Thursday 21 August 2014

Dorset Holidays :: Part 5

Hello Lovelies, 
are you still with me? I do hope you are finding something interesting in these marathon holiday posts.
I could write three more, but I'll make this the last.

On Thursday the weather forecast wasn't optimistic so we decided to drive along the coast, past Lyme Regis and into East Devon.

We ended up in a delightful village called Beer.

 It happened to be regatta day and there was a real party atmosphere............

It's was a shame about the showers. We ended up having lunch on the beach.....sheltering under these parasols to keep off the rain............

While a steel band played and the man on the public address system said something like.........
 " good news about the sailor who had to be rescued ........he's just got hypothermia and a couple of other issues....but he'll be fine in a few hours." 

 I'm glad it wasn't bad news!

The wetness did make the pebbles shine , and I had to smile when we spotted this one :0)

The Village it's self was very picturesque, and decorated with flags of all nations............

I loved the old cottages............

and the unusual sight of a stream running  down the side of the road...........

After our evening meal back at the "van" the children decided to go crabbing on West Bay pier again. We walked past the harbour and I was delighted to see the gorgeous glow of the sunset...........

But that didn't prepare me for the amazing beauty of the coastline at this time of day........WOW, it took my breath away.............

And just LOOK at the East Cliff..............

That stunning hot orange colour and the contours all displayed in stark relief by the evening shadows........

Those 140 million year old rocks, towering above the people enjoying an evening stroll.  I think you can see why this part of our coastline has been designated as Britain's first natural world heritage site.

And looking west as the sun sets is really special. Each bay is illuminated by the suns rays, creating the illusion that there is light shining out of each one.
I tried hard to capture it in a photo, but it's much more spectacular in real life...............

I wandered around revelling in so much natural beauty while the children enjoyed catching crabs, shrimps and tiny fish..............

West Bay was bathed in a mellow glow............

and many people enjoyed the atmosphere, both on land and sea............

Just look at that sky...........

East Cliff turned an even deeper orange, while fishermen landed their catch..............

And then the sun was gone..............

and soon the lights came on .........

Seeing this sunset was another highlight of the holiday for me.

On Friday we woke to sunshine and the weather forecast was good........

We headed back to Lyme, with MANY other people. When we got there the sandy beach was packed. It did feel a little claustrophobic, so I went for another walk on the harbour wall.............

The children spent ages in the sea and by evening the beach was pretty deserted, but again we didn't want to leave............

Further out in the bay a swimming club were doing circuits around the bouys..........

Beats a few lengths in a chlorine filled pool, don't you think.

This photo was taken about 7.30pm......the sun was just about to disappear behind the hillside, but still the children were  still in the sea. There was a Reggie party going on in one of the bars on the seafront and music drifted out across the beach. It was so calm and warm , the sea almost still with the tiniest of waves gently lapping the shore.......

The sort of moment you want to remember for a long time too.

That night (late at night) I attempted a little postcard sized watercolour of Lyme on a sunny day.......

It's not great, but it makes me smile.

Then Saturday morning arrived and it was time to say goodbye to our little caravan..........

The weather was good and we decided to squeeze a few more hours out of our holiday.

We drove past thatched cottages with Roses around the door..........

Along the coast road heading east. And what a stunning route it turned out to be. There were high places you could stop and drink in the view.

One last look at Lyme bay............

and a first glimpse of Chesil beach and the fleet lagoon...........

another wow

and look, there's St Catherine's Chapel.............

Somewhere else I feel I know from Lucy's beautiful posts

This whole road was stunning on a sunny morning....We loved the B3157 :0)

It had such gorgeous elevated vantage points and  it travelled through pretty villages........

It was a shame we didn't have longer to explore, but we had a plan to visit somewhere we holidayed when the boys were very small.

One last day on the beach.............

At Weymouth, where the ships are tall............

 the deck chairs are unique..........

The dingy got a last outing...........

And there was time for me to sit in our tent and do a little more crochet before the long drive home.........

 I'm so happy that I've managed to record our lovely week, before my memories fade. It was a really wonderful holiday.

Thank you for indulging me and leaving such lovely comments.
Jacquie x


  1. And thanks for sharing your holiday Jacquie. I love the early evening light on your photos, it looks like you had a great time. x

  2. The sunset shots look lovely, but I know that they would be even better in real life. Catching that glow and luminescence is just so hard, isn't it? I'm glad you had such a good holiday and that you shared it with us. Thank you.

  3. Such stunning photos Jacquie, it really is the most beautiful place. Watching the sunset must have been blissful. And I love the cottage with the roses, I do like to look at all the pretty houses when I'm somewhere new. I heaved a little sad end-of-holiday sigh at the end of your post. How hard it is to let go of these wonderful days. Glad you all had such a good time, thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and memories. CJ xx

  4. How amazing, Dorest is somewhere I am desperate to visit, not too far for us either. You take beautiful photos, sometimes less than perfect weather gives far more interesting photos!

  5. Your holiday posts are always stunning and I have been back during the winter months and revisited them to capture that summer holiday feeling! (The deckchairs at Weymouth were designed by locals in a competition to mark the Olympics coming to Weymouth in 2012.)
    I'm glad you had such a great time despite some rain and thank you for capturing such beauty of the Dorset and Devon coastline. It is such a wonderful place to live.

  6. What beautiful photos, Jacquie. I particularly love the shots capturing the evening light - they're breathtaking.

    Love too your Janet Bell postcards - I buy a couple every time we go to the seaside!

    So glad you had such a super holiday. Dorset is one of our favourite places.

    Heather xx

  7. Hello Jacquie, thank you so much for all the stunning photos you took, it really was a lovely holiday and you will treasure those precious memories. I got a feeling you might go back there.... :)
    Ingrid xx

  8. I've so enjoyed your Dorset posts... it is my fav place in the south and a place I have explored many times... I hope my spine might one day allow me to return... thanks for sharing. Cx

  9. These were great posts! I would love to visit this part of England one day, thanks for travel ideas ;)

  10. Beer looks like a lovely place to visit. Your photos of the sunset are amazing! And I love your wee painting. All the places you have shown look lovely and well worth visiting. Maybe some day!

  11. It is such a lovely area, and your photos captured the beautiful so very well Jacquie. I am so glad that you enjoyed yourselves so much, it really is all lovely, and it has been so lovely to see your posts as well. xx

  12. I have fond memories of Beer. It's a funny little place, so steep! the cliffs are stunning in the golden light at West Bay. If you ever in that part of the world again, call into Sidmouth, it's another lovely place. Love your picture of the regatta. x

  13. Lovely photos Jacquie. We haven't been to Dorset since 1997 and it still looks as beautiful. We fell in love with Lyme Regis and Beer too. Susie xxx

  14. It's such a glorious place! Thanks ever so much fro sharing. The cliffs are breathtakingly beautiful with the evening light. One to try with the watercolors?....The flowers are always so beautiful and the cottages. I'm craving a trip to the sea now. :)

  15. I have loved all your holiday posts! Thank you for taking us along in your pocket!

  16. Beer is charming.....we have family at Seaton....just along the coast......AND hubby worked on the sea defences at Lyme a few years ago......the sand on the beach came all the way from France believe it or not ! I have really enjoyed your holiday posts......this time last year we were in Cornwall in a little van just like wk I begin chemo....what a difference a year makes.....I am making it a goal that we will be caravaning down south next summer ! I want to wiggle my toes in the sea again a few times yet ! XX

  17. Thank you. I have really enjoyed reliving your holiday with you. Such wonderful memories for you to treasure.
    Love from Mum

  18. I've enjoyed following along on your holiday & could have read two more posts! Such a beautiful part of the world to see.

  19. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  20. A fabulous collection of photos and memories - beautiful!

  21. I don't even know what to comment. I absolutely enjoyed every last photo and word on all of your holiday posts but most especially this one. The colors, the light, the cottages, the people. Oh every last bit of it. I'm sorry it had to end for that's the last of my travel too. :-)

  22. I have loved every bit of it and would happily see more, I may never get over to the UK so can live through your holiday posts happily. And often others seem to love my travels around Oz and New Zealand ☺☺

  23. Thank you so much. I have truly enjoyed every photo and moment of your trip.
    I do live in a beautiful place, but and but...we here in the states have none of the splendor and history that you have. Well, maybe a titch in the East, but I live on the West Coast and that is so different. I am happy to be here, but I almost literally drool at the history and "there-ness" of your surroundings.
    Sigh..with thanks.

  24. Stunning sunset photos and those cliffs are gorgeous.

  25. I once went to Beer one evening while staying at Seaton and saw a lovely little black lacquered box in the window of tiny shop near the beach ( it was closed). When I got home from my holiday, I wrote a letter and addressed it to little shop next to the beach and asked how much should I send for the box, if they still had it. A few days later I received the box, with a bill and a nice note from the lady who kept the shop. How trusting. This was over 20yrs ago but I haven't forgotten.

  26. Jacquie, thank you very much for all these posts on your holidays. I wish I was there.....your words and your pictures are wonderful and you made me curious to go and visit Dorset. Thank you and enjoy your days.

  27. Your photos look lovely thank you for sharing. I recently decided to have a last go at crochet due to a wrist injury and thanks to you I have finally mastered how to do it. I love making your owls and hearts. Thank you so much xx

  28. Such a fun packed, colourful holiday for you all. You seem to have been so lucky with the weather, so just a couple of showers isn't that bad. Your artwork on your trip is stunning too. I see a Bunny Mummy 2015 calendar on the horizon!!??

  29. Just returned from a week on the same coastline we love beer and west bay plus charmouth absolutely fab places to visit with kids ! The weather and ice creams were good !

  30. I love your holiday posts! I was on holiday near Weymouth the same week as you, we were camping so were a bit worried about the impending storms but it wasn't too bad in the end!

  31. I only got around to properly look at all your pictures now! They are sooo lovely! I adore the ones of the dusk time/sunset - it is my favorite time of the day... so magical.

    Take care

  32. I too have just finished posting my Dorset holiday memories, I had so many I wanted to remember. Thanks for sharing yours, I loved all your pictures, esp. the cliffs at sunset.


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