Saturday 17 December 2016

My Advent Calendar ♥17th December

Hello Lovelies,
these days it is my habit to set the alarm on Saturday morning and do my food shop early. 
Today my 8am journey saw the sunrise. It was so pretty I had to stop and take a few pictures.

The supermarket was relatively quiet, and I drove home in the misty sunrise.

Once again I may have stopped for a little wander.

We don't buy any T.V. magazines usually, but the Christmas edition of the Radio Times is such a tradition it slipped into my trolley.

Late morning saw me out again. Walking to the post office this time.

This Robin was singing beautifully, though my pictures are not great.

Focused on the twig, bother.

 The Parish church was looking pretty in the sunshine.

And as I walked home, past another local Church, I noticed a sign for their Christmas tree festival. Feeling brave I went in.

This simple twig tree was my favourite. It was by the local branch of the Wildlife Trust

 Another Robin. Yay.

A flying Hedgehog. You don't see those everyday :0)

I sat by this tree and listened to a local brass group playing traditional Christmas music. Then wandered around a bit, admired the inventive and original trees, and dropped some change in a few of the various collection buckets.

I will admit Christmas is not my favourite time of year. I struggle with the whole pressure, consumerism and hype of Christmas sometimes. But sweet simple, surprise activities like this really do make me happy.
Jacquie x

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  1. Wonderful photographs and I love the similarity between nature and the festival display. It is often the unexpected moments that bring the most pleasure.

  2. What gorgeous photographs. Love the robin and the decorations in the Church are lovely.

  3. Thank you for your Advent Calender .Christmas is not my best either but this year I' ll ve my children and grandchildren .
    My daughter is coming from Chicago ( same age as you ).
    So I made an effort with decorations and all .y.s

  4. Lovely pictures, I can hear Mr Robin singing in my mind

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Beautiful sunrise, I love those colours, the palest blue, lavender grey, soft pink, gorgeous. I always stop to look as well. The little trees and the brass band in the church sound brilliant. I'm with you on the consumer horror of Christmas. I took the oldest boy out to the river yesterday to look for birds. It was all greys and browns. So calming. The perfect antidote. Hope you have a lovely Sunday Jacquie. CJ xx

  6. Is there some reason my comment from yesterday vanished?

  7. I am glad that these things made you happy. I totally understand the difficulties of the season (in fact I wrote about it) but it is often small things that help!
    Your photos of the sunrise and the robin and the holly sillhouette were beautiful!!


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