Friday 18 June 2010

Friday Flowers

Hello and Thank you......
Thank you for all your amazing comments on my last post.I was thinking maybe you lovely lot were getting a little fed up of looking at my Granny stripe.
I'm seriously loving this project,as I'm sure you've noticed.It's now up to 40 stripes (yay). Being able to share progress reports here and also on flickr and Ravelry is so great.
All the encouragement we give each other certainly helps me keep up momentum.

Anyway enough about GSB.

As some of you know ,today is my (humongous) shopping day. Morrisons is my closest supermarket and they very cleverly have their cut flower display right at the entrance.I don't usually buy cut flowers during the summer months as it seems a bit extravegant when the garden is looking so lovely. some gorgeous Sweet Williams caught my eye.
My late father in law used to grow these in his garden, and cut stems for myself and my two sisters in law.So they are a nice reminder of him.They were so reasonable too.........

Yes £1.80 got me all these beauties.........

As you can see there's no sun here today,just rain. So I really enjoyed playing around arranging these .There were plenty to fill 3 vases. I think they look so happy ..........

The colors are amazing close up.........

You may have noticed a little crochet in these pictures.One of my vases is just a plastic juice bottle I crocheted a cover for last spring.........

I was inspired by Lucy's Jar Jackets.
Another pretty purchase made during my shop was these............

I have a big baking day planned for Monday( barring any more broken bones!!) and a Recipe to share with you.So I hope you have a great weekend ,see you Monday.
Jacquie x


  1. Pretty flowers - I'll have to get some for my garden (my 1st grandson's name is William).

    I also like your granny stripe blanket - great colors. :)

  2. Beautiful flowers - I have these growing in my garden. The only downside is that Sweet Williams are biennial so they only flower every other year which is a shame as they are such a pretty flower.

    Have a lovely weekend


  3. Lovely flowers ~ very pretty and very good value too! Hope that you have a lovely weekend and look forward to your recipe on Monday :O) x

  4. I do love Sweet Williams! They look so pretty.
    I cant believe you have rain! Its been hot and sunny here in Yorkshire today.
    Hope the wether picks up for the weekend! Have a good one.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful, great photos.
    Also I'm in love with your granny stripe.
    Pleased you are still enjoying your crocheting!
    Hugs Suex

  6. I love finding new blogs to enjoy !! Funnily enough I go to Morrisons too, I hovered over the Sweet Williams but finally went for the freesias. I love your vase with a crochet jacket, how sweet !!

  7. Sweet Williams are one of my favorit flowers, unfortunately they are very expensive here. I have sown them some years ago in my garden but hadn´t had much success. But just a week ago, could you imagine my surprise when I found 2 of them under the high grass in our meadow, I really don´t know how they went there. But I safed them from the lawn-mower and hope that they will self-seed to have one day a big nest of them, maybe even big enough to pick then some for the vases.


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