Friday 20 May 2011

Thursday Happies :0)

climbing Hydrangea and Valerian from my garden

Hello Lovelies ,
Thursday is usually a work day for me so this week I enjoyed the novelty of being out and about yesterday .
In fact I REALLY enjoyed it . It turned out to be one of those days where you seem to find lovely things around every corner and everybody seems happy to see you .
I think getting a day off after a hectic few work days made me extra happy so that just made me see all the good things around me .Plus it was another lovely sunny day, which always helps :0)

Something I have to do every day, that I'm not too fond of, is the washing . My wash basket is NEVER empty ! With three growing boys , not to mention Mr BM and I , it's a constant chore.
But yesterday I even smiled when I put the washing on ...and loved looking at it on the line once it had finished ....why ?   well this was my kind of washing .......

Fabric !!  Thursday was market day and I couldn't resist and few modest material purchases, like this pretty...

and this .....

and this ........

Just a meter of each ...the most expensive was £2.50 .  I know it's not very "make do and mend " and I even felt a little naughty purchasing "virgin" fabric for the first time in ages ...but I told myself  at least it was helping local traders and it was so nice to stand in the sunshine and have a friendly chat with the stall holders.
I didn't turn my back on the charity shops though . No, I even bought some fabric there too.....a vintage sheet no less .........

It's rather faded , but I think that's part of the charm and I loved the "doodle " pattern ..........

I am really happy with all this fabric goodness ..........
so here's a slightly odd , holding the camera , trying to get a nice picture , and avoid a wrinkly neck , shot :0).....

Yummy .
Whilst I was pegging out this haul I noticed the peg bag a made a few years back is starting to look pretty faded and grubby........

I had only just started to regain my interest in making when I tried this , I just used some fabric left over from baby makes . I'm really happy with the design...very sturdy and practical ...but not too pretty ...

Never mind ,I've got some great fabric to make it's replacement :0)

I'll leave you with my other thrifty purchases of the day ......a hand thrown jug for £1.50....

And this Laura Ashley cushion ......

I bought this (also for £1.50) mainly because it has a gorgeous curled feather pad inside that I could use for a future project , crochet or sewing .The trouble is I quite like the existing cover , in a sort of late eighties / early nineties , frilly sort of way :0)  I'll have to think about this one .

Have a great weekend
Jacquie x


  1. Wow, the floral fabric is very liberty lawn, how gorgeous it looks dancing on the washing line.

    The flowers are beautiful - you had an amazing day xx

    The LA Sweetpea is lovely x

  2. Jacquie, Love all the fabric and your neck looks fantastic.
    Have a great day,

  3. I havn't seen a material stall on our market for years.Lucky you having one.Loved your purchases.

  4. Beautiful fabrics!!!! makes me want to visit my local fabric store.

  5. Lovely fabrics Jacquie,please tell me where you got your gorgeous little toadstool from or was it hand made?xxxx

  6. So relaxing seeing the washing on the line, sweet swweet fabrics, cant get bargains like that where i live, lucky you :)

  7. What gorgeous goodies and doh at me! I just seen your tutorials on your sidebar. Durr!!! xx

  8. Gorgeous fabrics :) and I am loving the crocheted toadstool in your pics too.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Beautiful bargainous fabrics Jacquie!
    Love your little crochet toadstool, so cute! Did you make it?
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  10. I love all your new fabric stash! It's so pretty:o)

    i've got the vintage pillowcases to match you vintage sheet! It's such pretty fabric isn't it, and I've got a matching pair in an orangey/peachy colour too!

    have a great weekend..more sunshine heading our way too :o)

  11. Great Haul, love the sheet.

  12. Oooo that fabric is lovely - all of it it. I especially like the doodle sheet though. And that jug is a great buy. Aren't bargains just the best?!! xxx

  13. great finds Jacquie! Just to wash, feel and see the fabric is fun, isn't it?
    Have a lovely weekend yourself too,
    love Maaike

  14. OMG, I am so in love with that toadstool I can hardly breathe! Just delish. Fabric looks rather appetising too. And you neck is beautiful.
    love Jacs x

  15. I am jealous of your jug. It's been slim pickings at the charity shops here recently (aside from children's books of which there are always many, happily)

  16. çok güzel fikirler ve tasarımlar var burda.tebrikler..

  17. Just love your fabric finds, and I adore that little toadstool. Can you tell me about it? Is there a pattern to that sweet thing?

  18. The fabrics are lovely! and I like the little jug too :)
    Have a beautiful we!

  19. oohh lovely fabrics really like the red flower one so pretty. And at £2.50 that was a bargain. I love your your little mushroom house did you knit it yourself? so cute. Enjoy all your lovely new things have a wonderful weekend, dee x

  20. isnt it funny how a sunny day can make everything feel happy? my washing basket is also never empty, its a good job i like the smell of fresh laundry. :) x

  21. Some fab buys and makes there!! Love the fabric you got at the market and so cheap as well!!!

  22. Love the fabrics! Just such a lovely experience to come home with such beauties!

  23. I love all the colours! Your photos always provide a great pick-me-up! Cx

  24. Just run the pics back to the first one... there it is.. That dear little crochet mushroom :)) I love it...

  25. I am well acquainted with the contortions required for non-wrinkly neck self portraiture. If you ask me, you've done a sterling job (and not a wrinkle in sight)...

  26. Helloooo! Lovely fabric Jacquie, do you have a project in mind for it? You are so good with your bargains, you always find such lovely stuff! Hope you've had a good weekend,
    Jones xx

  27. love the fabrics you chose and such bargains you found too! xx

  28. What a find those fabrics were.

    This post had me going through my fabric box because that last piece of fabric is very similar to one I bought many years ago in downtown Lisbon and my favourite ever. I bought it on sale, I remember there wasn't much left and I love it so much that I've been saving it only using it on very special projects. The colours are the same only the flowers slightly different but they really are so similar :-)

  29. Nothing like having a good rummage around for bargains, you did well.


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