches my eye..........

But I had never noticed this glimpse of the church through the trees......

Having company also made me brave enough to go inside this church that I have simply walked past on many occasions.

I would never have opened the door without a bit of encouragement....scared of disturbing somebodies prayer, or something.

But of course there was nobody there and the beauty of the architecture made me catch my breath............

All the amazing skill that went into creating the building and the carvings and the stained glass......

What a stunning sight in a small village church.........

The colours in the stained glass windows really shone out.........

But I also loved the simpler patterned windows. This one reminded me of a crazy patchwork........

And all the delicate flowers here were so pretty...........

Oh, the colour and pattern.......wonderful...........

The whole church was beautiful and it was so lovely to be able to quietly explore it.........

 The sun even came out momentarily and I took one last photo before we went outside........

One of the many things I've learned from the walking group is that  church porches are perfect to take a coffee stop. So, as it was looking like I would get to the party too early,  we sat and chatted a while, before my walking buddy headed home.

I do enjoy walking alone, you lovelies know that.....but the second half of my walk did feel slightly lonely after having such pleasant company.

And there was a chilly wind up on the ridge.

I was glad to descend again and wander through the shelter of woodland, alive with cheerful birdsong......

The cloud was building as I walked the final stretch along the roadside........

and I was happy to reach the village without getting rained on........

The party was a relaxed affair, a house full of happy chatter. It was lovely to see my friend on her special birthday, fifteen years after we first met, still looking so happy and healthy.

Despite the lack of sunshine my day turned out better than I had anticipated.
 Full of old friends and new , walking and yummy food...........

.........and a lift home.Wonderful.
Jacquie x


  1. Well you had earned the cake with that lovely walk. I can't resist a church either:)

  2. Glad you could attend the party but still fit in time for a walk as well. I bet the cake went down well after the walk. xx

  3. Wonderful pics, reminds me so much of what I miss living here, but we cant have everything, xxx

  4. what a lovely church, I love looking in churches and so does pickle. The windows are fab, glad you enjoyed your party that cake looked yummyxx

  5. What a lovely idea to walk to the party. The first interior photo of the church is absolutely stunning. I often to like to have a peek in, I think churches always welcome visitors, there is usually a visitor's book and collection box. And they are well worth a look round, they never fail to amaze. My other half quite likes to read John Betjeman, he was a great visitor of churches, so if we see one on a walk we usually have a nose. I hope you have a good weekend. It's not looking like great walking weather here, but I'm hoping to have a wander round somewhere very old later. CJ xx

  6. What a lovely way to spend your day
    Jackie x

  7. How wonderful that you managed to combine the two things! I love the light in the church - it always fascinates me how much detail there is - they certainly don't make them like that any more! Glad you had a wonderful time and a well earned lift home x Jane

  8. what a lovely day out! well done you and your friends. :)

  9. lovely views, I also love looking in churches, they are so beautiful x

  10. Glad you got a lift home! What a lovely day you had. The church is wonderful and the windows stunning - what a gem to find and how wonderful to find it open as so many churches are kept locked now:)

  11. Is there anything more lovely than a village church? I love stained glass, I really want to have a go at making some one day. Your walk looked very lovely and you must keep very fit with all that walking. It's good for the mind too isn't it; if I'm feeling a bit bleurgh I find walking lifts me up again. X

  12. What a wonderfully beautiful church! I love the stained glass. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a lovely day, even if the sun didn't shine, and always wonderful to catch up with old friends. Have lovely weekend.x

  13. Such a lovely walk, and the cake looks splendid!x

  14. Enjoyed your post immensely, as always .. have a lovely weekend :)

  15. well done for combining the two both important things! the church was like a mini cathedral! X

  16. Well done you , not many people would have set of on a long walk before a party. The church is beautiful, I don't think I would have gone in on my own though... lovely post to read and photos.
    Amanda xx

  17. I love wandering around churches when I visit a town or village. Thanks for sharing the photos - it looks a really beautiful church. Wishing you a happy weekend. x

  18. WOWSER,You must be fit.Glad you did not get rained on,on your beautiful walk.LOVE that stained glass (something I would dearly love to learn,LOVE glass),the flowers are truly exquisite,beautiful church.That cake looked sooooo yummy too.Happy Weekend.xx

  19. Wow.. you do amaze me! A 2 hour walk and you still had time to look about that amazing church and a sit down chat too? That is one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen! The party looks so fun too and I'm glad you got a ride home. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Thanks for sharing your walk with us, Jacquie. The moss on your trees looks like the moss on our trees across the pond near Portland, OR. :-) It is so encouraging to know that there are such beautiful churches open for worship and exploration. I have been looking more closely at patterns that please me and noting the elements that create the whole effect that attracts me. Sometimes I find the elements are to me negative images, and off putting which then gives me more to ponder about how I find the overall design attractive. I'm glad you had a happy walk, party, and ride home! xx

  21. What a wonderful walk and the church is absolutely amazing! Thank you for taking so many pictures for lots of us that will never get there to see it for ourselves. It Looks like it is right out of Downton Abbey.

  22. What a lovely tale, and beautiful pics to capture your enjoyment too. Sounds like a truly lovely outing, and with yummy cake and a lift home to boot :-)
    Happy weekend,

  23. What a wonderful thing to do. Love the church and that you were brave enough. The lighting that streamed through. They really did know when to place churches and how to make them the best they could be. Just wonderful so happy for you

  24. Ohh! How lovely it is to walk to a special party! :) Maybe you could try and be brave more often? You might discover all kinds of pretty churches!

  25. What a wonderful day you had. Loved all the church pictures, Beautiful stained glass.

  26. Fabulous and thoroughly loved this walk and a great ending with a party and great food ☺☺
    Beautiful photo's and what an amazing church!!

  27. Sounds like a jolly civilised way to spend a day -,a healthy bracing walk followed by tea and cake :)

  28. Goodness! You are an inspiration to me. That was a beautiful walk and I adore old churches and that one is one of the best I've seen in awhile. The party looks as though it was a fun one and the cake looks delicious. You earned it after the walk. :-)

  29. Wow, it sounds like the perfect day. Beautiful scenery, a beautiful walk with a friend and with some time for yourself and a lovely party to celebrate someone you care about.

  30. What a wonderful walk! Thanks for taking so many pictures, I love the landscape and the church windows are amazing!

  31. What beautiful walks you have around you and that you managed to incorporate both.

  32. Nice to read you had such a great time! I love the pictures you took too, as always, especially the stained glass windows, they're incredible...

  33. I continue to marvel at the gorgeous landscapes that surround your area. I can completely understnad why you do so love the opportunities to have these long walks. Having a party as a destination only sweetens the experience! xo

  34. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! The church windows look very special - I am so fond of colorful church windows! Esp. when the lights falls though and colors the room :)

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  35. It sounds as if you had such a lovely day ..... and I enjoyed looking at your photo's, thanks.

    All the best Jan

  36. I have missed your walks as I have been unable to view photos and video easily on my tired old computer - it takes a long time to load graphics and it has been so busy with barely the time to come along (online) on your walks with you. You always find such interesting views and your photography of the stained glass feature window is marvellous. You have excelled in capturing all the detail of the artwork. So beautiful, all of it. Then to finish with a happy social occasion at the end of your walk is a nice reward. I've enjoyed coming along on this walk with you today. Thank you for sharing. xxx


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