Monday 18 August 2014

Dorset Holidays :: Part 2

Hello Lovelies,
I do hope you don't mind indulging me with another "one day" holiday post.....well it did turn out to be rather special.

On Saturday night I woke often. Listening to the heavy rain and roaring wind I wondered what was happening in the darkness outside our little caravan.
On Sunday morning it was still stormy outside but the world looked pretty normal, so I relaxed in my Pj.s and enjoyed some leisurely crochet time...........

Mid morning the rain eased and we decided  to go for a little walk. The boats in the harbour looked fine. We decided to look at the sea. It was wild and grey, the coastline shrouded in clouds..........

We headed out along the pier, hoods up against the spray from the crashing waves...........

Hoods were soon blown off, but how we loved being this close to the huge waves.....yet safely behind a concrete barrier ................

This sort of weather is exhilarating. The air is wonderfully fresh. I fill my lungs and revel in the power of the ocean...........

I'm aware the sky is lightning and spot a patch of blue............

Within a few minutes the sun is shining brightly and the clouds are merely a band along the coastline.........

The sun made rainbows every time the spray from the waves was blown  through the air.........

I'm loving dodging the waves and jump about in a daft fashion squealing a little when I'm hit in the face by the salty spray.

 I must have wiped my camera lens about twenty times .....I'm sure the moisture and salt must be really bad for it, but I can't resist taking more photos.

I zoom in on this Cormorant.............

and seconds later get drenched by another huge wave..........

Time to dry my camera again and head inland I think.

The bunting is fluttering wildly and the seagulls are gathering, calling noisily to each other.............

Here you can see the boulders along the pier, to break up the force of the waves. And the bulk of East cliff behind it..............

We wander along the promenade...........

Until we get to a barrier. These  cliffs are constantly being eroded and landslides are quite common.........

We are happy to gaze at them from a safe distance, especially after heavy rain and stormy seas........

On the way back we find a footpath straight to our caravan, I love discovering little short cuts like this.........

As the day was turning out to be much better than we had dared hope it was decided to find a safe beach for the children. We travelled just a few miles west, to Lyme Regis and came upon a beautifully sheltered bay.......

It was breezy but warm and clouds scudded quickly across the sky. I was mesmerised by the constantly changing light and the pretty buildings that tumbled down the hillside..............

The children had a swim then enjoyed a traditional seaside treat ..........

many families were enjoying the lovely sand and gentle waves, such a contrast to a few hours earlier at West Bay...............

and look it's got a pretty harbour too.............

where there are sailing boats and fishing boats, flags fluttering in the breeze..........

and you can walk out to gaze back at the land............

and get a different view of the town.................

While my sister in law and I enjoyed our explorations the boys were enjoying paddling their inflatable dingy in the bay.

When we got back eldest dashed up to me and asked me to come quickly as they had something to show me.
I wondered if it was a crab or a fish, but when I get there they are holding the dingy and grinning wildly....."Get in" they urge.
I'm fully dressed and holding my camera and protest a little, but I feel so happy with their desire to include me in the fun that I climb aboard.

More splashing threatens my little camera ............

but look at the view! that beautiful coastline..........and the wonderful colour of the sea, reflecting the blue sky..........

and lovely Lyme in the late afternoon sunshine...........

I love the glittery reflections on the water ..........

and wouldn't have missed my surprise boat ride, despite getting  a wet skirt and underwear!

In the evening eldest and I pop to the postbox on the other side of the harbour to send a postcard to mum.

I love how different the boats look when the tide is in and the light is soft. Dusk is falling and the lights are just beginning to come on. Eldest spots the moon as it appears briefly from behind the clouds. I realise it's the Super moon I hope to see it more clearly..............

The lights from the fun fair shine brightly on our return trip.............

a little while later I spotted the moon through our caravan window and dashed back to the harbour........

There are lots of people around but nobody is looking at the moon. I feel like telling the folks who pass me "look, look it's the super moon .....isn't it beautiful shining so brightly above the East Cliff and reflected in the water" ...........

But I know they would probably think I was mad, so I dash back to the caravan and practically drag Mr BM and middle son ( the others were out ) back to the harbour to admire it's beauty..........

I think they thought I was slightly mad too.........but they humoured me. I just wanted them to know how happy and blessed I felt at that moment.............

A perfect end to a special day.
Jacquie x


  1. I LOVE the picture of the cormorant through the spray! That just sums up British seaside; wildlife and wild sea together!

    1. That is a gorgeous pic,, as is the one of the moon.

  2. We have just come back from the same part of Dorset the week before you, staying in a converted railway carriage. I loved sharing your pics, memories of happy times. Rainbows and a lovely moon, brilliant! Elaine x

  3. Beautiful pictures and a lovely description of your day xx

  4. Such lovely photos of one of my favourite places. Thank you for sharing them. That moon really was so beautiful wasn't it!

  5. Thanks for sharing. These photos are wonderful and I got lost in your story telling of your time there. The houses are beautiful as well.

    Birgitta xx

  6. What beautiful pictures in your holiday posts! I enjoy them so much! I looked up the Lyme Regis site and maybe we plan a holiday to go there. Looks so inviting. Maybe I come back to you for recommendations in the area. :)

  7. I love being at the coast after a storm. Your photos show both places so beautifully. And you managed to get some great photos of the moon. We (my husband and I) went out to see the super moon too. And to watch the space station crossing the sky.

  8. What an absolutely wonderful sounding day
    Jackie x

  9. Sounds like a fun time for all. Thanks for sharing. It's neat to see this area from a different (person's) point of view.

  10. Wonderful pictures, a memory for me of a holiday we spent at both places last Spring, so much to do along this stretch of the coast.
    Looks like you had a fun time too.

  11. How lovely! It is always so refreshing to be by the sea!

  12. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I hope your camera dried out so you could take more great photos!

    We spent a few days in Lyme Regis once - such a pretty town with amazing views.

  13. Looks like you had a fun time!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I love the photo of the boat all planted up and the last one taken in the evening!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!! And the ice-cream and the one with the bird and the splash and the...... Ok I love them all!!! They are perfectly wonderful!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  14. Oh wow what a fantastic holiday post, it really made me want to go to the seaside, hasn't the weather been a little crazy? Perfect memoriy making times for you and your family. xxx

  15. Stunning photos and how amazing the change in the weather in just a very short time. Had to laugh at your wet dress and undies.....I'd have fallen in, lol, x

  16. As I'm always interested in your caravan adventures, I thought of you when I came across this post today; perhaps there's something in it that will be of interest to you?

    As always, thanks for sharing such wonderful photos and special moments.

  17. I love the photo of the cormorant with the sea spray and the one of the seagulls flying over the bunting. Fabulous!

  18. Wow, an amazing day. I love when there's a holiday day like that, one to look back on happily for a long time to come. Your photos are absolutely beautiful, those skies - wonderful. I would have been looking at the moon as well and dying to point it out to people. I'm glad you had such a lovely time. CJ xx

  19. Beautiful photos, looks a lovely day x

  20. What a lovely day. I can't believe how lucky you were with the weather. I was standing around in the Peak District getting absolutely drenched that day, looks like Bertha avoided you and went north instead!

  21. Beautiful and I loved reading every bit and admiring the pictures, wasn't the moon amazing, love a good full moon anytime of the year ☺

  22. Oh oh oh.........such beautiful pictures for a lovely place! What a beautiful trip!

  23. You weren't the only one who spotted this moon over the East cliffs at West Bay. We are hoping to move to West Bay (if the house move goes OK.) and when we visited our new home at the weekend, the owners told us about the fantastic moonsthat they enjoy looking at! Sarah x

  24. You have some wonderful photos. Lyme Regis is one of my most favourite places, you captured it beautifully! xx

  25. Hi! Thanks for this fantastic post and such beautiful photos, it makes us all feel we've been there, too!
    Ingrid xx

  26. Pictures like yours really make me want to learn to crochet! And to have a ice cream

  27. Looks like you all had a most wonderful time, Did you take your crochet in your seagull bag.......
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


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