Saturday 5 June 2010

Saturday Goodies

The above photo is of the last few flowers from my reduced price bouquet, still looking lovely in the sunshine this morning.I can't bear to throw away any that are still alive .Does anyone else do this ?!

Master BM number 2 has been feeling poorly this morning so we have missed our usual swimming lesson trip.Can't say I'm sorry in this heat,my garden thermometer says 32.9 degrees Celsius !! phew.

So lazy morning has been very welcome.Another reason I'm glad we stayed in is that the postie arrived with my lovely giveaway parcel from Julia.Never mind we were still in PJ's at 10.30 !!

Here are the contents ,I'm so pleased to win this gorgeous gift......

There are two of Julia's art cards....I wish I had this amount of talent.....

My youngest has already requested these for his bedroom wall.

And an ,oh so pretty ,Cath Kidston address book.This is the first piece of cath I own,and it's lovely...each section has a different Cath pattern.....
Like this ....

and this....

and this....

I'm also loving the card Julia sent me ...I'm struck by how similar the colours in this card are to those in my Granny Stripe Blanket.Which continues to grow quickly...

The stripes look a bit like waves from this angle...

Thanyou so much Julia ,I love it all.

Hope your Saturday is going well. Remember the cool drinks !
Jacquie x


  1. ooooooo I love Julia Crosslands work. How gorgeous. I am saving my pennies for a few prints then after wedding is just a memory we want a nice big piece of her art :)
    I must say your blanket is coming on leaps. I am very envious as I am still on white blankets...(I may just have to start yet another project to keep me from going crazy) can't see it being too much longer before we have a ta dah! Very exciting :)

  2. Ah Jacquie!! Bless your heart for writing such lovely things!! Im delighted you got them safely, and that you like them so much! Isn't the address book so pretty?? All those gorgeous patterns??!!
    And, your crochet complements the notecard perfectly!!

    Have a happy weekend!
    Much love
    Julia x x x

  3. What lovely goodies you have received...I am rather jealous! Your Lucy Granny Stripe is looking wonderful. I will be joining you in the HAL very soon. Well just as soon as I have finished my Rico Cotton Sarah London Colour Blast Blankie for Eldest. Hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic. a xxxx

  4. I love your granny stripe blanket: the colours are beautiful.
    I've not done a granny stripe yet, but I can see one starting soon. I made a couple of vintage stripes, and they go quite fast - I like seeing how the colours interact.

    Best Wishes

  5. Hehe, Yes I also keep the flowers that are still alive until their very last, Cant bear to throw them away.
    What lovely goodies you have recieved, and the blanket is gorgeous, I would LOVE to be able to crochet, Keep saying I'll teach myself but never get round to it.

  6. Hi Jacquie! Just saw your lovely embroidery hoop. I love it! And your Granny Stripe! I'm itching to start one myself. Lot of love, Amanda xxx

  7. Pretty selection of colors for your granny stripe. Just lovely!

  8. Julia's cards are fab aren't they?
    Lucky you!
    The colours in your blanket do go really well with that card.
    Looking at your crochet skills makes me wish I could do it, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Have a lovely week..x

  9. Aha! So you were the lucky winner!!! Now the circle is about to close. I started to follow Julia's blog not long ago... Small world isn't. Will add you on to my blog list right now. Love everything you do. What yarn are you using? Just curious to know what everyone else is working with. See you!


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