Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Advent Calendar ♥ 13th and 14th December

Hello Lovelies,
sorry I missed yesterday's "window". That happens doesn't it :0)
Here's a double helping to catch up.

Firstly the moon. I looked out of the kitchen window this evening and noticed the full moon shining through the bare branched trees.
 Such a wintry sight, slightly spooky but still beautiful.

 My camera even managed to capture a few stars.

When the days are so short there's plenty of chance to see the moon isn't there. It was only last year that I discovered the earliest sunset does not always coincide with the shortest day. Checking out the sunset times I can see we are at the point of the earliest sunset right now. Infact, in London the sunset will be a minute tomorrow than it was today. I know it's still not the shortest day, but at least we have turned one corner :0)

In my second window today we have some indoor cheer.
I managed to find these cute Eskimo dolls made by my late maternal grandmother. They have always sat at the base of our Christmas tree and they are such a sentimental sight for me.

A bonus of having a smaller tree this year is they are easier to see.

I'm nowhere near ready for Christmas yet and feeling a bit stressed at the moment. Tomorrow is the big day to try and finish the gift shopping. I'll be so happy when that is done.
I hope your preparations are going well.
Jacquie x


  1. Yes, it's suddenly rather close isn't it. Lovely eskimo dolls, so nice to have something your grandmother made. CJ xx

  2. What sweet little dolls and items like that with memories attached are always the best decorations. I'm SO ready for longer days with more sunshine.

  3. I love those dolls and so special as your grandmother made them. xx

  4. Very sweet dolls and they look great at the base of the tree.

  5. I have been watching the moon disappear over the horizon this morning. Love the knitted Eskimos

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. This year must rate as my least prepared ever, not sure where time has gone! This weekend will be the big push to get through all the things not done ie ... knitting (done) ... cake (done) eek still lots to do!

  7. oooooh, your moon picture is wonderful! That tree is soooooo wonderful!


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