Tuesday 1 June 2010

My latest Project

Hello lovelies,
Hope you all had a good bank Holiday weekend. I turned over my calendar this morning and was very pleased to see this lovely lupin picture.....

I've been planting these in my own garden this year,but I expect I will have to be patient and wait a couple of years for them to get really established before they look this gorgeous.

Something that is already looking pretty is my Cath Kidston inspired Hexagon blanket.It's still early days ,but I have a good feeling about this project.Would you like to see ?


Here's my new yarn bag,a bargain buy from Q.S.
U.J. love is everywhere LOL....

Here's whats inside,lots of pastels along with bright red and mid blue.....

And ,finally,here's my little W.I.P. looking lovely in the garden...

I'm really liking it at the moment.I love the way making the last row the same colour for every hexagon makes the circles really stand out.Just one small problem ,I've nearly run out of the mid blue ....

I'm not even sure what make it is so this could be a problem !!
Better drag the little people off to my L.Y.S.and see if the helpful lady there can save the day.
Jacquie x


  1. Very lovely Jaquie. I do hope you find your yarn. Can't wait to see it done

  2. lovely shade of blue hope get some more.

    Cate x

  3. What a lovely sexy hexy blankie!!! Really pretty colours!!! :)

  4. OOh I just love this bag, really nice.
    But better still I like whats inside!
    Youre making a great job Jacquie and I'll be interested to see how it turns out!
    Hope you had a good Bank Holiday,
    Hugs suex

  5. ps
    have you seen any of the old fashioned plain blue lupins anywhere I have been looking for them for ages thanks
    cate x

  6. Oh what Beautiful hexagons. I hope you can find the yarn to continue.

  7. Its lookin great - can't wait to see it finished (although I suppose I'll have to!)

  8. Love that bag full of yarn. I'm also fond of lupins, primarily because of an old Monty Python skit in which they featured prominently.

  9. Oh I am terrible for throwing the yarn label away in my excitement to get to the yarn! I hope you find the blue you need because your blanket is looking absolutely stunning I am loving it immensely. I love your yarn bag, I am terrible for getting new yarn bags(becoming a bit of an obsession!) xxx

  10. Loving the blue for the blanket, it does make the other colours seem like small flowers

  11. Lovely work. Hope you found what you were needing to finish.

  12. I love your bag...it's gorgeous. So is your crocheted table runner even though it's still a WIP. Kim :)

  13. Your hexagons are so very lovely, especially the blue border is exactly my liking. What a great idea instead of the usual white border, gives it a completely different look. Very very pretty.
    AND your bag - such a beauty. I always envy you british bloggers a bit for having such a nice sign with great colours, which you could use for cushions, bags and so many things. Maybe one day I move to your country, just to be able to use it, too.


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