Monday 28 June 2010

World Cup Crochet

hope you had a great weekend,despite the disappointing football result.
The BM family spent Sunday afternoon round at our friends ,to watch the match and have a BBQ.
I'm not much of a football fan so at the last minute I decided to be brave and take a bag of crochet supplies.This is what I made during the match (and post match postmortem).......

I couldn't take my granny stripe as it was too flippin' hot to sit with anything over my knees,so I decided to start a couple of cushion covers in Cath Kidston colours.I'm using Lucy's summer garden square again as I love this little motif.
I'm so glad I decide to take it along.If I had to sit for a couple of hours pretending to be interested in the football I would have been so frustrated at wasting creative time!!
Sorry to all you footy fans.

Changing the subject a little ,I had a nice surprise in the post on Saturday....

A Thank you card from my lovely bloggy friend Sue.
Back in January this amazing Lady had the idea to use the crafty blog community to start a charity project.
The idea was simple but brilliant.Anyone can crochet (or Knit ) 6" squares and send them to her.She then crochets them together to make blankets for the elderly.

It's such a good cause and making them is great fun. I've only sent 8 squares myself,here are six of them ( forgot to take a pic of the other 2 )........

I mentioned these in my second ever blog post back in march .Sue became my first ever follower, and commenter, as well as giving me technical advise about blogging when I was struggling. So THANK YOU SUE ,you've done so much for ME.

So far Sue has made 15 Blankets,and she's still not fed up so if you want to join in here's the link.

The Picture at the top of this post is a little posy I picked from my garden.Some Lavender,alchemilla and the first of my sweet peas.The have such a strong ,beautiful scent,I wish we had smelly-net!!

Whilst out walking this morning ( before it got too hot to venture out!) I snapped some beautiful Roses which are at their best right now...........

And in my own garden a lovely iris (wonder how long this will last with my three boys kicking a football in the garden,at every opportunity.).........

It was also reassuring to see some busy bees.......

Right oh ,that seems a bit of a mixed up post but I've got to get busy myself now so ill say bye for now. Have a great week
Jacquie x


  1. your flowers are so beautiful!!! pretty blooms are one of the redeeming things about enduring the horrible heat and humidity of summer for me.
    the summer garden squares are perfectly lovely... i'll have to give Lucy's pattern a go myself :)

  2. At least you ended up with a better result with your lovely crochet!
    Beautiful flowers. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Lovely cushion in the making! Definitely the better way to spend your time rather than that World Cup nonsense!! xx

  4. Jacquie all is bright and great in this post! I love your granny squares and crocheting for a good cause is just so sweetheart, lovely flowers too!!

  5. The colors for your cushion covers are so pretty together. I really like the shade of pale blue to tie them together. I too get frustrated at situations where I"m stuck sitting for lengths of time without my knitting or crochet with me. Your garden is lovely!

  6. Those granny squares are so lovely and cheery. Roses do seem to be doing well this year, yours look particularly pretty.

  7. What a wonderful idea with the blankets. This always again makes me a little ashamed, too, ashamed for being mostly too selfish to make things only for myself and my family. Sometimes it´s so very easy and quick to make other people happy, too, and your post was a good reminder.
    Your garden is beautiful, wish I could see it in real and enjoy it a bit, as well as your new cushion covers, such lovely colours, especially with the blue border. I read somewhere (forgotten the blog name) that there seems to be a desire for having crochet yarn made by Cath Kidston herself because of the very special colours, but when I look at your crochet it´s really not necessary because you have choosen and mixed beautifully.

  8. What a pretty little card! I thought I might have seen it on someone else's blog or Flickr page (can't remember whose, sorry) and wondered what exactly it was. I am in the process of using up some stash yarn to send Sue some SIBOL squares, too - practicing the craft by working through the 200 Squares book. Glad you crocheted through football! I can't seem to leave the house without yarn and a hook because WHAT IF? What if my car went down a ravine? I'd be kicking myself for wasting 12 hours waiting for the rescue team without yarn and a hook! Or what if terrorists break into my office building and we have to barricade ourselves inside a conference room? I'd be kicking myself for wasting 12 hours during the standoff with hostage negotiators without yarn and a hook! Or WHAT IF...??? :-)

  9. Hi there!
    I am 'deeply touched' by your most wonderful post thank you so much.
    I appreciate you showing your SIBOL CARD on your blog Jacquie., I'm making a SIBOL CARD Gallery now! Something else when do the ideas ever stop.
    Seriously, it's great and I am moved by your kind words.
    By the way 16 now!x


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