Monday 12 December 2016

My Advent Calendar ♥ 12th December

 Hello Lovelies,
today's picture is another of Mum's delightful paintings. I love the colours in the sky and the wonderful wintry trees on this one.

Today I'm wishing we had a little snow...anything has to be better than the gloomy greyness.
Jacquie x

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  1. To me that is what a perfect winter day looks like--the color of the sky, the snow, the cozy house. I actually wish this print was for sale! Beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful painting. The dreary weather despite it being the traditional British winter weather does make you feel a little gloomy, snow would be nice.

  3. Beautiful scene. Clever mum.

  4. Beautiful! Your mum is a very talented lady.

  5. It is a beautiful painting. The sky in the painting has the same colors we saw when we were driving the other day. Very pretty!

  6. That's lovely, Jacquie - well done, mum! It would make a good Christmas card.

  7. Oh that is such a beautiful scene! She is very clever!


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