Monday 21 June 2010

Big Baking Day

well on the longest day of the year ,and a particularly nice warm one too ,I have indeed been in the kitchen baking.
Don't feel sorry for me,I wouldn't have wanted to miss it.Don't you just love all the ingredients and equipment in the picture above.
You see ,I do love baking when the mood takes me and today I had a good reason to spend a pleasant afternoon alone in my little kitchen.
Later this week it is my Birthday ( couldn't possibly tell you how old I am,but here's a clue-"Droopy Drawers" !!)
Last week I promised to bring homemade cakes into work tomorrow ,so I'm glad I won't need to disappoint.

I decided to make some Butterfly cakes after seeing Lucys version last week.
Basic sponge cake used to be a big problem for me.They would always turn out flat or dry ,or both!!

That was until a friend gave me her Recipe for "Can't go Wrong Cake".
I've made it a few times now,and it certainly seems to live up to it's name.
So with high hopes for continued success I donned my favourite apron.........

And set to work...Here's how it's done.

1.First warm up your oven.Mines an electric fan and I set it to 180 degrees C.
190 C electric or gas mark 5.

2.Next is the clever bit.Weigh 3 large eggs in their shells.Mine were 200 grams.

3.Weigh out the same amount of margarine,caster sugar,and self raising flour.

4.Break the eggs into a small bowl and whisk with a fork.

5.Using an electric hand whisk,mix the margarine and sugar till light and creamy...

6.Next add half of the egg and a tablespoon of flour.Whisk slowly with the mixer till just Incorporated.

7.Add the rest of the egg and a table spoon of flour and repeat. It may look a little curdled at this stage but don't panic.....

8.Sieve in the rest of the flour and mix in gently with a metal spoon....

9.Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of milk to the mix and fold in. can now put the mix in 2 round tins and cook for about 25 minutes for a sandwich cake.But today I put a large teaspoon of mix into each paper case .....

11.Put in the oven and check after 10 minutes.Mine took 15 minutes today but it's worth checking regularly so you catch them when they are just golden and spring back when pushed.I'm loving the colourful paper cases in this image....

12.Cool on a wire rack.

You can then decorate as desired or eat plain.I made 52 !! ( that was 2 mixes) so there were plenty for work and home. Here's the finished result......

I followed Lucys instructions for the butterfly bit.
Whilst mine were cooling I actually made some flapjack too.In case anyone doesn't like butterfly cakes.

Here's the recipe.........

Loving the look of the ingredients for these too..........

Especially the golden syrup.I hope they never change this packaging.It' so nostalgic.....

Here's the finished produce cooling nicely........

It's now 5pm and the cakes have been quality tested by 5 boys,mine plus two friends.They have been given the thumbs up.
Suppose I better go back in the kitchen and start their evening meal !!

Have a great week
Jacquie x


  1. Ooooh might have to give that recipe a go! They do look rather more-ish! Have a great rest of a day! xxxxx

  2. Ok I'm going into the kitchen right now to do baking! Did I catch a little glimpse of Granny Stripe in one of those photo's? I can hardly bear to say this but my yarn still...hasn't...arrived. I'm desperate! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm I can almoste taste them. I will have a go I think

  4. Yum! How exciting - I do enjoy baking posts, too. I am planning to bake cookies myself tomorrow, though with a 5 year-old 'helping' me, I'm not sure how many pictures I'd be able to manage during the process. :-) She is actually a marvelous helper, but you know. Those little cakes look wonderful - I can smell them from here!

  5. Crikey, you've been busy. Those cakes look lovely and I do like your apron!

  6. Wow! You've been busy, your baking looks delicious.
    I like your pretty apron too.
    Busy lady....
    love to you Suex

  7. only one sound required - mmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Yummy baking! Nice apron too.

  9. Hey Jacquie, yummy post, love the coloured paper cases and your apron, they are as yummy as the cakes. Your work mates are very lucky, recipe sounds great, I might have to try that as the cake tin is empty :(

    I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for later in the week and are spoilt rotten by your boys.

  10. Hi Jacqui,
    Just gone back to look at that wonderful baking. I can smell it from here!
    I'm wondering whether you could send me your home address. I have a SIBOL card for you. If you dont mind.
    Watching the footie?

  11. Well I am off to the kitchen now! I could almost smell the cakes from your blog! Summer fete cake stall here we come. Love your pics

  12. Thanks for this great sponge recipe. I, sometimes, had problems with it, too, and now I remember that I´ve already read about weighing the eggs but completely forgotten it again. Now I will for sure make a test next weekend because I expect guest soon and a test before is always good. Although your recipe sounds clever and above all so easy to do - but better to be on the safe side.
    Oh, and I really would love to make some flapjacks again, too, but my 3 tins of Golden Syrup which I brought back home from England are empty now and so I have to wait until our next holidays in your wonderful country. Hope this will be soon, but now, with having a dog it´s not as easy as it was before. Sad, very sad.

  13. Oh my, and I just now have realized that you´ve said it´s your birthday - so please take all my good wishes for you and your next year, which hopefully will a very lovely, inspired, creative and happy one. Happy birthday to you!!! (although I might be a little late, but better late than never)


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