Sunday 17 August 2014

Dorset Holidays :: Part 1

Hello again lovelies,
We've been somewhere new and wonderful. In so many ways it seems odd to start typing this post, but I'm happy to get back  home and desperate to record and share our travels.
So here goes with some holiday posts....a precious way for me to document special family times in a simply stunning part of our wonderful coastline.

Lets start with pictures of yarn though shall we :0)

Last Saturday we all got up at a ridiculous hour and set off on our long drive before sunrise. I sit in the back and navigate/crochet. I'm a terrible passenger and like to keep calm by not looking at the road too much.........

Four and a half hours later I had ten lovely circles to add to my latest blanket collection..........

and we got our first glimpse of the sea...........

It was just after ten in the morning when we finally arrived at our destination. The boys tumbled out of the car and straight onto the play park, I smiled at the beautiful Dorset countryside this sunny morning........

It was a long time since breakfast and we set off to find somewhere for refreshments. I loved this cafe situated in the disused railway station..........

 The boys liked the fact they could walk along the tracks.

But I had another place in mind. "Lets look a little further" I told them, so we climbed the fine shingle bank and stood admiring the view.................

Then headed towards the Watch House Cafe...........

I had the poached eggs on granary toast, which came highly recommended..........

The whole place was delightful. Thank you Lucy

Yes, my bright pink holiday toe nails ( and the rest of me ) are at West Bay!.....a place I feel I know a little, through reading so many wonderful Attic 24 holiday posts............

Look, look at the wavy, stripy cliff. It's imposing and beautiful don't you think...........

The boys and their cousins are predictably desperate to get in the sea so they change and brave the rather large waves............

 It's fine for for Mr BM and the oldest children, but youngest and his cousin are dwarfed by them and soon get swept off their feet. They are unhurt but rather shaken.

Ummmm, lets sit on the beach a while and watch the boats.............

Lets sort through the shingle, looking for our favourite mini pebble..........

It's a lovely spot, a really lovely spot, but soon I'm keen to explore a little further. I recruit some of the children to wander with me. Past the pretty cottages on the beach............

And the fishing boats out of water...........

Soon we arrive at the harbour and Eldest is very taken with this battered looking fishing boat.......he's even more delighted when it's noisy engine starts up and it billows black smoke...........

 I think it reminds him THIS T.V. programme he loves.

I just love all the jolly little boats with their colourful paintwork and buoys...........

 We were all amused by the tiny inflatable dingy moored in the harbour too :0)

 Soon we arrive at the pier. It's a recently constructed sea defence, so it's rugged and practical, but also designed to be a pleasant place to walk...........

and take in the view..............

We can just make out our party on the beach and wave frantically, but they are snoozing after the long journey...............

Looking west the cliffs are so different , but just as stunning..............

Time to wander back and get organised. Our accommodation will be ready. I can hardly believe we are staying literally one minutes walk from this glorious spot.............

We are in our usual type of holiday home.... static caravans. This holiday they are very close to the beach and the harbour. I'm feeling very happy with their excellent location, then in the evening I read this headline in the papers when we pop to the shop............

The small print says...........

 "Bertha, currently hurtling across the Atlantic, is also set to coincide with unusually high tides, leading to warnings that colossal waves could tumble over sea defences." 

I didn't sleep too well that night.
Back soon with part two.
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful scenery! 😊 glad you enjoyed your holidays!

    Take care

  2. Oh, how lovely! Yes, I recognized the cafe from Lucy's post! How lucky! The beach looks wonderful! So, I'm curious to read more, what happened with the weather?
    Hooray for crochet in the car!!!
    Ingrid xx

  3. Great post! Really enjoyed your photos.

  4. I like West Bay,,, peaceful.

  5. I'll be going on holiday soon and am trying to decide what to bring to crochet in the car.

  6. Eek, that's a very scary headline to see when you're that close to the edge. I love your photos, it's such a wonderful spot, and you've really captured it beautifully. I shall look forward to reading Part 2. CJ xx

  7. I must get some travelling done and get myself to Dorset, it's so beautiful.

  8. We went to Dorset last year and we all loved it. Great pics with blue skies. Jo x

  9. That is one county I have never visited, but I hope I can remedy that one day. It looks beautiful and your pictures really do it justice.

  10. How lovely! So nice to see the pink cottage/house is still pink. :) I too love to crochet on long car rides.

  11. This is my neck of the woods. I always love reading how other people see it. Makes me feel very lucky! x

  12. Wonderful photo's and I do enjoy a good poached egg and that one looked delish ☺

  13. What a lovely spot. I hope you didn't end up being blown away!
    I don't know how you could sit in the back and crochet. I suffer from terrible motion sickness. I end up doing a fair bit of driving if I haven't taken my travel sickness pills.
    I think we are all looking forward to part two. :)

  14. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Look forward to reading part two x

  15. Lovely pictures... I am glad you had a great time...


  16. Lovely post. Feels like I'm almost there on the holiday with you. I look forward to more.

  17. Wonderful holiday pics!!!! I also feel like I know the place after all the wonderful holiday posts lately!!!! Love it and would dearly love to visit there one day!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  18. lovely pics from your holiday!!!
    have a nice day,regina


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