Tuesday 31 May 2011

May Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello Lovelies,
The end of may already ?! I've been late finishing collecting these pictures this month.
The photo scavenger hunt is set by Kathy at Postcards from the P.P.
This is the second month I've joined in and I'm really enjoying it.

So here we go with this months images.....

1. A Butterfly

I had resigned myself to having to improvise with this one ,but this afternoon at the country park one of my boys managed to snap this for me . I used this link to find out it's a female Common Blue ....she's very pretty isn't she.

2.A Bicycle

My own bike packed ready for a trip to the beach. Only kidding ! It IS my beloved Raleigh I've owned for 22 years but as I live in the centre of England I must admit to playing around staging this to make a nice picture :0)

3. A Red Door

Another last minute entry. I've had my eye on this door all month and was waiting for some sun to shine on it ...gave up today. I think it must face north .There's a lovely fern in the front garden .

4. A Cartoon Character

My youngest's collection of Buzz Lightyears. To infinity and Beyond :0)

5. An Emergency Vehicle

Thankfully this was just at a local fun day for children to have a sit in.

6. Think Vintage

A little Observer Pocket book on wild flowers . I found this in a charity bookshop this month. Just the right size to take on my walks . A previous owner has noted dates they have seen certain plants ...the earliest being 1958.

7. Something blue

Had to be the sky for me . This was taken at sunset ...you can just see the moon if you look closely. This picture made me think of a quote I saw in this months Country Living ..." Other worlds cannot be as beautiful as ours. "

8. A lamp post

I have to admit this was actually taken in April . It was when took the family  to Yorkshire for the day to see where I grew up. It's not on a street ,but outside my childhood home and the top part was  made by my Dad. I was so happy to see it still there despite the current owners many changes :0)

9. Texture

a close up of my bedroom chair....the paint is peeling rather and you can see the original dark pink . I wouldn't want to add more paint though as I like to see the basket weave of this Lloyd Loom style chair.

10. A sign of the Zodiac

My very own Twins :0) It was their birthday last week which means they were actually  born under Gemini .Happy Birthday boys...11 wow, can't call you little people any more !

11.An interesting local building

A pretty cottage with roses round the door and a white picket fence. Perfect.

12. A Black and White portrait

O.K. a bit of improvisation here . Not wanting to do a Portrait I hit upon the idea of a black and white silhouette. These are my boys and I used this tutorial to create it.I would have never of done this normally and I'm so pleased with it .Thank you scavenger Hunt :0)

There's a linky tool here so you can see the other entries .

Hope you enjoyed . It's not too late to join in if you fancy it . There will be a new list posted for June any day.

Jacquie x


  1. What lovely clear photos, I love the cottage.

  2. Your photos are lovely with the bike photo being pure bliss in my opionion.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  3. So much fun! I thought about doing this a couple of months ago and still haven't followed through...next month...I swear! I love your bicycle photo! And the red door...and the interesting building...and your twins...so clever! Great work! x&o, Annette

  4. Lovely photos - can't pick a fav as they are all so good. I like the Buzz Lightyear collection - big son still has the huge one he got for christmas when he was 4 - I don't think he'll ever part with it.

    Of course I love the bike pic - and I love the staging.

  5. Well done for getting a real live butterfly! Lovely pictures, all of them.

  6. I enjoyed seeing and reading about your photos, lovely collection.

  7. Great pics! I especially love the bike.

  8. A nice set of photos, I like what you have done for the black and white portrait!

  9. What a brilliant group of photos. The texture one is just fab and your bike looks ready to go!
    Lisa x

  10. Oh that bike! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!! Cx

  11. Beautiful pictures and lovely colours....xxxx

  12. Where do i start, I loved the bike pic but the red door bought back memories from my visit to Uk and Ireland and I just thought you did a beautiful job on all of them really.

  13. Jacquie, I ve awarded you with a kreativ blogger award as yours is one of my favourite blogs and I love your crochet Tutorials,just pop on over to collect it.xxxxxjulie.

  14. Lovely photos! Especially like the one of the butterfly - thats a great pic! x

  15. I love doing the scavenger hunt and seeing everyones different photos. Love your picture of the butterfly, I copped out and had a plastic one.

  16. What a fun post. Your bicycle photo is so wonderful and I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you...

  17. I really enjoyed looking at your choices for the May Scavenger Hunt! The butterfly is exquisite, the bicycle beautifully presented, a vivid red door, lovely book of wildflowers...I bet the children loved touring the Emergency vehicle, the cottage is enchanting...all the photos were a treat :) Thanks for coming by and checking mine out also.

  18. A FAR better butterfly than mine - they move too fast! I also copped out on the emergency vehicle... Must do better next month,

  19. Loving your bike. What great photos.

    I was a bit late with my May list month, I will do better for June.



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