Friday, 9 December 2016

My Advent Calendar ♥ 9th December

Hello lovelies,
It's another walk post today.

Yesterday's 8 mile walk was around Shipley Country Park.
The day started out gloomy, really gloomy, with a little rain. It was typical of "The dark days before Christmas", as an old lady I loved called them.
I didn't feel inclined to get my camera out until late morning, when happily the sun appeared.
Being out in the sun in winter is such a treat isn't it. Suddenly the world looks pretty again and it's never unpleasantly hot. Just a fleeting joy in the short days of winter.

Happily we were at the highest point of the park , sunshine and a view...yipee.

This stunning Beech tree caught my eye, with it's twisted roots.

Oh the midday sunlight, so low and magical. It shone right into the woodland.

Though the leaves were all on the ground the woodland still looked autumnal.

This colourful view delighted me. The silver birch and the flame branches of the Dogwood were a brilliant contrast.

All too soon that magical light was gone. It felt like winter once more.

I do hope you enjoyed the pictures lovelies.
Jacquie x

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  1. Wonderful pictures. I love looking at structures of trees, and how they grow

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. My mum always said there had to be four dark days be for Christmas , and I said the same to my children so I guess that makes me an old wife .

  3. What lovely photographs. Love the old beech tree and the sun shining through on other pictures. Not seen the sun here in Pendle, Lancashire today. Sorry no comments till now. Had PC programmes.

  4. To me, there's something to be said for those dreary days. There's a certain, haunting, allure to them at times. I love the pic with the church in the background and the bench in the foreground.

  5. Beautiful photographs. We have snow here today and very cold. 2F this morning on our back deck. I can't imagine talking a walk outside in that so I've been going to the indoor shopping mall and walking every day this week for exercise. Nothing like you do, but after being in bed most of November, it's a relief to walk at all!

  6. Beautiful! The sun is most welcome this time of year, makes all the difference indeed.

  7. It's incredible what a difference some sunshine can make both to the landscape and our mood. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Oh sunshine just bathes everything in a glorious glow that makes me wish I were there!


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