Thursday 12 March 2015

Countryside and Flowers

Hello Lovelies,
 yesterday the weather forecast was for a bright start, but rain later. A good incentive to get out for an early walk.
As soon as the boys were at school I headed out along the lane. Where I peeped over hedges at the countryside.............

and was rewarded by the happy sighting of a hare, having his morning wash...........

and doing a little sunbathing.............

a little further along I came across some pretty white blossom.............


after about half a mile of roadside walking I was happy to get to this familiar bridleway............

There was no blossom in the neatly trimmed hedges here. And no greenery apart from the Lichen.........

 But as I wandered down this track I let out a huge sigh. A happy sigh, it rather took me surprise.
I'm not sure if it was the peaceful moment away from the traffic , or the fondness for this familiar spot.
Maybe it was the arrival of spring, after  the particularly  cold winter months............

Oh look , there are eggs for sale. I wished I had brought some pennies..........

I passed the back of the hay barn..........

and through the muddy tracks............

Till I got to our little local nature reserve. It's a simple place, with just a sign on the gate telling you that you might spot Brown Hares ( already spotted one of those today) or Kingfishers ( I've NEVER seen one of those and I would LOVE to, but I'm not holding my breath) .........

Here's the nature's quite compact and I like the fact that it's over a  mile walk to get here from any direction. That makes it generally quiet, and litter free (hurray)............

There's a bench here to take in the view, but it was cold and damp yesterday, so I didn't linger........

The opposite side of the site is bordered by a brook, so I went to take a look at that.

I was amused to find this simple bridge to the island in the you think it looks safe to cross?..............

I decided to risk it, reasoning that the worst that could happen would be a wet foot..........

Happily that didn't happen and I loved the island view..........

Sometimes, after heavy rain,  the water is quiet muddy looking, but yesterday is was crystal clear...........

 and I loved listening to the sound it made as it gently flowed through the valley.

Here I came to a more substantial bridge............

and I stood on it, looking down on the reflected sunlight for a while..............

 then it was time to climb another stile..............

Into a large field with views towards home............

Mr Robin was hopping around in this bush........

and a flock of birds swooped and twirled in the blue sky over the horse field.......

Back past the hay barn, where there's still an excellent supply of fodder......

Jacob was enjoying some for his breakfast.............

Nearly home now. I'm walking along familiar streets...........

and passing this favourite garden, which you can gaze at from the pavement........

It's got loads of mini Daffodils and Hellebores in flower.

Close to home my pedometer is beeping at me to tell me I've walked 10000 steps already today....... that's just over 4 miles :0)

As I reach home I search for the shy Hellebores in my own front garden. There are just a few flowers which look rather insignificant....until you gently lift their nodding heads..........


My elderly neighbour was out in her front garden and as we chatted I remembered two pots of Snowdrops a friend had kindly given me. I offered her a pot and she was thrilled....bless her.

The other pot I carefully divided and planted by my front door..........

They were looking a bit sad, but hopefully they will survive and come back next spring.

And speaking of Snowdrops I've finally finished that little collage I started a couple of weeks ago, inspired by my drawing..............

A little mouse getting the best view of a snowdrop flower..........

It was fun snipping and sticking....and the finished picture makes me smile.
I do hope you lovelies have the chance to get outside and notice the change of season where you are.
Jacquie x


  1. Your collage is so pretty!!!! I love it!!! It is always great going on your walks Jacquie, I only wish that I could actually go on a walk with you. This is definitely a great second best though, so much to see and admire and new places to go! xx

  2. Loved going with u on your walk. Such beautiful countryside. And your collage is so cute. love the mouse.Jacquie. Well done for walking 4 miles.

  3. A beautiful walk, I felt as if I was strolling with you.

  4. I just love the photos you share with us on your walks, it looked a lovely day, and the Hare in the field is greatxx

  5. What a wonderful countryside, and how lucky to have seen a hare, they're so cute! : )
    I like your collage a lot, I think it's really pretty! xx

  6. A lovely Spring walk - I love Jacob! Isn't it nice to feel the sun as you walk at the moment. x

  7. Such lovely photos, the pictures of the hard are gorgeous, as is your collage :)

  8. Countryside and flowers...two of my favorite things! A walk in nature, so very good for the body and soul. I've noticed the birds pairing off, gathering twigs and grasses, the maples trees are blooming here, and my bees have been very busy collecting pollen already, and the frogs sing to me all day long now. Spring is so close I can hear it. ; ) A nice slim pedometer, how do you like that one? I've had so many different ones, and none seem to last long. (10,000 steps is what I strive for everyday.) I don't always make it. ; ) What a lovely collage!!! Needs framing. : ))

  9. Really nice photos!
    I think its the rabbit is the Peter rabbit by Beatrix Potter :)

  10. I love your walks and love your art. Your collage is lovely!

  11. Oooooh my giddy aunt,you are soooo lucky,did I tell you I am potty about all things HARE,I would have done cartwheels to have seen that hare.Thanks so much for sharing you FAB U LOUS photo's,I LOVE them all.

    Gorgeous lil collage too.Hugs xx

  12. Jacquie, your snowdrop collage has got true Spring spirit. It's clear to see how your walks through such fantastic countryside do inspire your well as providing fabulous miles of exercise.

    Yesterday was just a bit warmer here in New York, and I took a Central Park walk along with my camera. You might enjoy my resulting blog, allowing you to see just how different the Park looks at this time of the year, still clinging to winter. It was warmer than the photographs make it appear!


  13. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely walk, it was splendid to join you x

  14. Your area has such lovely walking trails and paths. Thanks for taking photos and sharing them in this post.

  15. Thanks for another great walk. The collage is lovely, I wonder what it would look like as a fabric applique?!! Sharon x

  16. Loved the sunshine and the walk. It seems there are lovely views everywhere you go.

  17. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful walk...i cannot believe how often you see the hare! Amazzzzzing!!!!! all the walks i do in the deep devon countryside and ive never see one like that. its so lovely to see the blossoms isnt it. i love the picture too ;) best wishes x

  18. You really do live in a wonderful place.. with the countryside nearly at your doorstep and the pretty stone houses and gardens. I have a cousin to your hare here on my farm that I snapped the other day. I love your collage.. it's just adorable! I hope you frame it and hang it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. Thank you for sharing another lovely walk, you certainly have some beautiful countryside around where you live. How lovely to see the hare, they are stunning animals. Your photos of the blossom and the hellebores are beautiful. xx

  20. Another colourful and sunny walk Jacquie, and blossom! I drove past a couple of trees with pink and white blossom today and thought there is no going back now... spring is finally here! I love your collage and it reflects the beginning of spring so perfectly xx

  21. What a wonderful spring walk! I love your hare photos - they are my favourite wild animals, and I have never got close enough to take a photo of one. Your picture is very sweet too :)
    Cathy x

  22. The season is definitely shifting isn't it. Gorgeous photos from your lovely walk, I especially like Jacob, what a sweetie. CJ xx

  23. what a lovely walk, the blossom pictures are stunning, definitely feeling like Spring :) x

  24. A glorious walk and always love joining your walks here. I would certainly end up tripping/falling and getting very wet lol

  25. Oh, the first blossoms! How I love them! Here in Vienna I seems that I have to wait a little more for the first blossoms on trees :-)

  26. Just wondered, have you gone off crochet for a while? Your posts are about walking and photography now. They are very nice too.

  27. I love your scenic and brave ramble! also the pedometer looks interesting, I will have to check it out. X

  28. That looks like such a lovely walk. I knew just what you meant when you talked about letting out a happy sigh. I feel just the same when I get out on my own with the dogs on the weekend and hubby has the kids! Peace and nature...perfect! X

  29. Lovely pictures of your sunshiny, mmmm is that a word, walk. I really should take pictures when I go walking but I never seem to remember even though I have my phone with me every time.
    Enjoy the weekend
    Jackie x

  30. Lovely day for a walk, with the Hawthorn blossom, Hares and rickety bridges to cross....
    Amanda xxx


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