Wednesday 20 August 2014

Dorset Holidays Part ::4

Hello Lovelies,
I've skipped over Tuesday, which was nice enough but I'm aware you might be getting holiday overload!
I need to record Wednesday though as it was another highlight for me.

I woke early and decided to go for a little run before breakfast.
Past the pretty flower boats around the harbour........

And old stone buildings...........

Back round the harbour and past my favourite boat with it's lovely early morning reflections........

Past the ice-cream coloured houses on the beach..........

and along the pier...........

To see the sun is rising over East Cliff.............

and the tide is high, waves splashing over the wall...........

The coastline looks wonderful in the low sun...........

I've run far enough now and head for that short cut back to our caravan, but then I decide to take a little walk up the West Cliff..............

It's such a beautiful morning and I'm not ready to go inside just yet..............

The path is mostly well away from the edge of the cliff, I'm happy about that.

After a while I squeeze through this narrow gap..........

and I'm rewarded by the glorious view............

I walk along the path a little further and I'm so tempted to carry on to Eype, but I think the boys will be wondering where I've got to, so I take one last photo then turn around ............

The views inland are gorgeous too..............

I go "home" for breakfast.

We had a week of sunshine and showers. It did make it rather difficult to plan the day but it didn't spoil our holiday. The weather was mild when it rained and hot when the sun shone.

But by late morning the clouds had rolled in so we decided to walk up the East Cliff.........look at it.....a beautifully curved hill, chopped clean in half by the sea as it raises  straight up out of the beach

It's steep, really steep............

But that gives a wonderful view from the top...........

I zoom in on the harbour and I can even make out our caravan in the background..........

We walked along the flat top of the cliff, but wary of getting drenched in another downpour, decide to turn around when we get to the dip............

Back down in the village the boys are amused by an enormous egg in the food store...........

Once again the day turns out to be lovely in the afternoon and we head back to Lyme. It may not be very adventurous but the children love the beach here and if they are happy we are.

This visit there are colourful boats sailing around the bay.

and look, you can see the distinctive shape of East Cliff in the distance........"we were walking along the top of that earlier" I tell the boys...............

I'm very happy that we are getting more  time in this pretty place....and happy that the sun is shining today.............

Everywhere I turn there are more beautiful pictures...............

and the atmosphere is relaxed and happy on such a warm day. Lyme has some pastel coloured beach huts (that I didn't photograph) and I loved this collection of things outside one..........

Look, they are painting pebbles on that dinky fold out table.......I love this place.

In one shop I came across some old post cards for 20 pence each. I bought this one....looking at the cars and the fashion I'd guess it was from the seventies............

And here's the scene today.......hardly any different...........

I was surprised to see the same hardware shop on the right. I went inside and bought a Dorset tea towel :0)

Lyme is so pretty, and very busy on this sunny day. I'm sure you can see why............

After my little exploration I wandered back to the beach. I could see the boys and their cousins in the sea and decided to join them.

I try and have a swim in the sea at least once every year, but it's got to be a nice warm day to tempt me. The late afternoon sunlight and the beauty of Lyme bay made this years swim a memorable experience. Just a bit of breast stroke......I'm not a very good swimmer, but the added buoyancy of the salt water helps.

The best bit of this dip was actually standing in the water holding my boys, like I did when they were little. They are too heavy for me to do that any more, but in the water it was once again possible.......such a happy moment.

I love the light on the beach as evening arrives. The long shadows make everything look special. we loved this sand sculpture some clever people had made..........

We really didn't want to leave, so  ate an alfresco meal that was DELICIOUS...........

Another day FULL of simple pleasures and happy family times in a gorgeous part of the lucky I am.

Jacquie x


  1. Blue skies and the sea = I love England!!! Thanks again for even more such beautiful photos!
    Ingrid xx

  2. I've only been to Lyme once - your photos have really made me want to go again. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. What a blissful day, Lyme Regis is beautiful isn't it. You are really selling this part of Dorset to me! The early mornings and later on in the day are so magical on holiday aren't they? You have captured it all so beautifully. CJ xx

  4. A beautiful memory making day, I love your photos it sums up a great British Seaside holiday! Xxx

  5. The views are stunning. And the little town and harbour. The caravans look to be well packed in!

  6. Hubby and I both fell in love with this part of Dorset when we visited for the first time. There is always something lovely to see and view.
    We stayed in Weymouth and vetured inland a little to see other things too (**whispering the naked man on the hill at Cerne Abbyss lol!!)

  7. That hardware store is great isn't it. That is where I bought my new picnic basket/coolbag earlier in the year!! xx

  8. I love your holiday photos!!! I live in Texas....may not ever get to I get the tour through your pictures! Really enjoy your blog!

  9. Your holiday photographs are fabulous! I almost, almost feel as if I was there in Dorset. Hoping that some time in the future I will get there for real.


  10. Your pictures are very pretty and Dorset looks like a wonderful place to have a holiday. Our ocean here in Washington and Oregon is very cold and I'm very timid about getting in. Brrrr! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with is.

  11. Fish and chips,sea, sand, blue sky....I don't think we need more from a holiday.

  12. It's a very lovely place, thanks for sharing more of it. I especially love the touches of aqua here and there, and of course all those boats of flowers.

  13. Such wonderful views, looks like you had a great day
    Clare x

  14. My goodness Jacquie, your break is breathtaking. The weather and bright colours are really captured well, I felt as though I was with you. Enjoy the rest of your fantastic time there x

  15. HI from Canada! Love your photos!! Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hello! I really enjoyed seeing your part of the world. I just got back from our vacation in our trailer/caravan - in a high alpine lake in Oregon, USA. I just posted photos, I invite you to visit. We will be going to our coast for a week in late October. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Thanks for the post, it is my favourite place and I've loved reading your journal Lucy

  18. I've never been to Lyme Regis, I'd really love to go, though it being so busy does put me off. I wish I could go during term time when it's not so busy but I've always been tied to school holidays!

  19. Todella kauniita kuvia!
    Kiitos, että jaat ne kanssamme.


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