Tuesday 29 October 2013

Company and Comfort

Hello Lovelies, 
I'm still not running at the moment so walking is the only exercise I'm getting.
While I do miss the running I honestly think walking is great exercise. It gets me out in the fresh air and sometimes I also have company.

At Thirteen my eldest is still a little bit shorter than me ( but his feet are bigger ).
 He is a great companion for a morning walk and was happy to stride out as we headed for the local shops on Sunday morning........

I was so tempted to turn left and explore my favourite footpath but we made do with gazing at the view through the gap in the hedge..........

The allotments are still full of produce..........

We enjoyed the sunshine as we walked along but the stiff breeze meant it felt more chilly than last week.
These glossy holly leaves grabed my attention, reminding me of the impending winter........

Eldest was very patient with my regular photo stops and even pointed out things I might appreciate, like this lovely weather vain.......

The sky was blue and the streets were pretty much deserted. There was nobody at the park..........

The roadside planters have fresh winter bedding. I loved this combination of Pansies and Heather..........

Soon we were at the shop and eldest chose something for Sunday lunch as I had forgotten to defrost the meat I bought earlier in the week...oops.

I feel blessed to live close to the countryside but I also within easy walking distance of a few shops...it really does seem the best of both worlds, especially when you are as disorganised as me.

This place my children have always called home is a great community where people are friendly  and if you are lucky you find treasure like this on the pavement.........

I shared a huge carrier bag of these with my two sister in laws.

With part of my share I made a yummy cake.....I'll try and share the recipe soon.

On Sunday evening we snuggled up and wondered what the storm would bring.Thank you all for your well wishes after my previous post. It seems we got away with avoiding the worst of the wind here in the midlands. We just got a LOT of rain. I hope it wasn't too horrendous for those of you in the south of the u.k.

Stormy weather is a great reason to be thankful for indoor comfort. When it gets dark early it's nice to have a cheerful seasonal windowsill to look at while I do the washing up........

But best of all I like a comfy chair and a crochet project to keep me warm as I work on it's final few rounds..............

I can feel a  ta-dah moment approaching....finally !

I hope there is some good company and comfortable moments  in your week.
Jacquie x


  1. So glad you were safe in the storm. We have just had severe storm warnings out for our area here in Queensland Australia but we have escaped any damage thankfully. Storms can be very scary. Your photos are just so beautiful. We have the same camera but your photos seem to turn out so much better. I think it must be the operator! :-)

  2. Such a lovely post - I keep saying it but the colours at the moment are just beautiful and keep tempting me outdoors with my camera. Each time I look at the berries I think of the birds and animals that will be feasting on them soon and how wonderful it is that nature provides this for them every year (oh now I could wax lyrical forever so I'll stop myself now!) Looking forward to a nice pear recipe - we've been given apples galore so it would make a nice change. Enjoy the rest of your week x Jane

  3. Loving the colours in those photos - the weekend here wasn't as sunny or crisp.

  4. Lovely. Is there anything nicer than strolling along with one of your children? I LOVE it! Great pics, as always and how lovely that someone would share their produce like that, it gives me hope when I see things like that. :) Looking forward to your ta-da soon! xxx

  5. Lovely post,it is nice spending time with your children, especially older one's...as they grow it gets less and less...

  6. I love the great long shadows at this time of year, it is amazing what funny shapes the shadows turn into as they get so long. Looking forward to seeing your ta da moment!

  7. A very comforting stroll. Jo x

  8. I agree, there is nothing nicer than a walk. I always see something new, even on familiar walks. And I always take my camera, because, well, you never know. Lovely photos, and lovely freebie too.

    Leanne xx

  9. How lovey your young one will walk with you, a shared memory you will not soon forget. Glad you were safe from that storm, it sounded pretty awful. Hugs to you,

  10. I love getting out and about during this windy weather, really seems to blow away the cobwebs! :) x

  11. Glad everything was ok with you, we escaped the worst too, but my thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones. Very sobering. xx

  12. That blanket is looking great!
    The storm wasn't great here! :( We lost power on Monday morning, and it only got put back on this afternoon. Having collected Matt from the airport yesterday, there was an awful lot of kit that really should have been in the washing machine - immediately!
    Onwards and upwards now.
    Enjoy your week. x

    1. PS - looking forward to the pear cake recipe - sounds absolutely delicious! :)

  13. I loved joining you for your walk to the shops, the holly is so full of berries and it reminded me of something my mother always used to say .... lots of berries means a hard winter on the way. I don't know if there's any truth in this saying but my mother told me that in a hard winter there are lots of berries to feed the birds.
    How nice to have some free pears from your neighbours, enjoy your pear cake, sounds delicious :-)

  14. Thank you Jacquie. Your local area looks lovely, and reminds me a little of where I live - the countryside is just a minute's walk away, but there are also shops and plenty of facilities. People leave windfall apples out for you to help yourself, and there are several places nearby selling eggs. It is nice to have the best of both worlds. Hope you have a good week.

  15. Wow! I don't know how I came onto your beautiful blog! I'm so happy I found you. Your part of the world is so beautiful as is mine. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and crochet tutorials, too. Hello from Seattle!

  16. Lovely walk. Your front room looks so cosy and the new blanket is beautiful.

  17. It's so lively to get out in this weather and feel the cold against your face. Something I REALLY miss. Beautiful setting and pretty Halloween display xo

  18. Such gorgeous colours in your photos. Autumn really is a delicious time of year. Lots of trees down round where I live, but luckily for me, not the one at the end of my garden. I got off lucky with just a power cut!

  19. No doubt its good to walk. To be able to walk with a child is just too nice. Your window sill looks nice. I could also get a faint glimpse of you taking the pic on the window glass :) Looking forward to the blanket tadah pic.

  20. Hi Jacqui a fabulous post as always - I love your photographs, the weather vain is fab, would love one of those. I thinking walking is best, you get chance to stop and look and take in everything that is around us. Loved your window sill Jacqui -- fabulous. Big hugs to you

  21. It's lovely to enjoy the little things - looks like you had great weather on Sunday. Better than us! Looking forward to your blanket ta-dah :)
    Jones x
    PS thanks for your comment on my Yarndale post - I know, we were so close to meeting up. Hopefully there will be another event to bring us together again soon!


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