Wednesday 16 June 2010

A quick update

Just popping by with a quick update.
Things have been a bit up and down in our neck of the woods since I last posted.
On Saturday my Mum in law broke her wrist. So there have been a couple of hospital visits already.
Today I have been helping on a school trip with my youngest. Luckily it was quite local and we were back by 2pm.
Just enough time to enjoy a little hooky time, al fresco.I found a shady spot and made a nice cup of tea ,accompanied by a coconut cake . Bliss..........

After a hectic morning with my group of six and seven year olds ( who were actually very well behaved...phew ) it was so nice to sit under a tree and do some quiet crochet...

It's so relaxing to look at the garden,which is looking lovely at the moment......

And photograph my granny stripe for the umpteenth time.....

Yes it's so pleasant out here I can almost forget about the mountain of housework that I should be doing!!
Jacquie x


  1. Good for you Jacqui, the housework will still be there when it rains, make the most of the sun!!!! Your blanket is fantastic I love the colour comination.

  2. Housework 'pah' it will be there tomorrow - enjoy the hooky and sun I say.

    Your blanket is coming along lovely and I'm am just starting to think about another new project which looking at your strips is very enticing.

    Hope your mum in law mends well.

    Nina x

  3. No one ever died wishing they had done more housework!
    Your blanket is beautiful.
    Kandi x

  4. Lovely spot to relax and do some hooking :)
    The granny stripes look positively lovely!

  5. Found some deep pink wool in the cs last week so
    I started my blanket, I slowly counted 180 stitches and then realised I hadn't marked every 30 with a pin, oh dear, lets start again. will let you see how I get on, if ever :)
    Cate x

  6. Your blanket is getting Massive! You're whizzing along! I still haven't received my yarn. I'm getting quite desperate! i'm glad you found a bit of quiet time in your day. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. Love those colours..adorable

  8. It looks blissful there in your garden!
    I'm in LOVE with that blanket, I have said it before but you are SO clever!

  9. Hope your mum in law is ok. The colours in your blanket really are lovely - it reminds me of the sea xxx

  10. I so much love that we are so very often the same in mind. A hectic morning, illness, a lot of housework waiting to be done, but instead of all this we love to sit for some quiet moments, enjoy the delights of nature and are completely by ourselves and filled with delight when knitting some rows or crochet for a while. This crafts are giving us so much pleasure that it´s often impossible for me to explain the soothing of my mind on bad days but I love it so much and I also love that so many of you are feeling that way, too.
    Thank you also a lot for your last comment, I am also on Ravelry in the Lucy-group and I love it very much, all those bright and colourful items and it seems to me that the mind of Lucy with all her bright happiness and her laughter is shining through the threads, too.

  11. Love your blanket, great colours!! :)
    Vivienne x


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