Friday 1 August 2014

♥ Summertime Moments ♥ Gentle Days

Hello Lovelies,
I can't say how much I love these summer days at home, with no work or school routine to worry about.
It's not always been this way. When I had three very small boys they were HARD WORK.....but now they are wonderful and I'm savouring them.

The harvest continues, bales appear and then disappear from the fields...........

The weather has been warm and still. Perfect for the boys to fly their home-made balsa wood planes.......

Wear flip flops...........

And skate board.............

Thanks to the boys getting a holiday "job" watering a friends garden we are enjoying picking fresh tomatoes...........

 And gazing at their gorgeous flowers...........

Days out have been simple and relatively inexpensive. We all enjoyed THIS slightly scary but actually very safe and well run new activity.

But a visit to the ice rink means a sit down to watch and enjoy a little reading for me....I'm scared of falling over on the rock hard ice....not to mention all those metal blades waiting to get your fingers when you do!

This lovely  book was recommended to me and I was so happy to find it in my local library earlier this week. Read about it HERE

These days summer holidays are such a happy mix of family fun and time for myself. When you wake to sunshine and you don't have to worry about small children it's wonderful to get outside in the early light .

I've been going for a short run before breakfast....well it's a one mile gentle jog really. Plenty of time to take my little camera and stop to capture the wonderful light...............

And pretty summer flowers that spill out of front gardens...........

This gorgeous lacy Hydrangea has been making me smile all week..............

So pretty.................

Happy times indeed.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely children are still quite small, so, whilst no longer really hard, not yet easy!!! It would be great to nip out for a jog first thing, ideal time for working training plan pretty much goes out the window in holiday time!! Love the rose xx

  2. It's lovely to have a bit of time out, enjoy :-) I love the not doing a school run. Thanks for the book recommending, it looks a good read. Xxx

  3. I'm loving your summertime moments posts and they bring back happy memories of when our girls were young. I'm sure the boys loved their new activity and it's great you have some time for yourself too. Our holiday time is just coming to an end but 3 weeks of no clock to watch or routine to adhere to has been wonderful.
    Continue to enjoy the summer
    Jackie x

  4. Lovely post, this is what summer is all about...
    Amanda xx

  5. Other than the landscape is different, you could be here narrating your summer (except for the ice rink).I've watched the neighborhood boys riding their skate boards up and down the road, and lots of hay rolls produced this year, we don't see many bales of hay anymore it's the large rounds ones here too. Thanks for the heads up on the book, I must look for that. As Pride & Prejudices and all of the Jane Austen books are loved and re-read here, in a house of literary loving females (pour hubby).lol I love hydrangeas, and that lacy one is new to me, thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the cosmos in your friend's garden... the ones with darker edges are my favourite.
    S x

  7. It looks like you're having a very nice summer, Jacquie. I love the flowers you see on your run, they really look beautiful. Lucky you, with the payment in tomatoes!

  8. Lovely now that the boys are old enough to give you some Mummy freedom.

  9. Great post :) My 3 are in the in between stage, gaining independence but still a bit challenging at times!
    Fun times though, as you say :)

  10. That's my favourite type of hydrangea. We bought a similar one a few weeks ago but it's still very small.

  11. OH I do enjoy all those lovely blooms Jacquie, whether they be in your garden, on your kitchen window ledge, or out and about, they are always gorgeous, thank you!
    I would be very nervous watching my kids up on those ropes and would most likely be turned looking the other way most of the time, but it's so nice and good for them to learn to take such risks in a well protected environment such as this one. Sounds and looks like the summer holidays are going really well with lots of fun for all. xoJoy

  12. Lovely summer post!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  13. What a lovely post :)
    And thank you for the tip about the book - I'm very intrigued. I think I will get it for my Kindle, it sounds great! :)



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