Friday 25 October 2013

October Light

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday was one of those days that feels like a special gift. 
When it's the third week in October and we have had a rainy week, to get bright sunshine and clear blue skys all day long was such a wonderful surprise.
These pictures are taken at the park , where I took my three plus two friends .

As soon as we arrived I was thrilled by the gorgeous light and Autumn colour

The boys all ran off to play while I wandered along absorbing the atmosphere.........

It was warm, very warm for this time of year and the still air was crystal clear. I love it when you can see the moon in the daytime..........

I picked up a leaf and noticed how long my shadow was was about 11.15 in the morning........

These leaves were huge , lots bigger than my hand, and so pretty illuminated by the low sun.......

The boys played happily with their friends and I was only needed to admire some monkey bar skills.......

I was amazed how quiet this park was considering it's half term here and the day was so perfect for getting a bit of fresh air .
There were a few other children about and this piece of "equipment" ...not sure that's what you call it...was very popular..........

Isn't it brilliant. I just love that it's made from huge hunks of warm sandstone. There are  lots of ledges children can clamber up.....and it looks so interesting....much nicer than some sculptures I've seen.

The war memorial is also sited here and behind it is a rather hidden memorial garden. So hidden I had never noticed it before. I love discovering new corners in places you think you know...........

I loved the dappled light and multicoloured trees........

everywhere I turned there was another picture..........

Again there was hardly anybody around......but plenty of squirrels busily burying nuts for winter........

I think this has to be my favourite picture of the day.........I just love the carpet of leaves..........

By now it was midday, but the sun never gets very high in October and the shadows were still long.........

A sunny day at this time of year is just perfect for photography . You don't need to get up early or stay out late to get that glorious soft light. I would happily have stayed longer but the boys were getting hungry so we headed home.

It was a beautiful day that made me very happy. 

When my friend came to pick up her boys later that afternoon she stayed for a chat and we got talking about our own childhoods. She said she couldn't remember much about the things she did, just hazy snippets.
I like to think my boys will have all the photos I take , both those I share here and those I don't,  as a good memory jogger.
And that these family time posts, scattered among all the crafty stuff, will  give them ( and me ) another link to their childhood.
Thank you for reading and all your lovely comments. I hope you have a happy weekend.
Jacquie x


  1. Wow, that's such a lovely day! We had one too. After days of grey, wet weather and thunderstorms, we had a beautiful clear bright day yesterday too. The leaves are looking particularly spectacular this year on the ground....very jewel like.

    I am looking forward to starting the half term next week with my bears, although the youngest one is home ill it sort of starts today!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell.... I love that song. And your pictures just mqde me feel so blessed that we can have days like this!

  3. Lovely photos. Autumn light is magic for me. In here, we're having very dark raining days, although the temperarure is quite hot for this time of the year. Happy Autumn!

    Ana Teresa

  4. Gorgeous photos and happy memories for you!

  5. Stunning photo's, it's lovely to be able to get out and about via other peoples blogs. I do love the autumn, love the shot of the squirrel and all the tree :)
    Clare x

  6. What a lovely day, a beautiful memory made for all of you. I think you are right about your blog and photos helping to keep these beautiful memories alive for your boys. When my boys were young we did not have blogs, and not even digital cameras, now they don't want their pictures taken!

    Have a beautiful day,

  7. So beautiful.....I love the long shadows......

  8. You are right that the light is perfect this time of year for photography. The light is so perfect. Your pictures are delightful. Would you please tell more about the war memorial. I'm American and I'm curious about it.

  9. Stunningly beautiful photos again Jacquie. The squirrels are having a field day at the moment with all the food to gather! The play structure is great, so much nicer than the usual hunks of plastic and metal. xx


  10. In October, the sun is getting lower and makes the colors are very saturated. The October sun brings out the true beauty of colorful autumn :)


  11. Beautiful - just beautiful! I love taking photos, especially on days such as this.xx

  12. A perfect post of a perfect day! I so love fall, it is by all means my favorite time of year! thank you so much for sharing this day with us!
    Hugs and enjoy your weekend as well...

  13. And what a beautiful light it was! Wonderful crisp photos that make me want to go for a walk in the forest!

  14. Great photos of a sunny day in October .....

  15. It was such a beautiful day and today was pretty much the same. It seems so unusual to be at the end of October with the washing drying on the line, and still wearing summery clothes. I know the storm is coming but I am making the most of the light amongst the golden amber leaves. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  16. Jacqui once again you present such a wonderful selection of photographs and writing, thank you so much. I have had such a hard week and barely been out at all except at work so your post has made me feel happy and determined to get out a bit more! Have a fabulous weekend Jacqui, big hugs to you

  17. Such beautiful photographs. We had wonderful sun and blue skies here as well, fantastic. That piece of play equipment is great isn't it. In fact the whole park looks pretty amazing, lucky you for having it so close. And it does always amaze me how quiet our park can be in the school holidays. I worry it should be much busier. Especially as most children absolutely love it there.

  18. Beautiful are your photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  19. What a special day and lovely photographic memories. J x

  20. It is always a pleasure reading you, nice post by the way :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Lluisa x

  21. So lovely to see your Fall photos, Jacquie! I have published several Fall posts showing the colorful leaves in our area near Portland, Oregon recently. I was rather shocked this morning to look out and see that one of our most brilliant golden trees is now barren of color...overnight it seems! Today one of my little Grands and I went out to try to salvage the last of our cherry tomatoes, basil, and chives. Frosty weather is on the way...already :)
    Happy Weekend!
    Gracie xx

  22. it's lovely Jacquie, you've made me want to go and find a lovely park and enjoy the October light! thank you! Heather x

  23. Lovely photos...your blog is so uplifting !!

  24. Lovely photos - is that Nottingham?

  25. What a lovely day Jacquie, beautiful light, colours and views......a gem of a day to be treasured.

    Claire x


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