Sunday 3 August 2014

Capturing a Summertime Moment ♥♥♥

Hello Lovelies,
I do love to have a few calendars to look at each month. I find my favourites tend to be ones with art images rather than photos. On Friday I turned over to this gorgeous painting of St Ives is by Emma Ball

I love her work and this beautiful depiction of summery seaside..............

 This was sold in aid of the RNIL and I'll certainly be on the lookout for next years calendar when we visit the seaside later this month.

 I decided to get out my watercolours and try and capture a little bit of this special time of year.........

Not the seaside ( though I may attempt that when we go) but this weeks staycation with my boys.

It's been a glorious week weather wise. Hot and sunny. Every day we have walked / scootered / skateboarded around to our friends to water their lovely flowers and vegetables while they were away.

Most days it wasn't just the plants that got watered. The hose cooled us down and was a source of much fun and games.
Much more effective than this watering can....if not as pretty..............

 Youngest wanted to be in charge of the hose and loved seeing the rainbows created as the water droplets cascaded through the sunlight that filled their gorgeous patio most afternoons.

 I wanted to create an image of the scene as it seemed in my mind. I'm no portrait artist, so a simple illustrative drawing seemed my best option.

Here he is, my "baby" :0)..........

 in is flip flops, holding his skateboard.

Making rainbows with the hose pipe................

and here's the whole picture........ta-dah............

Eeek, I am so pleased with how this little picture ( it's postcard sized ) turned out. I thought about going for my, more familiar, coloured pencils, but made myself brave paint and I love the intensity of colour it gives.

I had a little more fun adding the SUMMER letters, simply cut out of a magazine, too.

I even came across an unused Ikea frame and decided to frame it..............

 Double Eeek. I've never put any of my art in a frame before :0)

It's in youngests bedroom now.........

.......... and I know it will bring back happy memories of  summer for me.
Jacquie x


  1. It looks fantastic framed. Wonderful & well done, I've enjoyed your drawing and painting adventures, something I'd like to have a go at myself one day too.

  2. Jacquie, it's wonderful, no doubt he'll always treasure it. You've captured the summer moment beautifully. CJ xx

  3. Precioso!!! Una imagen fresca y divertida.
    Un beso

  4. What a pretty picture!
    Good thing you framed the moment :-)

  5. Very nice, picture. It sounds like you have a very close relationship with you children. That is wonderful.

  6. Wonderful ! A fresh and lively painting. well done!

  7. I love this! Framing your water-colors really makes them look so much more professionally done, even if you just put a matt around them & keep them in a scrapbook.

    What a treasure.

  8. Oh my word, it is lovely, I only wish I could draw and paint like you, but I'm afraid I can't even tackle stick figures well hahahah

    Just love the colors and I'm sure your boy will treasure it :)

  9. Great job, lovely way to capture a memory.

  10. And a wonderful treasure for him! Love it. :)

  11. Lovely! So much more personal than a photo and what a difference a frame makes :-)

  12. Gorgeous, I do hope you are going to put this year's paintings and drawings into making a calendar of your own for new year.

  13. You are very talented and I'm sure your son appreciates his unique piece of art. x

  14. Fantastic pic Jacqui, it looks lovely in the frame too. Happy holidays. Elaine x

  15. A lovely painting and it should definitely be framed. I'm sure your son is so pleased with it.

  16. It's perfect - I love the rainbow spray. What a special keepsake for you both. :)

  17. The rainbow spray is great. Good for you for framing it and hanging it up.

  18. Don't forget to sign your brilliant work.

  19. Jacquie that is simply adorable, what a lovely memory to treasure too....
    bestest daisy...x
    Ps I love it when you draw with your paints!! xxx

  20. It is FABULOUS Jacquie!!! I love it, especially the hosepipe rainbow! xx

  21. I like your picture very much! All of it:) Makes me want to paint too.

  22. Jacquie, I think that your timing was just right to create this watercolor portrait of a special person, place and time. Maybe you will stock up on more frames, because I suspect that you will find some more times, persons and places that you'll want to paint, and then...want to keep the picture.

    There is something truly lovely and loving about your doing this in the age of quick electronic digital images.

    Please do take a bow! xo

  23. Wow Jacquie, its really really great, like Really Great, I LOVE it :) Your little chap must be really proud :) xxxx

  24. Love it Jacquie|!| You have talent. :)
    And it is really nice that you were brave enough to frame it. Well done you. :)

  25. Hello Jacquie,

    Not only have you captured a special moment, but you made it uniquely yours, in your very own style! I love it when someone follows their creativity, wherever it might lead them!


    Well done!
    Ingrid x

  26. Beautiful!!!! You really have a wonderful talent!!! Enjoy your happy summer moments!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  27. You have captured a precious moment....Well done !!!

    God bless,

  28. Such a great picture I'm so pleased you framed it
    Clare x

  29. You've caught it just right, and it looks great in the frame!


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