Wednesday 9 October 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ catch up

Hello Lovelies,
just catching up with my two missing 52 weeks of happy posts.
Here are weeks 39 and 40 combined into one post. I haven't been great at capturing the small joys with my camera just lately , but looking through my photos I've found some records of  moments that brought me smiles.

1. A late September barbecue with all the family. Despite all the glorious weather we have enjoyed this summer we haven't hosted many outdoor family get-togethers.  
 In fact this was only the second one ( the first being a birthday celebration back in May ). The fabulous weather a couple of weekends ago seemed like it was a special gift  and I relished sitting watching everybody happily chatting or playing games in the golden Autumn sunlight.

2. My September garden. Somehow I also never got around to doing a Garden post last month, so here is a mosaic of the flowers that were looking lovely then ( most of them still are....including a few sweet peas...what a year it's been for my most favourite flower )

3. Travelling to my native Yorkshire for Yarndale and being treated to blue skys, lovely people and of course...lots of yarn :0)

4. Going home at the end of that day via Keighley, my old home town ....driving past many familiar sights including the cinema I used to visit as a child . 
I saw lots of films here......."Star Wars" ( with my brother...he loved it ) , "E.T." (with my best friend.....I loved it) and "Grease" ( with a group of friends......we all loved it ) are the most memorable...........

and the old building looked lovely in the sunshine....I had never noticed  it as a child....oh look, I just realised it's 100 years old this year :0)

5. Some cosy crochet in bed. The weather is still mild here at the moment, but the evenings are dark before seven pm. When I'm tired out after a long day at work I love to unwind with some quiet hooky time. Middle sons blanket, which has been a WIP for too long, is finally over half way there.........

6. The first weekend in October was another glorious treat. Thank you for all your really lovely comments on my previous post .
I just had to share this panorama from the top of Thorpe Cloud ( great name for a hill don't you think) ......It was taken by my eldest ..........what a view.

click on the image to see it more clearly

Ummmmm , that's only six happy things in two weeks.....I must try harder. I do hope your weeks have held some moments to make you smile and some time to slow down and really appreciate the small things.
Jacquie x


  1. I just love your photos. I have a Canon IXUS 8015 and recently read your post on how to take better blog photos and have used the Foliage setting for my recent blog posts but my photos sure don't look as lovely as yours! You do have a great blog. The green in that photo makes me envious as we haven't had any decent rain for a while here in our part of Australia and everything is drying up and looking brown.

  2. Hey, six happy things is pretty good you know! Don't be down about it. I think that some of these should could double anyway, just because the photos are so wonderful. Your barbeque picture is amazing, it looks like the sort of photo you would see in an expensive glossy magazine. Nanna Chel is right, your pics are really great. I hope that you have lots of happies over the next week. xx

  3. ive been enjoying your posts so much... love all the beautiful colours ;0)

  4. Some pretty nice happy there!!! I didn't realize you didn't live there anymore? How far away are you living now? What fun to visit your childhood hometown.
    I follow Lucy, and have been vicariously visiting Yarndale through all of you!!!
    xo Kris

  5. Hi Jacqui lovely photographs - I have travelled a lot around Yorkshire and been a Keighley several times and have always been struck by how kind and friendly folk are - just like you Jacqui. Always love reading what you have been up to, always something interesting to see and think about. A fab post as always Jacqui - have a great week ahead.
    Lots of love

  6. Middle sons blanket is looking good :)

  7. You are doing better than me - my happy posts just died a death - despite me and mine being very happy!!

    Lovely pics - hope you get that blanket finished soon :)

  8. Lots of lovely pics Jacquie, I love Sweetpeas, mine are flowering at the moment and the perfume is delightful. Sunflowers, Zinnias, Roses, lots of colour in your garden. It's been a lovely Summer by the sound of it......but evenings drawing in and crocheted blankets sound wonderful too.

    Claire x

  9. Love these happy things and mine is visiting here ♥

  10. Wow! The view is awesome!
    Here you are readying yourselves for the cold and we are anticipating the warmer weather with lengthening days.
    Thanks for sharing your many blessings. :) ♥


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