Friday 11 June 2010

Me Time

Hello, hope your week has gone well.
Friday is a good day for me as a rule.Yes ,I do have the weekly shop to do ,which is pretty humongous these days !! But I also have time to myself too,after a day a work yesterday.
I only work part time to give me more time with the little people.We don't have a lavish lifestyle .I try to be thrifty as I think it's kinder to the environment and teaches the children to be less materialistic.

What I'm trying to say here ( and to doing very well !) is that I'm happy I can live a simple life where there is time to appreciate each other and the garden and get creative.
I have had to work full time ,just to keep paying the bills, in the past. That makes my so appreciate the situation I an in now.Enough spare money to treat the children occasionally, and to spend small amounts on my hobby and pretty things.
Today my "me time" has been spent on a visit to The Range and Hobby Craft for some more yarn for my granny stripe blanket......

There's Bonus,which was £1.59 a ball in Hobby Craft and also some Paton's Fab which was £1.19 a ball in The Range.
I also spotted the colourful tray and salad bowl whist in The Range.They are melamine and only cost a total of £2.50 !!
So that was me, a happy Bunny Mummy for very little expense.
I'm pleased to say I'm still loving my granny Stripe blanket,here's what it looks like so far..........

There was a small hiccup last night when I decided to pull back three stripes because I didn't like the colour combination . This random thing is harder than it looks !!
Never mind ,I'm still up to 28 stripes and Master BM likes it ,Phew!!
Have a great weekend, whatever you are up to
Jacquie x


  1. That blanket just gets better and better! I can't wait for my yarn order to arrive so I can get started. Don't think I'll catch you up!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Love the colours of your blanket. I've finished a small blanket way back in February, will write a post on it some or other time. Have a lovely weekend adding some rows to the blanket! Carina x

  3. hi i've been meaning to go to the range for ages now. would you recommend a visit?
    i love the granny stripe blanket i'm booked on a beginners crochet course next week and can't wait to get started....

  4. hi decided to start my blanket do you think it will be a problem if I use different types of wool, thicknesses that is ?
    Thanks Cate x

  5. Hi there- loving the granny stripe blanket. I think I may try one myself next. I did the granny square blanket and really loved working with so much colour. Thanks for the website address, will have to check it out. Ta!

  6. OMG! Have just checked out that website - how the heck does she do it? Absolutely amazing - really inspiring. I would not know where to start with some of those tents she gets. Am assuming she gets them from 'thrift' shops (as the yanks like to call them). INcredible.

  7. Things that didn´t cost the world are making me always happy, too. Maybe this is also the reason why I love fleamarkets so much, the most beautiful items just for a song. And no bad conscious for having spent much money on pretty things you actually don´t need.
    I also love staying at home now after working 6 days a week for more than 20 years. Finding my own rhythm and feeding my own desires is now so essential to me. Although there is still always something necessary to do, I could decide whether I will do it at the morning or while the afternoon and there is mostly even some me-time during the day, too.
    Love the colours of your blanket, reminds me a lot of the greenblue sea, a sandy beach, strawberry icecream, sitting in the shade on a hot and happy summer day.


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