Saturday 26 October 2013

♥52 weeks of Happy♥ 43/52

Hello Lovelies,
 here is my third post in as many days! 
I've loved my week off work with the boys and already shared many of the happy things about it. I really has been a tonic and I'll be sad to go back to work next week, but I mustn't grumble.
Here are some more simple joys from a really tip top week.

1. Washing  cushions made from recycled yarn, I still love these squares of cotton crochet that I made back in 2011. They are used daily and had got rather grubby, but a wash in the machine and a tumble dry gets them looking like new again..........

the colours seem perfect for this time of year too.

2. A muddy bike ride with my boys, sister in law and lovely niece on Wednesday. The terrain was challenging on my vintage shopper but the children had a great time and the countryside  views were wonderful............

We came back covered in mud ,wind swept and tired but happy.

3. Crocheting little squares in the afternoon sun........

I'm on to the border now .....woop woop :0)

4. Spotting this sweet patchwork chair in a newly refubished library we visited. I adore this reading corner and I would love to have a go at making a patchwork chair cover myself ...I'll have to add it to the long to-do list. Check out THESE google

I do think this corner would benefit from a little crochet too......maybe a yarn bombed lamp,
What do you think ?

Have a great weekend lovelies....I think I said that yesterday , but it's really here now :0)
Jacquie x


  1. love your bright crochet!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  2. I am consumed with crochet envy, I must find someone to teach me. I can make Granny squares but have no idea about tension.

  3. WOW I want that reading corner in my local library, how clever and so modern Jacqui. I love our library, it has deep purple walls and great arm chairs to sit in and has recently been refurbished on the interior whilst the exterior is an old Victorian School. It's a 3 min walk from my house and I feel so blessed with it so close. Looks like a wonderful week with your boys in the autumnal sunshine and oh o little hooky time for mum. Getting to the border of a long grown blanket is such a thrill. Enjoy xox Penny

  4. I love that reading corner - if I ever manage to buy a house, I envisage my living room would look something like that. I absolutely love patchwork chairs like that, I've had my eye on a particular one from Squint for years but said chair has a £3000 price tag so is way, way out of my price range, hehe! Lovely happy things from your week. Half term starts on Monday in these parts.

  5. Wow, Jacquie! I love your reading corner!
    I think that there would be perfect a crocheted carpet,
    next to the beautiful chair! I like too much her crochet small squares !
    and there is nothing better that go biking with your children!
    I am happy to see that you enjoy life!

  6. So lovely to see a bit of crochet here again! I love the second photo of your boys too! Such pretty countryside. Such a nice reading corner in your local library too!

  7. Your biking picture is lovely with the big house in the background. I really like that library chair and I agree...a yarny lamp would be perfect with it!

  8. love your photos from your country!!!! love your crochet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have a nice weekend,

  9. wonderful!! loving that would love the work of BOKYA DESIGN if you like's truly inspirational! It crosses genre from furniture to can see a link here on my art-stopping sunday post.

    oh and seriously loving your crochetxxxxxxxx

  10. Beautiful crochet! The patchwork chair is lovely and yes, I agree with you, a lamp and maybe a nice cushion would look great. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. What a nice refreshing post.
    I can smell the wonderful perfume of yuour freshly washed cushions and I envy the fact that you are (again) producing such a nice piece of crochet. (I don't even mention the beautiful sun on the pictures)

    And your readins spot is SO WOW! The lamp MUST be put there, just as you mention .Go and convince the library people.

    As I'm typing this message, I can see the picture of your crochet bowl. It looks a lot like the basket I crocheted for my cat LoLa:

  12. Sorry, I am a Belgian so Engllish is not my native language. I van spot two mistakes already in the the comment above:
    yuour= your
    readins= reading

    Also wearing reading glasses . They are no big help. :)

  13. We've been away for a few days whilst Matt is on rugby tour - glad to see you've had a great half term. Let's hope the storm isn't too awful that's due to hit on Monday morning.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  14. It's lovely that you had a great week with the boys and some crocheting too.
    That reading corner is amazing, I would love to have the room for a corner just like that.
    Your cushions are beautiful too.
    Sally xxx

  15. Gorgeous crochet! I think a yarn bombed lamp could be just the beginning!

  16. Lovely happies, wow that chair put our local libraries plastic chairs to shame, fab crochet.
    Clare x

  17. Well of course all of your lovelies are lovely, but that chair is great. My neighbour has a sofa in her conservatory that I can spy on if I lean out of the window to have a look - I just like looking at it! - sorry, does that make me sound weird, spying on a sofa - eek!!

  18. What a lovely week and you're right about the colours. Just right for autumn. The patchwork chair is a treat!

  19. Oh wonderful crochet. And what a beautiful room. Definitely in need of a little crochet there though. Glad you had a good week. The bike ride looks fantastic - of such things are happy memories made. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too.

  20. Love the patchwork chair and your crochet's fab. x

  21. I love your cushions and yes the colours so suit the season, but I would most definitely be happy with them on my sofa, anytime of the year. The patchwork chair is gorgeous! Have a happy Sunday, Sarah xo

  22. Fab blanket and yes definitely some yarn bombing to go with that gorgeous chair. There's a project for you!! Xo

  23. That reading corner definitely makes me want to snuggle up with a book! I agree that some crochet would make it look even more cheerful.


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