Saturday 12 October 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ 41/52

Hello Lovelies, 
Here are this weeks small joys and a bit of disappointment too.Happy stuff first hey.

1.Top happy this week has been adding a warm blanket to our bed now the nights are getting colder. It's been a while since I've seen my circle blanket and this wonderfully cheerful beauty really lifted my spirits.....

Read about it's story HERE

2. Checking out the allotments. These little patches of productivity are endlessly fascinating to me. I often peer over the gate when I'm passing to see whats growing there. On Wednesday I thought I saw something interesting under all those huge leaves ........

Nobody was around so I braved the "NO ENTRY" sign and sneaked in for a closer look........

Oooooooh lovely , somebody is much better at growing Pumpkins than me. I tried Pumpkins and Butternut squash this year but the little plants  simply vanished .

3. Cooking something different with squashes. I'm enjoying watching Jamie Oliver on Monday evenings . This is something he made on his show this week.....Squash and spinach pasta rotolo....

Eldest helped me make this , it was lovely working together in the cosy kitchen.

I like the way he is embracing frozen veg ( this uses frozen spinach ) . His money saving recipes have economical ingredients and are easy to cook. Thusday night is turning into Jamie night around here at the moment .

4.Home. My home is never that tidy, but in the summer it gets even more neglected as I enjoy spending time outdoors. I'm pretty good at turning a blind eye to the mess but as the weather changes I feel the need to regain control and really enjoy the calm  feeling you get when things are tidy.
This week I blitzed the living room and today I'll tackle the kitchen.
It may be hard to maintain , but I'll try as when it's cold outside it's soooo nice to have order and tidy, pretty things inside.

The Sunflowers are from the garden again....all from a  packet of seeds that cost pennies.

Running Update.
Now we get to the disappointing bit. Due to some health issues I've had to stop running at the moment. I'm very sad I wont get to take part in the half marathon race next week, especially after putting in all the hard work training. 
Still, it's only one race and hopefully I'm be able to pick up my running again sooner or later.
In the mean time I'll concentrate on walking. I't's also great for fitness and  lifting my mood.

I'll be searching out some local footpaths I haven't explored before and I'll enjoy discovering new vistas....I hope you will enjoy seeing where I've been.

Life is good.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely happies indeed Jacquie, it is nice to be able to get blankets and things out again isn't it! Sorry that you are not able to do your run after all the hard work that you have put it. I hope that it is just a temporary setback and that you will be back to running again before too long. Lovely picture of your feet in the leaves though! so hope you enjoy some great walks in the meantime. I am sure you will capture some great photos - like those pumpkins!! Amy xx

  2. I love the picture of the pumpkin, very 'Autumnal'!! So sorry you have had to give up running, but hey, if you are walking, you will have more time to savour the beautiful scenes that you seem to find to photograph for us 'townies' to enjoy! All the best. X

  3. So lovely to see some of your crochet work again. That double bed blanket is gorgeous! I've made a cushion in the same pattern from Solgrim!
    Jamie's recipe looks really good - though I'm not a spinach fan, it makes my teeth go funny like rhubarb does!!
    I hope your health issues will soon be resolved. At least your running practice has been getting you into marvellous physical shape! Well done! Maybe that's more important than running a race?!

  4. Oh I am sorry to hear that you won't be able to run your half marathon Jacquie, hope all heals and that you will enjoy your countryside walking. Your circle blanket would be enough to cheer anyone up. I really love that labour of love you made. I am also enjoying getting extra quilts and blankets down from the attic, nice and cosy is definitely on our menu, oh and delicious food too. Love the look of the Jamie dish you made. Take care xox Penny

  5. Ah, lovely! That blanket must have taken an age to make - very impressed! I'm knitting one for our front living room at the mo, but beginning to lose interest. Think I need another knitting project (I'm thinking of a wrap around cardigan..?), then I'll go back to it. No pumpkins for us this year, but the courgettes just keep on coming! I trust the runnung problem is just a temporary setback. I've tried running a few times over the years, but never got to the real progress stage - always stuck at the 'this is just horrible'. One of these days I'll crack it! Well done for all your hard work : ) Jen x

  6. Your blanket looks so lovely on your bed. Sorry to hear your running has had to stop for the moment. Enjoy those walks you'll be taking.
    Anne xx

  7. I LOVED your post, it made me smile, your home looks gorgeous and your cooking too. I also LOVE Jamie Olivers cooking and might try this one... yummy. Sorry to hear about your running, I can imagine that is a huge loss, glad to hear that your enjoying lovely walks though. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. PS: Oh my gosh, your blanket is absolutely wonderful !!!!!

  9. I hope you recover soon! the blanket is wonderful! I'm doing a similar,
    except for the final lap and join squares, circles are the same!
    is very nice combine white and other colors.
    Once again I congratulate you for your blog and your wonderful photos.
    You take care !
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  10. Your home looks so cozy and colorful. So sorry about the running, I am a walker myself, it helps me to slow down and appreciate what is around me.

  11. What a beautiful blanket you made! I would never pack that away! It is far too beautiful!

  12. Oh, that's shitty about the not running. I hate injuries. Hope you get better soon!

  13. Hi Jacqui what a stunning blanket, looks glorious, it could be a very smart crochet book - well done. The squash recipe looks scrumptious Jacqui. I am so sorry about your running Jacqui, walking is lovely too. I have had to settle for this mainly because I find my knees are not as good as they were and I miss it but I make myself do as much walking as I can every day and put the world to rights in my head when I am doing it! You look after yourself lovely Jacqui, we are all thinking about you. You are one of my most favourite bloggers. Big hugs to you

  14. I love your blanket.
    That must be very disappointed that you can't participate in the half marathon.
    I hope you get well very soon.

    Groetjes, Monique

  15. Well done on staying positive and going walking instead, yay for you!! I walk daily as I'm unable to run or cycle because of health reasons, and I have adjusted okay. There's more time to notice the beauty around you when you walk. Sending a big hug. Your crocheted blanket is so GORGEOUS, oh my goodness, I love it!! I've been busy tidying up around here too, it feels great! :)

  16. Love the pumpkin photo! Sorry that you can't run but walking is just as good...I think anyway. I can't run because of back and knee probs but I can walk for miles (and frequently do, my exercise) without much trouble and it's good for you too and with camera on hand, lots of photo opportunities. Your blanket is gorgeous. x

  17. Hi Jacquie ! I agree with you, life is good, and your blanket is fantastic! Must have project later,very inspiring.

  18. Such a gorgeous blanket Jacquie! Worth having the chillier weather just to drape it across your bed, I bet!

    I'm so enjoying Jamie's latest series - frozen spinach is one of my staples. I love it.

    Do hope you'll be back running again very soon. I'm also an advocate for walking (perhaps because I suspect I'd keel over after a few metres of running!).

    Heather x

  19. We too have had to add extra blankets to the beds. The days are lovely now, and the nights are getting very cool. I just finished a blanket today, and will be posting it later. Sorry to hear you have to curtail your running for a bit. But walking is also very good for the soul. And the fanny! Tee hee.
    xo Kris

  20. What a wonderful and positive post!!! And that is a beautiful afghan! Your blog is a blessing... Truly.
    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Tammy

  21. The blanket made me smile too. it would grace any bed. Jacqui x

  22. Hey Jacquie, as you're adding blankets I'm putting them away for the Summer......
    But I am getting into the garden and planting out seedlings which is always nice and the roses will start flowering soon........
    Sorry to hear you've had to give up running for a while, i hope all will be well in time, but getting out walking is definitely one way to slow down and see the things you'd usually race past.
    Look forward to the pics.
    Have a great week,

    Claire x

  23. Your blanket is gorgeous, totally inspiring!!! Good luck with the walking Sarah xo

  24. I LOVE that blanket! I'm with you on the allotment front, I'm always amazed they are such hives of activity, I'm sorry about the running! :) x

  25. Such a beautiful blanket jacquie and I can see why it is lifting your spirits. I'm so sorry to hear about your running and health and I hope you recover very soon. Pretty impressive pumpkins, mine certainly didn't look anything like that either xo

  26. Jacquie that is a beautiful blanket, hoping one day I will be able to make something that beautiful


  27. Your blanket is wonderful, I have just added that to my to do list, another project in the queue.
    Sorry you've had to take a break from your running, hope you feel better soon.
    Sally xxx

  28. Love the blanket! It is really pretty.
    That's bad luck on the running front. I hope it is nothing too serious. I have had to give up activities for a while as well. Hopefully in about 6 weeks we will be full steam ahead again.
    Here's to next year's run! :)

  29. Such a gorgeous blanket on your bed - love the one I can see in the mirror in your lounge too!
    Sorry to hear about your running, hope it gets sorted zoo. I'm suffering with a painful foot at the mo - very annoying.
    Hope you've had a good weekend. x

  30. Hi Jacquie,

    Sorry to hear your health issues have affected your running and made you miss your 1/2 marathon. Never mind though, there are plenty more opportunities and it's better to get to the start line in good health. Walking is a great alternative and I often like to do a walk in the afternoon when I've done a long run in the morning - it may sound nutty but it actually helps to stretch out my legs. Take care. Susie xxx

  31. What a good week you've had :) Personally I can't run but I can walk, got to be better for your knees! Hope you feel better soon,


  32. What a pain about your running, but on the plus side you'll have lots more lovely photos to share with us if you are walking instead!
    Love your blanket, just what you need to cheer up a chilly morning.

  33. Oh, I know how you feel about not being able to run!! I'm so sorry to hear that. Running gives us so much good feelings, doesn't it? I had to quit running for some time, too, but I try nordic walking instead. Sending you hugs all the way from Pittsburgh, USA. Dear Daughter and I think that your blanket is delightful. We also love your beautiful fireplace and it's cute inhabitants :)

  34. Nice happy s...and even though you cannot run at this moment ( I ope the health issue won't stop you for long) the good news is that you can still walk... And that is also healthy and fun. Lovely blanket and what a good feeling to get some fall cleaning done... I love the feeling when my house is clean and organized. The fireplace looks great:)

  35. I adore your circle blanket. I am working on something similar for my bed and seeing your blanket has reminded me why I started it in the first place.

    So sorry to hear you've had to pull out of the race - such a shame. I hope you're running again soon. x

  36. You are such a joy...we are so luck you share yourself with us. If you can't run, perhaps you can dance around the countryside. Sending sunshine to fill you up.

  37. I love your circle blanket!


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