Friday, 2 December 2016

My advent Calendar ♥ 2nd December

Hello Lovelies,
for the second day of my virtual Advent calendar I thought I would share my actual advent calendar, but I thought you might like to know about why and where I bought it first. 

When mum and I visited Yorkshire back in September we stopped off in the place I grew up, Haworth.  I had a little wander up that steeply cobbled main street. Throughout my early years at school this was the way I walked home everyday.

The shop  I remember as the Newsagents (owned by a Mr Mitchell,  who was very patient with us children, when we spent an age carefully selecting one or two 1/2 penny and penny sweets) is now a rather lovely gift shop. It had the most wonderful floor made out of an old school gym floor, but all jumbled up so the coloured lines were completely random. You can see the inside of the shop HERE.

It my nostalgic haze I wondered it if had come from my old school...which is now luxury apartments. I had to ask...and no it wasn't from there :0)

Anyway, there were many tempting objevts in that shop, but the thing that really caught my eye were Angela Harding's Advent calendars.

They were just so perfect for me. A beautiful countryside scene filled with the things I love about winter......

The other thing I loved about them was that as you open the windows the surprises add to the overall design rather than spoiling it. Brilliant.

I'm so looking forward to the simple pleasure of opening a window every morning throughout advent.
And it's lovely to have a memento of our trip. I do hope I havn't bored you with my sentimental ramblings.
Happy Advent Lovelies.
Jacquie x

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  1. How fun to visit places you remembered from childhood and I think the Advent calendar is beautiful. Never boring...thank you for sharing with us.

  2. What a lovely calendar (thank you for introducing a new artist) and such a terrific idea- a virtual calendar!
    Love the nostalgia- having a homesick moment😉😉
    Thanks from Oz

  3. I love the traditional Advent calendars

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Lovely advent calendar and brilliant that the design inside adds to the picture. Why don't they all do that?! And Hawksby's looks fantastic, there should be more shops like that. CJ xx

  5. Your advent calendar is gorgeous. LOVE how the open windows enhance it. The snowman is perfect. Loving your daily Dec. posts. Also, the town where you grew up, love the pics.

  6. I can't quite get into Christmas yet - though I know I should be thinking about it - but love your advent calendar. You grew up in Hawarth? Wonderful! And you can't beat a bit of nostalgia - though (of course) it's not what it used to be.

  7. Such a lovely place to grow up. I love old buildings, especially when they evoke memories of good times. Your advent calendar is beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful Advent calendar. So nice to see one not based on some cartoon character and filled with chocolates!

  9. What a beautiful Advent calendar. So nice to see one not based on some cartoon character and filled with chocolates!

  10. What a lovely calendar, a real treat for you to open!

  11. Such a beautiful calendar, I love Angela Hardings designs. Ooh, you grew up in Haworth, a favourite place to visit when I was young (from Baildon). There was a shop near the top of the hill that sold violet creams that I was allowed on special occasions. Thanks for reminding me of this nostalgic treat!

  12. Ha! I just read a book where Haworth featured prominently, due to the Bronte children. So neat to read your memories. :)

  13. Not familiar with Angela Harding but I can see I'd enjoy her works.

  14. Wow that's a stunning advent calendar enjoy it
    Clare x

  15. You haven't bored me at all! I hope you'll show it after you've opened all of the windows.

  16. It's so prettty!!! I love it! My dad got my sister to copy his beautiful Enid Blyton advent calendar that we had when we were children and I HAVEN'T opened it yet! Need to!x


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