Tuesday 22 October 2013

One Day...Eleven photos

Hello Lovelies ,
inspired by Gillian I thought I would take some photos throughout the day yesterday . 
It's half term holiday here at the moment and I'm lucky to have the week off work too.

1. Waking up to rain...sigh....but smiling at my home grow beef tomatoes. I cleared out my little plastic greenhouse on Sunday and found a few fruits hiding at the back. I doubt these will ever turn red but I love their pumpkin  like shape..........

2. Parceling up my little crochet hats to post off . I did nine in the end...not a huge amount but every little helps........

3. Trying to get a decent picture of the progress on middle son's blanket......not easy on such a dull day.......

 it's currently at 238 squares, with all the ends sewn in :0)

I've set myself a mini challenge to add a row a day this week.

4.This is from late morning and fed up with trying to chivvy my boys into getting dressed I decided to get a bit of fresh air......

 Love the colours on my Japanese Maple tree, but the rain meant I was soon heading back indoors for....

 5. some tea and home made cake.......tea loaf with plenty of butter , yummy...........

6. Midday now and we are finally heading for the shops. After posting my parcel I spot a box of apples at the side of the road . It says " please help yourself "on the soggy box so I take a few rather battered looking cooking apples....

 7.  Back from a successful shopping trip. All the boys got some necessary clothing without much searching. I particularly liked youngest's winter coat in cheerful green and blue...........

8. The boys had pizza for lunch and I was tempted by a tin of soup but decided to make the effort to make my own as I had a Butternut squash that needed using up......

THIS recipe...yummy and plenty left over to freeze and share.

 9. Mid afternoon the rain stopped and we decided to go on a bike ride. I stop to buy a PLANT for sale outside a house and youngest falls off his bike, grazing his knee so we head home. He's OK but rather shaken by the tumble.........

Thankfully he was wearing his helmet ....and his new coat wasn't damaged.

10.Late afternoon I was back in the kitchen using the apples to make crumble. These days I like to make the topping with half flour and half oats. I also added some cinnamon...because I love it.

these went in the freezer too

11. and my final picture is from 6.30pm . It was already dark so I decided  to light some candles to add a bit of cheer.......

I do like to cosy up indoors on dark evenings. 

This evening I'll be watching the final of the Great British Bake Off and crocheting squares....happy days.
Jacquie x


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Well done for all that cooking ... I am tempted to make that soup, I also have a butternut squash I need to use soon. Your middle sons blanket is gorgeous I am sure he is going to love it .. over 200 squares is quite an achievement, I always get fed up and end up with a small throw !! Well done. I too am looking forward to the Finals tonight on the Great British Bake off .... Just hoping that my little 2 ear old stays awake, she missed her midday nap and if she sleeps now, my evening is kinda gone ... :) Thanks for sharing a lovely day.

  2. You did have a busy day, I have a small butternut squash which I managed to grow this year, not sure it is big enough for a bowl of soup though. An oaty apple crumble sounds just the thing to make in this weather, I might try & do the same this weekend.

  3. Looks like a great day Jacquie. I love how you wrote on and decorated the top of your apple crumble, what a lovely little bit of happiness to find in the freezer on a grey day. Hope your little chap is OK after his tumble. xx

  4. Such a fab post! How lovely to have people offering apples to have and plants for sale outside their houses. Never get anything like that where I live, such a shame.

    It's wet and grey here, but very mild and i'm contemplating soup. I tried parsnip soup yesterday. I suddenly wondered why on earth I had never had it before. I adore parsnips but only ever have them with a roast dinner. I am on the look out for a good parsnip soup recipe now! Soup and Autumn days just go to together like bread and butter!

    Your blanket is utterly gorgeous too. I made my youngest a blanket for his bed, but my other two boys are moaning that they need one each too. I think they will be my projects for the New Year. I would love to make one using your crochet hexagon tutorial actually.

    Our half term starts next week, and I cannot wait for a break from the school run!

    Have a super rest of a day!

    Vanessa xxxxx

  5. hi jaquie,
    looks like a beautiful day. your soup sounds good and i love your blanket, i love your photos!!!!!
    wishing you a nice week,

  6. Such a lovely day, even with rain outside, your cozy home and cooking! The square blanket is beautiful and the moments you share here with us, give an especial touch on a cloudy day..! Kiss!!

  7. What beautiful photos! Glad your son wasn't hurt in the tumble! And lots of yumminess going on in your kitchen yesterday!!!!! Yum!!!
    I wish I could watch the British Bake Off here in America.
    xo Kris

  8. Beautiful blog! I like your photos!

  9. Lovely. I could do with a bowl of soup in about an hour after I have walked the dog please.

  10. Thanks for sharing your good day, Jacquie! [sorry your son took a tumble but appreciate the positives you noted] I am trying to finish up crocheting a little hat to match the baby cocoon blanket I finished last week, before my new little Grand arrives. I have been lighting a pumpkin pie scented candle in my room nearly every day lately, and like Kris, I wish I could watch the GBC here in the States. I love seeing your latest blanket project, too!
    Gracie xx

  11. lovely warming autumnal post...love your garland across your fireplace ;0)x

  12. Happy day indeed. Your crochet blanket is looking good. Mind you, so is your crumble.
    Love from Mum

  13. Oh my goodness. What a beautiful day; I actually want to come and live with you! Well done on the mini hats and the 238 squares. I'm going to try and bash some wee hats out tonight as I can't resist a charity crochet project.x

  14. Hi Jacquie I loved this post - the photographs are just fab. I agree with Emma I think I want to come and live with you too! Always love reading your blog Jacquie you bring some sunshine in on the grey days. Big hugs and thank you
    Lots of love

  15. I love the simplicity of this post. such a great idea a wonderful post or a ordinary Autumn day, last year I put my green Tomato's in a paper bag with a banana and they ripened up lovely.
    Clare xx

  16. Lovely cheery post, apart from the falling off the bike bit...ouch!, it's nice to see what other people get up to, xx

  17. What fun! I enjoyed this peek into your day. You seem very active and busy, and I'm glad to see there was room for cake too! I love that arrangement of postcards strung above your mantle. x

  18. Hi could you make green tomato chutney,I don't know any recipes but have seen some :-)

  19. What a busy day. Loved the photos. x

  20. What a lovely cosy day full of everyday living. I especially like your last photo atmosphere!

  21. I just LOVE your photos, Jacquie! They always make me feel good and cosy! :)

  22. How lovely a day in the life in photo's. Soup is a must on a cold autumnal day. I've just started a blanket that is going to end up with over 200+ squares. I'm trying to complete one a day. So far I've got to Day 9 and I have 9 squares :-)

  23. Came across your blog via my cousin Kerry's and thoroughly enjoyed sharing your day with you while I sit here at my desk on a Wednesday morning waiting for work to come into the office. Thank you for sharing. Ronnie

  24. How lovely to have the insight to click your camera through your day, those home grown beef tomatoes look very handsome even if though they're still green (agree with Kerena about making some chutney)

    Hugs to tumbling son.
    Wow on the blanket, it's looking great and all those ends sewn in, well done.
    Free cooking apples, it reminds me of my childhood as we had cooking apple trees in our garden. My mother could make a whole pie from just one apple they were that big. We always had surplus which my mother would pass on to friends and neighbours.
    Home made soup, lovely x
    Your candles make for a cosy fireplace, so nice on these dark evenings

    I am currently finishing off my third baby sweater and looking forward to taking some time out in a couple of weeks

    Thanks for sharing x

  25. Some happy moments during your day apart from the little accident, I hope all is well. We put out boxes of free apples when they start to fall but it always makes me laugh as people still knock on the door to question that they are free. It's so sweet, and sometimes they knock with a mini apple pie that they made extra. Well done on the home made soup and the crafts. My yarn is screaming out to me, I am just waiting for the right uninterrupted moment. Have a wonderful week. xx

  26. Cozy moments.. even the rainy ones :) Your blanket is progressing well ! Have a happy day!

  27. That apple crumble is making my mouth water! Glad you enjoyed your day - I hope the little one has recovered from his tumble!

  28. Umm mm, fried green tomatoes! Don't knock 'em til you've tried them! They can be baked too, much better than frying them, but baked green tomatoes just doesn't sound right! They go really well with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Love your photos, very beautiful despite the rain, or possibly even because of it.



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